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The Top Best Good Vlogging Camera For Vlogs And Vloggers

Good Vlogging Cameras For Vlogs


So today we’re going to take a look into the lens of the vlogging camera. Blogs like this one are cool (shameless plug), but the vlog conversation is on the rise and the vlog camera just makes sense to talk about since it’s a critical tool for the newbie vlogger just as much as it is for the intermediate or seasoned professional.

With that said, vlogging in the most laymen of terms is blogging through the use of video. What I can truly appreciate about vlogging is that you can easily leverage Youtube’s massive audience by setting up a channel there and showing off your vlogs to the world with a pre-existing audience. A huge advantage over starting out with a blog, but that’s me digressing a bit. Nevertheless, getting back on topic.. just as there are necessary tools needed for the professional blogger the same goes for vlogging and I will discuss what the best tools out there are for those of you that would rather vlog than blog.

Checklist for those that just want to know what to look for as they consider their options:

Always ask yourself:

  • Is the weight of the camera good ? A lighter camera is better “especially” if you’re not going to use a tripod.
  • Go for a wide angle camera especially if you’re going to be shooting with a camera pretty close to you.
  • Stabilization is a clear choice because we’ve all had those shaky camera moments and when you produce your video, the less shaky the final video is the better.
  • Cameras with a microphone on the front are better since the camera for vlogging purposes is going to be facing you.
  • Full HD 1080p or better.. go for the best and nothing less. Anything less than HD is going to turn off your audience that you’re trying to build with your vlog.

So now that you know what to consider in any good vlogging camera, let’s move on without any further delay. Here are the top best vlogging camera contenders to take a look at to add to your vlog toolbox.

Canon Powershot S110

This camera is great for the beginner and is at a price point that won’t break the bank or make your heart drop. This camera will provide multiple levels of customization and is one of those cameras that’s basically a fan favorite. With our focus on vlogging this camera will provide you with full 1080p high definition video with a dedicated movie button. Of course you can expect responsive auto focus and built in on board WIFI so that if you need to transfer directly to social sites, you’re able to do that without having to transition over to your computer to do so. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA -

Canon Vixia HF R700

This is an excellent camera for someone looking for a bit more functionality than the previous camera. If you’re like me, I love a ton of features even if I don’t use them all and with this camera, you’ll find full high definition 1080p video recording capability, steady video stabilizer and the ability to capture moving objects with high quality. This camera also has the ability to automatically choose the best image optimization for your images regardless of your image shooting condition as well. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA –

Canon Powershot G7 X

What I love about this camera is the flip up touchscreen and the built in WIFI. Even moreso is the combination of its dedicated exposure compensation dial and click control around the lens that gives the operator a lot of control of what the camera can do in spite of its compact size. Additionally, this camera has a “great” lens. Not only do you get a great camera in the G7 X but you get excellent video quality from this too for your vlogging purposes. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA –

Vlogging Words Of Wisdom


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

It’s time to get serious with this professional mammoth of a camera. This camera is on a completely different level at 6 frames per second continuous shooting and the most impressive full HD video recording quality that you’re likely to see in a DSLR camera. It is in nearly every way, a significantly much improved camera over its predecessor.  Faster processor, touch screen, silent shutter and 100% viewfinder coverage. It’s hard to find a feature that a professional vlogger wouldn’t have at their disposal in this serious package in the Mark III. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA –

Canon EOS 80D

Potential vloggers, this is a camera that was made to truly compliment Youtube video purposes. Surely, this is equipped with built in WIFI so you can upload videos directly from your camera and an impressive touchscreen focus and amazingly quiet, yet fast and accurate auto focus system. It’s almost fair to say that the video feature set and capabilities outshine what it can do as a standalone camera, but with respect to what it can do for your vlogging purposes, the Canon EOS 80D is truly a standout. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA –

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

This is another very good, get the job done professionally vlog camera that will give you great results. While it may not have the extremely responsive autofocus that you’ll find on models like the 80D, this is a camera with a more reasonable price tag that provides an impressive feature set including built in WIFI with high speed continuous shooting as well. This camera also performs video recording in full 1080p high definition. Additionally, there are a few other hidden gems that haven’t been discussed here that you’ll love about this camera if you choose to select the T6i as your official vlogging camera for your vlog. – LINK TO VLOGGING CAMERA –

This selection of good vlogging camera options is a sample of what is out there amongst the ocean of cameras that one can use for vlogs. However, there are always highs and lows in using camera equipment. Poor equipment yields poor results and high quality equipment will yield more quality results. As in the case of one’s blog, you can either draw more people in to your website or lead them away and so much of that is a balance of your content and the tools that you use to showcase your brand and your business. The same can be said in the case of vlogs, vloggers and vlogging and the equipment that you decide to make the centerpiece of your toolbox that ultimately impacts everything that you do.

