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A Bona Fide Simply True Salehoo Review In E-commerce Online

So one thing that we haven’t really talked about is ecommerce. Today I want to provide you with a Salehoo review to give you some insight for those bloggers that are considering the option to sell physical products associated with their blog(s). Essentially exploring the possibility of transitioning or delving into developing an ecommerce website to generate revenue but are also struggling with the problem of finding products and suppliers which is basically the bread and butter of Salehoo.

With that said, let’s be brutally honest. If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you know I’m all about adding value to what you do and won’t share something with you if it’s going to be a waste of your time. Who wants to spend money when they don’t need to ?

Before I get into this review, understand that purchasing Salehoo depends on your level of experience with ecommerce, ecommerce platforms and an ecommerce website. Plain and simple, if you’re “new” to ecommerce, Salehoo makes a ton of sense. On the other hand, if you’re experienced and know your way around ecommerce, you don’t need Salehoo.

So to clarify even further and to help you avoid investing in a product you may not need, I will say this again.. if you’re a newbie to ecommerce, Salehoo is extremely helpful and the way to go to get your feet wet. Salehoo makes sense to me only for those individuals and bloggers that are new to ecommerce. Nevertheless.. without further delay, let me explain more about what it is. Oh and one more note, I won’t be covering this as in depth as I have with other products I’ve reviewed, but hopefully I would have provided enough information to help you make an informed decision by the conclusion of this post.

Salehoo is a wholesale supplier and product directory. They are an access point for information that (1) yes you can find online without their help, but (2) Salehoo consolidates all of the information for you so that you don’t have to waste endless hours online looking for products to sell or for suppliers that “most importantly” have already been vetted so you know you’re avoiding the pitfalls of doing business with the fake and scam suppliers that are out there. If there’s one commodity that we can never get back, that commodity is time and Salehoo will save you a lot of time searching elsewhere for the same information they have provided you with in the Salehoo website.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Homepage


When you join Salehoo for less than nineteen cents a day which will be $67 a year with their 60 day money back promise they offer you’ll be greeted with quick tour information to find suppliers and products.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Find Products


Once you see this screen, I personally think the easiest way to get going if you don’t already have a product in mind is to just browse the impressive Salehoo category inventory. Categories include physical products as seen in the following:

  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Baby Gear
  • Books & Magazines
  • Business & Industrial
  • Cameras & Photo
  • Cell Phones & PDA’s
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Computers & Software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • DVD’s & Movies
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Shoes & Fashion
  • Sporting Goods & Entertainment
  • Toys & Games
  • Travel & Outdoors
  • Video Gaming

Additionally, within each of these categories is a greater breakdown so things get even more specific. You should start thinking about what categories align well with what you blog about on your website that you think you might consider selling through your e-commerce website store either hosted on your own website or through other retail gateways like Ebay and Amazon ?

A Salehoo membership also gives you access to their Market Research Lab. In the following image (seen below), I’ll point out several important aspects of this to pay attention to.

  • You can filter by category.. that’s over 30 of them to drill down as you search for your product.
  • You can filter by success rate (how successful is this product at getting sold).
  • You can filter by average price.
  • You can filter by level of competition which is very important for finding the products that are basically your gems amongst the sea of products to choose from.
  • You can search for specific items in their search box
  • The email ideas is basically just an export tool connected to the filters you’ve set.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Market Research Lab


As you can see, I’ve set my success rate at 80 percent.

I’ve set the average price of items I’m looking for between $110 to $210 and I’ve also set the competition level to low. There are several items that the Market Research Lab brought back from the filters I set but you get the picture for item ideas that Salehoo can generate for you with real data that you can use to gauge your decision as to whether you want to contact suppliers so that you can resell these items for profit within your own ecommerce stores.

Let’s take a break for a minute and get to one real issue that is the heart of the matter for many. Regardless of the ecommerce platforms you may consider, starting an ecommerce website or store sounds great but you’re thinking that you don’t know the first thing about starting one right ? Well first thing is first. I have said this before to the point of harping on this fact. At some point you’ve got to stop reading and just simply take action and not be afraid of making mistakes. Understand that you won’t be perfect out of the gate and once you are okay with that reality then I think you’ll be well on your way to being successful even though this is something that is completely new to you.

