Oh Boy Surprisingly Helpful Insight To Using Facebook For Your Law Firm

How to Get Started Using Facebook for your Law Firm

The majority of social media users are merely consumers of these platforms. However, it’s a lucrative medium for generating more awareness, buzz and even new customers for your business.

With millions of users logging onto apps including Facebook every day, it makes sense for many advertisers to leverage these platforms for marketing purposes.

In this article, we’re going to go over how you can get started using Facebook for your law firm - especially if you’re a small, local-based practice.

The Value of Marketing on Facebook

First off, why is Facebook arguably the best social network to use?

While younger people are flocking to alternative platforms like Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok, older Millennials, Gen X and baby boomers make up a significant portion of engaged Facebook daily, active users. Furthermore, Facebook owns Instagram. As a result, it offers a seamless way to plug your content into Instagram should you desire to incorporate its network into your social media strategy.

So how can you go about implementing a marketing strategy for your law firm?

It’s all based around a Facebook page for your business. If you don’t already have one, then the first thing to do is create a page for your firm.


What Content You Should Post to Drive Engagements

The next step is to come up with a content strategy. This will entail outlining what you are going to post on your page and share with your audience. Not everything that you post on social media should be directly tied to your firm or the law. Remember that people are on social media to hang out.

That means it’s crucial to offer content for that type of audience. When you start marketing on Facebook, one of your primary objectives is generating engagements (reactions, comments and shares) on your posts.

Katapult Marketing found that 71% of the most shared content on Facebook can be classified into 4 categories:

  • Awe-Inspiring

  • Laughter

  • Amusement

  • Joyful

This should give you a strong indication that a good amount of your content needs to connect with your audience, instead of trying to force your audience to connect with you. When it comes to laughter and comical posts, try to find jokes, memes and other forms of visual humor related to the law.

There is no shortage of this type of shareable content out there.

You can get ideas by searching on Pinterest for lawyer jokes, stats and inspirational quotes. You can also look at other law firms’ Facebook business pages - in and outside of your local market - to see what they’re posting. Just try not to focus too closely on mimicking your competitors.

Develop your own, unique approach. If you’re using their content and/or ideas and re-posting it, there’s a good chance a portion of your audience has already seen it before.

The top category for shareable content is awe-inspiring.

These can be videos with an incredible moving story or an image with an inspirational quote. While unrelated to your business, they get a lot of attention and engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares.

Every time someone sees your post in the News Feed, it serves as a micro-impression for your business as you’ll get credit as the “user” posting it.

If you have difficulty coming up with ideas and content to post on Facebook, you can always hire a freelancer to manage the content creation and curation process for you.


Market Your Business by Engaging Interest in Relevant Topics

When it comes to connecting with a subset of your audience or your target clients, you want to create a deeper awareness of your brand and offerings. This is more of the information you’re eager to share with your audience, rather than what you may consider the layer of engagement fluff we discussed earlier.

At this point, you may be tempted to plug your services or offers. It’s ok to do this once in a while, but it won’t perform well on social networks unless you’re investing a significant ad budget into it and running it as an ad rather than a post.

Instead, build a list of topics related to your areas of law.

For instance, if you’re a family lawyer you can share content on ways to manage and minimize the impact of a divorce or separation on children, tips to deal with your ex civilly in a public manner, the reasons to settle a divorce rather than go to trial etc.

As you can imagine, we’re barely scratching the surface on the useful content you can serve up to your target audience, from which some may convert into clients.

Another good tactic for building a list of topics and post ideas is to think of your ideal client’s frequently asked questions. You should then proceed to answer each question in a post.

You have flexibility on the format and you can give short or long form answers. Long form answers are recommended, but the length is ultimately a function of serving the reader with as much value as possible.


An Opportunity to Promote Your Law Firm’s Blog

If you have a blog on your website, you can address the question there and link to it in a Facebook post. It’s powerful driving a targeted audience from Facebook, that is geographically near you and interested in legal topics you write about to your law firm’s website.

Talk about your perfect, target audience for potential new leads and clients!

The objective is to develop a connection between your business and relevant topics. Use this as a way to become the known authority in your industry or specialization in your target market and area.