With that said, I hope you’ve enjoyed the selection of vlogging tools that I’ve outlined for the curious and potential vlogger in you.

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Legendary Reddit Exposure - Catapult Your Advertising Now

Reddit… The little martian with beady red eyes is the not so hidden gem that you haven’t really known what to do with. Internet marketers, bloggers, website owners.. regardless of the category that you’d call home, Reddit simply cannot be ignored.

Why ?

It is currently one of the largest 25 websites in the "world". We’re talking over 200 million unique visitors and 8 billion (yes billion) pageviews “per month”. Specifically, in the US, it is currently listed at #9. Neil Patel wrote an impressive post on Reddit which was quite detailed as well and at the time of his article, Alexa (a website that tracks traffic data on every website online) had it listed at the 30th website in the world and ranked at #10 and this was only a little over a year ago when Neil wrote his detailed post about Reddit. That is massive growth amongst the big boys at the top of the mountain. What are they feeding this website.. Seriously, I want the vitamins they’re feeding for my own blog.

With that said, while you could go to Alexa and certainly search it out for yourself, the current image depicts what I have stated above with respect to how impressive this website has become according to Alexa since it's debut over a decade ago.

Alexa Traffic Stats Rank Reddit


While conceptually the idea behind this website and how it operates isn’t entirely unique, this website is indeed "very unique" in it’s sheer power which is great for those that want more exposure online. Neil Patel points out that Reddit does make it’s traffic statistics public and it actually does just in case there are skeptics out there. So for those of you wondering, well what kind of advertising power and potential could you hope for. Your answers are here, as seen in the images below. So lets talk numbers and this is what is being reported at the time of this post.

Depicted below you will notice that there are breakdowns of:

  • Uniques by month
  • Pageviews by month
  • Uniques by day
  • Pageviews by day
  • Subscriptions by day
  • Uniques by hour
  • Pageviews by hour

Reddit Ads Traffic Stats And Statistics 1


Additionally, what you will find is additional traffic details including:

  • Traffic by day of the week
  • Traffic by month
  • Traffic by day

and each data source includes [day, uniques, pageviews and even subscriptions in the traffic by day analysis].

Reddit Ads Traffic Stats And Statistics 2


What I really enjoy about Reddit’s traffic data transparency is that they clearly state the processing is done on an hourly basis each day and that as the new information becomes available that data in turns becomes available for you as a visitor, member, fan or potential customer of their ad platform service.

With that said, lets face it there are a lot of different advertising platforms for internet marketers, website owners and bloggers alike to choose from to increase their presence online. For those of us that have been online for any decent amount of time, we’ve all had varying experiences when it comes to advertising but I stand firm in saying that Reddit is legendary. Sheer user engagement alone stands apart from most other advertising platforms. I say that because “faking” Reddit is hard to do and it’s likely to be your websites online suicide as well not to mention your brands reputation too.

If there’s a platform out there that exists today, particularly one of Reddit’s size, being real, genuine and a botless community is something that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere and there are stories beyond stories of how people have tried and have failed miserably. The point that I’m making is that with respect to your ROI and investing in an ad platform that provides a greater degree of success for you when compared to others that are as large if not larger, Reddit simply cannot be ignored.

Reddit boasts on their advertising page that:

  • user engagement is more than 21 million votes a day being casted on Reddit
  • in over 10,000 user created communities there is active participation by it’s userbase
  • you can drill down by interest, location and communities
  • major brands advertise with Reddit (i.e. newsweek)

Needless to say, with exciting claims and testimony and not to mention having captured the attention of Newsweek too, why wouldn’t you want to investigate the opportunity to get a piece of the advertising pie here ? Beyond what’s been stated you can also target by keyword and geography to drive engagement and awareness of your website or brand.

With that said, navigating to this page: [] as seen below will be your first step in advertising with Reddit.

Reddit Ads Create An Ad Main Page


Click on “create an ad” and you’ll have the usual suspects as far as prompts that need to be completed before your campaign is up and running that include:

  • A thumbnail image
  • A mobile ad image
  • Title
  • The post type: a link that clicks through to your url or the text option: to click through to text that you customize
  • URL: a link that goes to the page your promoting (no redirects.. a strict Reddit rule)
  • Options that allow you to disable comments or to allow them through to your inbox

Reddit Advertising Ads Create Promotion 1


Reddit Advertising Ads Create Promotion 2


After you’ve done your work there, then you’ll be taken to your creative dashboard. The dashboard will allow you to edit your “creative” which is just ad speak for your newly created ad.

