D. Senu-Oke - The Candid Writer

D. Senu-Oke (The Candid Writer) - Currently based out of the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio he constantly tries to become a better student of life. D. Senu-Oke, thinks that everyone truly knows a little something about everything they come to experience in life.

As an author, blogger and a father to his daughter he blogs primarily with a focus on SEO & blogging tips and more including website traffic generation, website monetization and marketing. He has personally written 5 quick read ebook publications online that include titles such as Monetization Means Something To You and Here Are 45 Ways To Do It Online and Impact Website Traffic With Fiverr. He has spent the last 10 years experiencing the good and the sometimes not so pleasant aspects of everything from website development to lead generation to marketing online.

D. Senu-Oke is also a member of and associated with the following professional communities on LinkedIN: The Blog Zone – A Community For Bloggers, Social Media & SEO | B2B Marketing Community, Book Marketing, Business Development, Social Media Today and more.

He blogs with an intentional purpose to help bloggers through blogging. The Candid Writer website tagline is: Doing the research so you don’t have to… Sharing information that is useful, answering questions to problems and blogging with purpose is important. As an author and a blogger, he strives to set himself apart from others by focusing on providing information that can help someone as opposed to the “make money first” mindset.

The Candid Writer