Targeting & Building Your Ideal Audience

Since we’re dealing with Facebook for law firms, there are 2 methods you can use - either together or independently - to reach your target audience.

The first method involves building your audience through page likes.

Page likes allow you to have your page liked and followed (by default) by fans.

As a result, your future posts will have a better chance of organically reaching your fans and therefore have a steady stream of people who will most likely see your content perpetually as you continue to post and share new content through your business page.

You can accumulate page likes and fans organically or paid.

You should start with organic and squeeze as much potential as you can out of your existing friends list. Once you have exhausted it, you can start promoting your page on Facebook to attract page likes.

Keep in mind that this is a paid method of growing your page’s fan base.

The second method you can use is by boosting your posts.

Boosting posts allows you to add an advertising budget to your posts to boost its position in your audience’s news feed. For a relatively small budget (less than $10 per post), you can significantly increase your reach and engagement. What’s more is that when you boost a post, you can select an audience to promote it to.

While it’s beyond the scope of this article, you can build audiences on Facebook that laser target the areas and demographics of your target audience. This will ensure that your boosted posts will reach people who live in areas where your practice desires to attract more clients from.

When it comes to choosing between boosting (paying) posts and sharing posts organically with your page fans, I tend to find that the best strategy is a combination of the two.

You can grow your page audience by promoting your page for more likes on Facebook and then also boost posts afterwards. You would ideally want to do this if you are committed to using your Facebook page as a long term marketing channel and investment. Just as with posting, you can target geo-locations and demographics around your firm to promote your page to when you’re paying for page likes.

Promoting your page and growing your page likes won’t likely be a long term activity, as it can be expensive to grow your page likes. However, after several weeks or months of promoting your page, you’ll have a solid audience of fans and followers who are more likely to see your future posts.

Post Regularly

Posting regularly is the most important component of a successful Facebook page marketing strategy. Many businesses set up Facebook pages and then abandon the strategy soon after.

Don’t let this be you.

You don’t have to post everyday if you’re going the DIY route. Posting 2-3 times per week or about 12 times per month is a good start.

This is a very manageable amount, yet still enough that you can create a content strategy of several different types of content to keep things fresh and engaging. Even several times per week may sound like too much of an investment for you, as both a lawyer and business owner to personally put into the platform.

Not to worry.

If you know how to use the platform as a business page admin, you only have to spend several hours per month managing it yourself. This includes putting your posts together and then you can let it work on autopilot for you. You can create, schedule and boost your posts all at once. Then over the course of the month, Facebook will automatically post your content on your behalf.

If you end up contracting an agency or freelancer to curate and create your monthly post content, then I would encourage you to take advantage of their time and consider posting north of 15 posts per month. This will give you enough opportunities to share engagement-driven posts as well as targeted, legal-specific content.


When it comes to marketing your firm on social media, there are few other forms of DIY online marketing as simple as Facebook. Once you have your content strategy, growth and promotion strategy (page likes vs boosting or both) and your target number of monthly posts, you’re ready to start planning your first month of content. If you plan to do everything yourself, it should only take a few hours per month. When we outsource the content creation to freelancers, it takes us less than an hour per month to review the content, schedule it and boost it ourselves.

Whatever you decide, Facebook page marketing is a simple and cost-effective way to promote and build awareness for your legal practice.

Author’s Bio

Jared Kimball is a programmer and digital marketing consultant. He is the owner and lead strategist at Zahavian Legal Marketing, an agency that works with small law firms and solo practitioners - handling all of their SEO, Web and PPC Ad needs.

10 Juicy Reasons To Start Blogging As A Student

How To Start Blogging As A Student   Source

How To Start Blogging As A Student


Blogging is something that everyone thinks about from time to time, but what about if you want to really turn it into something special? Starting a blog is a truly liberating experience, it’s free, and it gives you something to focus on. Here are 10 reasons why you can start blogging as a student, and enjoy doing it.


Give yourself a break from your studies

When you want to start your own blog, there are undoubtedly a few different things to consider.