This is where you'll put the finishing touches on your ad and truly make it ready for the paid promotion.

Reddit Advertising Ads Create Promotion Dashboard 1


You will need to decide on your targeting. You have the option to target similar collections that would match well with your ad or target a specific subreddit. You also have the option to decide on location whether you want to target the United States or another country.

Now you’ll need to decide on the platform. Your platform options include:

  • All platforms
  • Desktop platforms only
  • Mobile Web platforms only

If you think that your ad will perform better on desktops, then select desktop as your option. Alternatively, if you believe that it will perform better for mobile then select that option and if it doesn’t matter then selecting all platforms is the best avenue to take.

Reddit Advertising Ads Create Promotion Dashboard 2


Next, it’s time to talk about budget. Yes, you knew that was coming. I kind of gave it away in the last image but lets talk about it anyway. Reddit is not a high cost ad platform which makes it even more appealing because it caters to those with the smallest of budgets to those individuals or corporations that have high ad dollar campaigns to run. Reddit advertising allows you to set your CPM (cost per mile or 1000 impressions) as incredibly low as .20 and they won’t go lower than that per 1000 impressions. So lets give you a bit of perspective here.. you could get 5000 impressions for a measly $1.00. Imagine if you could convert even 5% of those impressions into clickthroughs to your site and potentially into sales ?

Reddit’s ad platform is truly a powerful medium for anyone seeking more online exposure which is basically ALL of us. So add this legendary ad platform to your traffic strategy and explore what it can do for your traffic as you compete in your respective niches to improve your brand awareness and visibility online.

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Writers Block 10 The Essential And Unstoppable Formula

If you write content, writer’s block is the one thing that is surely going to rear it’s ugly head eventually. Writers block, however is something that can be overcome and the good news is that it’s fairly common. So no need to fear that something is wrong with you if you wake up one day with a blank slate wondering why it is so hard to figure out the next piece of content you’re going to publish to your eagerly awaiting audience. Even for my own candid fans, the Candid Writer experiences the unpleasant reality of writers block too.

So that brings us to the meat of the conversation in today’s blog post in asking this one question. How to deal with writers block ?

This 10 tip essential formula is comprised of a number of surefire and legitimate writers block strategies below that will surely be helpful in addressing your writers block. With that said, please consider bookmarking this page for quick reference in the future.

Writer's Block Strategy #1

WATCH. No we’re not talking about your wristwatch or anything pertaining to time. However, I am talking about watching people. When it comes to content, let’s face it, the more things that we can do to boost our creativity to get your writing kool aid going again is something worth looking at. People watching is a unique strategy to give you a different perspective regardless of the content that you’re producing for your website or blog.

As you engage in this strategy, think about the niche that you’re in and make connections. Additionally, just getting outside, sitting in a venue to watch people can invoke ideas that aren’t going to be realized sitting at home in front of your computer.

Writer's Block Strategy #2

This strategy is called SPARK. Some of you may read this one and be all in, while others may think, eh meh.. not for me, but when I struggle with writing personally, sometimes it’s all about watching someone else’s adversity to re-energize my mind beyond the writers block threshold before I’ll write another word. Whether it’s watching a movie that’s moving emotionally or just something to light a fire under me, video clips like this one (as seen below) can be the spark you need to cure your writer’s block. What I take from videos like this one is not to quit. That whatever I experience in my block for this moment is temporary and won't last forever, but that it depends on me to take steps to get through it. That my passion for what I do will lead me back to a place where I can get back up and write again. Most of the time, it’s all about the mindset. A spark is what got you started and getting the spark back will get you going again. Enjoy the video.

Writer's Block Strategy #3

Try some unconventionalism and visit the blogs that have a different spin and perspective in the niche you’re in. Just as an expression, but certainly something worth thinking about is looking at it from a completely different perspective (instead of seeing it with your eyes open, why not close them). Remember the days of just firing up a blog and typing away and that was the only way people blogged. Then all of a sudden photo blogs and micro blogs starting showing up. Blogging from a different lens spawned all sorts of new ideas. What will the unconventional approach do you for you to address your writing block woes ?

Writer's Block Strategy #4

Squash the crickets in the room. This is about answering all the questions that people have that no one else is answering. Few times are these questions easy and even in their complexity and difficulty, it will add to your credibility as a blogger and writer by those viewing your responses. Additionally, visiting forums, places like social media and question / answer websites can provide you with a bottomless bucket of inquiries that no one else is answering that you can thus curing your writers block when you are unable to come up with new material on your own. Even better yet, taking this approach, as I eluded to before can elevate you positively in a way that doesn’t happen when you’re simply answering questions or writing straightforward about topics that hundreds or thousands of others have already addressed. Understandably this differs from niche to niche, but is a worthwhile strategy addressing the writers block issue that everyone experiences eventually.