Within your blog you’re already talking about products, however being able to buy them at wholesale and ship them to people on your mailing list or people that visit your website provides an entirely new revenue stream which is plain awesome whether you’re selling through an Ebay gateway, Amazon or directly through your own website.

Salehoo even provides additional complimentary information on the following topics to further enhance and support your success in ecommerce in the following topics:

  • Ebay selling
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Importing / Shipping
  • Product Sourcing
  • Business Setup
  • Your website & How to get buyers to it
  • How to Resell online the right way

All of this information is provided in addition to complementing their wealth of resources with their own forum and blog that is also very insightful and helpful too.

Another added benefit in this review of Salehoo and what it means to have a membership with them is the reality that when you know what you want to sell, you don’t have to go out on your own looking for suppliers. Salehoo has already done all the heavy lifting here by ensuring through their own quality standards process (their own proprietary verification process) that you are dealing with authentic suppliers that have already been vetted by Salehoo itself. More in depth information can be found within their forum about the suppliers associated with them too. Salehoo even adds to their transparency but showing you how active they are in listing their most recently added suppliers on their homepage (as seen below) before you purchase a membership. The Salehoo membership is the least expensive that you will find amongst it’s competitors that provide similar information for 3x’s what Salehoo charges (pretty incredible but it’s true) !

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Recent Suppliers


The last point that I will make is that maybe you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to get all the information on Salehoo and then be turned off because you’ll have to start your ecommerce somewhere else. While it was not covered in this Salehoo review, please understand that Salehoo also provides access and features to be able to create an ecommerce store within their website as well. While it is a separate fee schedule, everything that you need from products, to research, to supplier information to creating the store is all consolidated into one nice package all within the Salehoo website and your membership.

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Twitter Followers Increase Of 825% In Less Than 48 Hours With Rewst

Let’s start today with this Rewst review or overview. Well I know that name might not be all that familiar so let’s add another name to the conversation. Twitter. Now we’re talking. Whether you’re new to the traffic and social media game or not, Twitter is something you know something about. Now let’s keep going, so just hang in there with me okay. If you own a blog or a website you know that Twitter equates to good things when it comes to exposure and visibility online because half the planet uses Twitter which means a ton of people in the same place. With that said, it might not be Facebook, but tweeting and Twitter has become a household name. Rewst and Twitter have developed a nice relationship that means great stuff in store for you.

Rewst is a Twitter growth tool. It’s a new kid on the block that you can use to grow your Twitter account. The best part about it is that it has been reviewed by Twitter and completely complies with Twitter rules which is great for those of us who love Whitehat strategies in our online presence blueprint. With that said, if you’re looking for something “automated”, that’s a Twitter no no and we don’t roll like that around here and neither does Luke King, the founder of this handy tool.

With that said, I had received an email in regards to this tool which was more or less an invitation from Luke asking me to check it out. The email said:


Earlier this month, I launched a new tool with a friend at PeerFly that can help you grow large Twitter accounts that you can then use to promote PeerFly offers.

The tool, called Rewst, allows you to use a simple and compliant Twitter strategy for growing your Twitter accounts by following accounts that will like the content that you are posting on your own account. We've made it really easy to use and it's very effective.

Current Rewst ( members are adding 50-100 new targeted followers a day to their accounts with very little time and effort.

We'd love for you to join and give it a try!

Luke also gave me a discount code in the email for a lifetime 30% off the product. If you want that discount code, just leave a reply in the post or email me and I can send the discount code your way.

Nevertheless, I have tried the tool and guess what. It works !!! I used it on an account that had been pretty dormant for a while and it only had 8 followers before I tried Luke’s tool. After less than 48 hours that account has grown to 74 organic followers. These are NOT paid followers for any of you that may be wondering and there was nothing automated about this process. Literally, I invested roughly 7 minutes yesterday evening and another 7 minutes this morning and I’m already at 74 followers. That is an 825% increase in followers which is AMAZING !