However, you should put them to one side for the time being and focus on the enjoyment that you will get out of it. If you only focus on the negatives and downsides, then you’ll never begin.


If you spend all of your time studying your major you won’t develop in other ways. Your blog is a great release because it gets you thinking and writing about something else for a few hours a week. It will do a lot more for you than sitting in front of Netflix all day.


Show future employers what you have to offer

Employers want to hire people who care about what they do. While there are plenty of people who get hired to work in industries they’re unfamiliar with, you’re someone who wants to maximize your chances. If you can show that you’ve been reading and writing about their niche for years, you’ll stand out in a big way.


Be a self-starter

Self-starters are the people that businesses look for the most. They know that if someone has the drive and motivation to start something from nothing, they’ll make a great employee. Your blog will be your business card, so be proud of it, and keep working at it.


Once you develop a regular writing habit, you’ll find that you come up with all sorts of clever ideas to take it to a wider audience. It’s this kind of mindset that will set you apart from a larger audience.


The quality of your writing will improve over time

Writing is something that you need to be good at to succeed in many walks of life. Plenty of college students think you only need to be good at it if you study the arts and humanities, and that you’re either born good at it or you’re not. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Science and engineering students need to be able to write just as well as those studying the arts, and it’s not hard to understand why. Your ability to write goes hand in hand with your ability to convey what you mean precisely and concisely. It’s a skill that you can practice, and one that will serve you well throughout the rest of your life.


You will learn about new things

Forcing yourself to think about something new is the best way to push yourself. It will expand your knowledge, deepen your understanding and assuming that you’re blogging about your major course of study, it will help you become more of an expert in that content area.

You can think of your blog writing sessions as cross-training for your brain. The more you do it, the more flexible and adaptable your thinking will become. And that means you’ll learn new skills as a byproduct of this blogging exercise.


Building a network is essential if you want to start earning

Building a network of contacts is one of the many great things that a blog allows you to do. You might be able to monetize it while you’re a student. Depending on your strategy, it may even lead to you getting hired the moment you graduate as a result of the outcomes associated with your method(s).


The most important thing is not to write solely to try and make a fast buck.


Make your blog a passion project, and see where it takes you. That way it won’t feel like extra work that you need to do each week. The things we love to do hardly ever come across as “work”.


Become an authority

Becoming an authoritative voice on a niche subject is a great way to get your name out there. The earlier you start, the greater the following you have the potential to create. Just make sure you put in the hours so that it’s clear you know what you’re talking about before publishing your posts.


Teaching other people is rewarding

Staying motivated is also essential if you want to work on your blog for the long haul. There’s no better way to do it than by having the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve taught someone something they didn’t know before they read your article. This will help contribute to the much needed motivation necessary to keep producing top quality content that your readership loves.


If you use this as a way of seeing yourself as the authority figure we talked about earlier, then it’s more likely that you’ll become one. Your writing will become clearer and more focused and the wording will convey a sense of confidence that is connected to a confident, knowledgeable and authoritative source.


It will help your personal your SEO

If you want to be visible to some of the biggest companies in the world, you need to work on your personal SEO. It might not be a term you’ve heard all that much about before, but it’s vital if you want to increase your chances of getting hired.


Get your name out there, and get it associated with high-quality content people will want to read. That way when someone googles your name, you’ll come across as the voice of authority that employers are looking for.


You can earn money

There’s nothing better than being able to make money online through your own blogging efforts while you are at college. If you build a readership and get hired to write feature pieces, then you’ll be able to possible scale your earnings to potentially make a sizable dent in your loan repayments before you’ve graduated. Perfect if you want to enter the world of work with the financial freedom and flexibility that the few and dedicated ever experience.


Starting a blog is something that every student can do and you’re never too young to start. It will help you get hired when you graduate, give you something to focus on, and help develop skills that you can take with you for the rest of your life. There’s a whole host of reasons to do it and not very many at all as to why you shouldn’t.


Author’s bio

Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor at Topwritersreview. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is traveling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Solution For Some But Not For All

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products LM1


Let’s talk affiliate marketing today as we enter the new year. Legendary Marketer seems to be all the rage right now because of all the income proof screen shots that have been put on display over and over again on Youtube and when you do a google search for the term “legendary marketer”.  