Writer's Block Strategy #5

Another strategy that’s meaningful in getting writers block help is what I like to call “jumping in the ring”. Get in the middle of an argument on a topic in your niche. Their responses and your contributions to the dialogue will get your writing about both sides & perspectives on the topic that people are disagreeable about. I get it that it’s not the most comfortable thing to do for some people, but if you’re the kind of person where disagreements don’t bother you to the point of uncomfortability, this is a writer’s block strategy that can be helpful in transitioning you from the block to writing meaningfully again.

Writer's Block Strategy #6

Flip writer’s block on it’s back with Flipboard. If you haven’t heard of this, then you’re missing out on an endless supply of ideas that can get you moving with respect to you writing again. There is always something to read using Flipboard.

The Writer's Block Essential 10


One particular aspect that makes this one of the best outlets to draw from for your writers block is that it doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in. This strategy is far reaching because there’s conversation going on just about everything you can imagine which is great for us as writers. In fact, I would go as far as to say that you should look at Flipboard daily, if nothing else to develop a contingency of topics to jot down so that when writers block strikes that you can easily go back to the ideas you’ve written down so that the time you experience writer’s block is minimal and short lived.

Writer's Block Strategy #7

The next strategy is about fear. Yes, write about what makes people uncomfortable. Is there something in your niche that makes your palms sweat and makes your heart beat a little faster ? There’s always something that makes people fearful no matter what the niche is. Let’s talk about one in particular in blogging and maybe you’re not scared of it, but as people we naturally fear getting in front of a camera and talking to people we don’t know. What I’m referring to is hosting webinars. Depending on the type of blogging that you do, webinars are probably the easiest ways to get your message in front of a targeted and captive audience, drive traffic and generate revenue, but most people don’t do it. Why ? Getting in front of the camera is where it starts for most. Additionally, the fear of something going wrong and it turning into a complete disaster pretty much sums up the rest of the fear on this.

With that said, what other things in your niche do people fear ? Once you identify those things, they become topics that you can write about. This is a good strategy that can cure writers block at a time or moment you find yourself experiencing it.

Writer's Block Strategy #8

The next strategy is the RE-format strategy. With that said, I really love this one because it works so well but let me emphasize that copying is a short term strategy that I will never endorse and comes with terrible long term results. So just so we’re clear, “DON’T COPY” anyone’s material. Beyond that being said, this requires that you look at what your competition is doing and write about the same material but preferably do so in a different format. The most popular formats for information are currently:

  • Blog text posts
  • Podcasts / audio posts
  • Vlogging / video blogging / video posts
  • Infographics / informational photo posts

If you’ve come across material that is of interest to you that someone else blogged about in a text blog post then podcast it/make your audio version of the same topic. If they did an audio version of it, make a video version of the material on the same topic. It’s easy and since information can be found in many different ways just as I have explained in this post for your writers block, this opens up many new doors for you to get you writing again.

Writer's Block Strategy #9

Be all about the visual representation. What I’m talking about here is utilizing Pinterest, not to seek out photos to add to your next blog post, but to peruse their massive collection of images that can help you break through your writers block. Even if you do a simple search for pins on popular topics that align with your niche, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results and where the pins you discover may take you in developing new content ideas.

The old adage is that a picture is worth a thousand words and that couldn’t be more true in the case of all the imagery at your disposal on Pinterest.

Writer's Block Strategy #10

It’s as straight forward as it gets with writer’s block strategy. This is about the “What If” and you fill in the rest depending on your niche. What if’s exists in every second, minute, hour and moment of the day. It’s endless folks and sitting down to write down “what if” can lead to any number of writing prompts to help you in your writing woes to get your pencil moving again to be able to compose and publish your next blog post. As I sit here, I’ve got 5 What If’s ready to go:

  • What if blogging didn’t exist ?
  • What if there was such a thing as mobile blogging ?
  • What if Darren Rowse didn’t get into blogging, would there be a Problogger ?
  • What if blogging couldn’t be monetized.. would anyone blog at all ?
  • What if Google started their own blogging platform ?

I’m sure you can come up with more but writer’s block is very temporary for all writers and all you have to do is consider these strategies and add them to your workflow and I assure you confidently that you’ll never run out of things to write about.

Write on and keep this blog post handy and close for reference when you struggle for next content idea.

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