Twitter Growth Using Rewst


I’d challenge anyone to show this kind of growth using any other tool. For an out of the box tool such as this, I’m beyond impressed with how quickly this tool works and given the results. This is now in the blogger toolbox of resources that I use to grow my brand, traffic and presence online.

You may be wondering, well how does this work. Well lets get into that. I will give you an overview of what this tool is about.


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Signup Page


First things first, after you get to the website, sign up. It’s pretty painless and quick. Just three fields (email, password and password confirmation) and that’s it. Click register and you’re good to go.


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Registration


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have 4 major tabs in your navigation panel as seen here:


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Navigation Panel


Follow tab: you’ll see additional actionable items (e.g. fans, new followers, copy followers, keywords and suggestions).

  • Fans, as best I can guess at this point are people that love your content.
  • New followers: these are the people that have followed you most recently so they are the newbies to your Twitter follow base. I think this is cool and it gives you a new list of people to start a conversation with, introduce yourself, promote a popular piece of content or a product.
  • Copy followers: this is hands down the most practical and useful feature of this tool and I think you’ll like it too. You can target anyone with a Twitter account by their handle and copy their followers. You may be wondering, well why is this so good ? Well if your content is about lawnmowers, you want people interested in lawnmowers right ? So find someone with a targeted audience with lawnmowers. Copy their followers and start following them. One of two primary things will happen. (1) They will follow you back. (2) They won’t follow you back. It’s that simple. In fact, if your content is similar to mine, you could use my Twitter handle “@candidwriter” and copy my followers and see who follows you back. With that said, you may also wonder… well how do I know who’s followers to copy. Well that’s where the next feature comes in to play.
  • Keywords: by typing in a keyword and in my case you could type in something along the lines of blog sites, blog tips, blogging tips etc. you’ll find Twitter accounts that focus around those type of keywords. The tool will bring up several accounts that you can target to find other Twitter users that may be interested in your content that lines up with the very keyword you searched for in the first place. I’ve provided a visual for you below as seen in the image using the keyword: blog tips


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Keyword Search


  • Suggestions: in this section, Rewst gives you Twitter account suggestions in five different categories: sports, entertainment, music, digital creators and news. I’m not sure if they plan to add more to this section in the future, but for now this is what is there and you’ll find several accounts that align well to each category.

The next major tab is the Unfollow tab. In this section you’ll find additional actionable items (unfollowers, non followers, inactive followers).

  • Unfollowers: are those that used to follow you but don’t any longer. This isn’t much different than what you’d find any other Twitter tool.
  • Non followers: are people you’re following but they aren’t following you back. As for this section, if they haven’t followed you back after 72 hours to a week, I’d just let them go, but it’s your choice, but it helps to keep people on your list that want to follow you as much as you want to follow them, but everyone has their own perspective on this, but for the sake of this post, I’m just sharing my perspective with you.
  • Inactive followers: people you’re following that haven’t been tweeting. With that said, if they aren’t active, remove them from your list.

The next major tab is the Tools tab. Here you’ll find actionable items such as (manage blacklist, manage whitelist, follow history).

  • Manage Blacklist: this is a section where you can block the people that you don’t want to follow in the future and they won’t show up while you’re performing any action. Basically out of sight and out of mind. So if you’ve got someone on your list that’s rubbed you the wrong way and you no longer want to be associated with them, this is the section for you.
  • Manage Whitelist: alternatively speaking these are the individuals that you want to follow and want to be associated with regardless of whether they are following you back or not. You don’t want the people in this section showing up in your non followers or inactive followers sections.
  • Follow History: very straightforward, shows you your own following history. Who have you followed on your own without using the tool and who have you followed using Rewst.

The final major tab is the More tab. The actionable items here are (FAQ and contact us).

  • Within the FAQ, you’ll find limited information but it’s still worth a look from a curious standpoint. I’m assuming that this section will grow over time. However, you can also check out their knowledgebase as well for additional information.
  • On the contact us page, there’s a dialogue box where you can provide information pertaining to questions or other suggestions that you have.

Beyond that, there’s nothing else to share about this tool other than the reality that it’ll grow your Twitter audience remarkably fast. So with that said, stop reading this, download the tool and get growing !

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Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. Additional clarification can be found in our privacy policy.

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