There are tons of positive reviews about this program, but if you’re somewhat of a skeptic like me when it comes to affiliate programs, then it’s certainly not unusual for you to approach this program with some skepticism.  

Now, truth be told, I haven’t tried this program personally but there’s good reason for why I haven’t either which I will provide insight to as you read through this post.  

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing

With that said, if we start with the Youtube reviews the problem that I have after having watched many of these videos is that all the information about this program is so “general” and not entirely forthcoming. You know that, “too good to be true” feeling.  

So what do I mean by “general”…  

You get the same rehash over and over. Reviewers note that Legendary Marketer was started by a guy by the name of David Sharpe. David really knows his stuff and he knows how to make money and I’m certainly not here to question that. From a financial standpoint, the man is out of my league so congrats on his success.  

With that said, you also get a coach (this is supposed to differentiate itself from other programs out there). Quite frankly, the coach is a good selling point and they make money when you make money. Sounds great right ? However, the coaches are there (if we’re being honest, and of course we’re going to be honest) to help to move you and those you bring in to LM to upgrades which we’ll get into a bit later.  

It’s a “high ticket” affiliate system.

To clarify, all this means is that you’re selling higher ticket items which in translation means that you’re going to make more as an affiliate right ?  

We’re all in this game to make money so affiliate programs are undoubtedly important, but I would argue that we want to find and engage with programs that will place a meaningful focus on “us” as the affiliates with a direct agenda to help and not feel like we’re getting sold in the process while helping them in the sole aim of enriching their pockets even if we’re making some money at the same time like we should be grateful about it.  

I mean if you compare this to something like the Amazon Affiliate system, Amazon.. as an affiliate.. if you’re lucky you’ll make 10% commission off of the goods that you sell. Granted that’s peanuts (sort of.. again I’ll get into that soon) to LM but it the whole experience as an affiliate feels better.. even conceptually if I weren’t an affiliate for them. I personally like Amazon, even at their low commission rates but even that changes on the higher priced items that you sell.  

Another easy affiliate program with a low barrier to entry and worth a look for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with affiliate marketing is Shareasale which you can read about here: Shareasale Loves Beginners.  

Nevertheless, lets get back to what we’re talking about on the topic of Legendary Marketer in these LM Youtube videos… the next thing you see in these countless videos are the big money screen shots of income proof to reel you in to make your mouth water and create sweat in your palms to trigger you to click and become a conversion for the affiliate.  

Note: I want to clarify that I have absolutely no problem with this. I mean if you’re an affiliate for any program that’s the goal.. to get the conversion, but my issue is the lack of transparency about how to make the big commissions with this company in this program.  

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re like me and the rest of the world, you’re making money but your bread and butter isn’t coming from what you’re doing in the realm of online or internet marketing. So when you see someone getting weekly checks from $3,000.00 to $15,000.00 a week on these videos, that’s enough to get your attention and make you start wondering about all the possibilities if you could do the same.  

Have you found a real way to make money that could change the daily grind for yourself ?  

That’s the big question.  

Does it work ?  

Is it a scam ?  

You scour the internet to find reviews upon reviews and all you find are glowing reviews and then there’s the next big question ?  

Okay, is this going to work for me ?  

The question that no one can answer but you… but that comes with risk and honestly that’s the one fair point I can make about this or about any other affiliate program. You’ve gotta risk some money to make some money if we’re being honest.   

Nevertheless, you’re simply left with opening your wallet for “yet” another program only to likely face utter disappointment “again”.  

Sadly, this program isn’t the goldmine you’re looking for unless you’ve got a few thousand dollars to lay down first and that’s the point I’ve been saying we’ll get to later on. That’s what will kill off many of you in regards to Legendary Marketer.  

Yep, this is where the real truth is that no one’s really talking about in all those Youtube videos.  

For all the claims of making 4 to 5 figures each week.. beyond the statements of how the results aren’t typical and that you’re going to have to work hard (stuff we’ve all heard time and time again), very few are readily talking about how in order to get access to getting those high ticket commissions you’ve got to spend thousands “first” to get to those high commission tiers.  

I know it sounds like I’m not being too favorable about this program (and maybe I haven’t been, but we’re all free to choose and such is the case for anyone that comes across this post), but my words in the way they are laid out is more about the fact that the reviews aren’t very transparent at all.  

Here’s what I mean by that…  

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Affiliate Tiers

Their tiered structure is as follows:  

The Marketer Club starting at $30 per month. This is their only monthly subscription and the rest as listed below are all fixed one time pricing:

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Marketers Club


  • The Traffic Rolodex at a cost of $47.

  • The Invisible Influencer at a cost of $997.

  • The Legendary Builder Masterclass at a cost of $2500.

  • The Legendary Leader Masterclass at a cost of $5000.

  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind at a cost of $8000.

  • The Legendary Entrepreneur mastermind at a cost of $12,000.

  • The Legendary Lifestyle Experience at a cost of $30,000. 

All of this looks great, IF you can make the sales right ?  

The bottom line is that you’re not likely to get access to the higher tier commissions until you’ve personally bought these one time priced products yourself.  

To add greater clarification, it’s extremely difficult (basically a game of chance) to earn commissions of $1000.00 until you’ve purchased their Legendary Builder Masterclass at $2500.00 and what new or beginning level affiliates have that kind of cash laying around or are willing to take that upfront financial risk to sell a program that they don’t know and are unsure of being able to recoup their initial investment ? The “only” money back guarantee offered is on the base tier of $30/month in the Marketer Club which makes me raise my brows even moreso.  

You know of any affiliate willing to lay that cash out with absolutely no ability to get it back ? I sure don’t… and when I was starting out as an affiliate, there’s no one way on earth I would have dished out that kind of cash when there were tons of other opportunities out there where my money could go farther with less risk and a much lower cost of entry for higher tier commissions.  

However, beyond my skepticism.. look I get it that there are programs out there that dictate, HIGH RISK & HIGH REWARD right and Legendary Marketer is one of those affiliate platforms in that arena.  

Affiliate Marketing Traffic

I guess another perspective on this is that you could take on the same perspective when it comes down to free traffic vs paid traffic. Read more about traffic methods here: Over 100 Ways To Build Your Own Traffic to any affiliate program

There are huge differences, outcomes and gains to be experienced.  

Many would argue that on free traffic, you’ll never have the same success as you would using paid traffic methods. Personally, I’d say from experience that it depends on a wide variety of factors and differs from person to person and their own individual goals.  

Nevertheless, as much as I can’t stand paying for traffic, there are definitely “instances” depending on what I’m trying to achieve where I absolutely prefer it over free traffic methods.  

So when we look at, for lack of a better term… “pay to play or pay to get access” there’s a reason to promote a product like Legendary Marketer but again I can’t say that without highlighting the fact that it’s sooooo expensive to make any real money that you can live off of from this program and that’s “assuming” you make any conversions that equate to high ticket commissions in your pocket and even with that said for all that expense you’re still only getting 40 to 60 percent of the commission and as for  your coach, that individual gets 20%.  

Beyond that, as you’ve heard before if you’re in the affiliate or blogging arena, much of the information you’ll learn from Legendary Marketer is online for free anyway.  

If we take a closer look at what their programs are about you’ll see what I mean.  

Legendary Marketer - The Marketer Club ($30 per month)

This helps you learn about paid traffic like Facebook ads (I’m not a fan of FB, but that’s my own bias (not to mention the horrible 2018 year they’ve had with privacy and a host of other issues). You can read more here: Trusting Facebook As An Affiliate ? 

Additionally, you’ll learn about Instagram, Youtube etc and other lead generation strategies. Again all things that you can learn online on your own.  

Legendary Marketer - The Traffic Rolodex ($47).

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Traffic Rolodex


This to me is an utter waste of time. More information on traffic methods.. not free methods of course. They may as well have bundled this with the monthly Marketers Club. I feel like this is a ripoff honestly to anyone who purchases this unless there’s some earth shattering information in this package but I haven’t seen anything online at all to suggest that.  

Legendary Marketer - The Invisible Influencer ($997).

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Masterclass 2500


Yet another waste of time and this time they want to charge a crap ton of money for information that you can find on your own. One focus in this area is on FB fan pages which is becoming an outdated method to get traffic. Fan pages have been around for “years” at this point. If you’re going to charge this kind of money, give the buyer something that will be cutting edge and not something that has been around for as long as FB fan pages have.  

Another huge issue I have is that their primary focus is on Facebook. You are literally going to be one fish in an ocean of other marketers using Facebook and the competition is INSANE. At this point, you’ve already spent a bucket load of money before getting to the masterclass and I’m not even going to go into the rest.  

You have essentially become a reseller for information that is already out there online that if anyone invested some time to learn they’d be on the same level you are at as an Invisible Influencer (remember another $1000.00 out of your pocket) and they have reached that level for $0.. a little time and some patience.

Legendary Marketer Upside & Downside  

I struggle big time with the pro’s and con’s of this program because it honestly feels much more focused on “them and the dollars” than you as their affiliate and learning how to actually become a Legendary Marketer and this unflattering perspective comes from the fact that you aren’t learning anything that levels you above the competition in the entry level products which are meant to help you build confidence in trusting that there’s a LOT more to offer in those high ticket offerings down the line.  

Legendary Marketer to me has potential, but considering this basically comes down to spending your money on the various tiers to resell the product and get others to buy and do the same (all in the aim of upgrading them) with the help of your coach is a hamster wheel that I think will appeal to some (definitely not most affiliates, particularly not newbies) but doesn’t seem all that far off from an MLM model. As for MLM, I’m definitely not saying that it is, but I can’t say it’s that far off either.

I’d personally love to see more transparency and a money back guarantee not just on the Marketers Club, but particularly for those high ticket tiers if it doesn’t work out for those that take the risk to spend the big bucks for them.

Thanks for reading !

Please subscribe and share if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you around in the next post.

Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. Additional clarification can be found in our privacy policy.

Tasty Quuu Annoucement - Big Bundles Deal

Update: Contest has ended.

The big deal is coming from Quuu. Quuu’s announcement is that it is partnering with a new website to bring you a once in a lifetime deal.. truly something they’ve never offered before and may not offer again !

Note: Just head straight over to the Lifetime Deal ! Ends on November 30th or you can read the rest of the post.

With that said, while I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, today is going to focus on “insider” knowledge.

What if you had the insider scoop on Google before it became what it was ?

What if you’d had the opportunity to be a part of Facebook on the basement level ?

What if you had the insider scoop on Pinterest before it became to be what it was ?

What if you had the insider scoop on Wordpress before it became the giant that it is ?

What about buffer ?

What about search engine journal ?

What about Fiverr ?

What about Moz ?  

Even from an affiliate standpoint, what about Amazon ?

Let me get to the point, the reason for this post is because of an email that I received and from who it came from:  

After looking at this image, there were two thoughts that immediately crossed my mind.

First… if you’ve ever heard of Quuu, you would know that this is a great way to get your content exposure after you go through their platform and get your post approved.

Sounds simple but let me go into an explanation to let you know how it works.

I know I typically go into a pretty comprehensive explanation of how things work in my reviews, (e.g. Quuu review) but for this post I’ll just let you know that it’s fairly simple even for those that experience a little bit of an anxiety attack when they have to navigate something new.

Trust me.. just breathe easy.. it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to Quuu.

Just navigate to Quuu

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll click on “promote a post”.

Add your url that you’d like to promote.

Quuu will pull in some information from the link.

Once you’ve done that, edit your posts in the way that you want them to be seen on Twitter.

Just an extra step that you can follow if you like (totally optional).. add the @ sign and your twitter username somewhere (example. @candidwriter) in your Twitter post so you can track mentions of it either through Twitter itself or something like Tweetdeck which is something that I do in the editing process of Quuu.

Quuu uses what they refer to as: short share details [associated with Twitter] and long share details [associated with Linkedin, Facebook and Google Plus (not sure why they are still promoting there since as of October, Google is said to be closing down the platform over the next 10 months)].

After you’re done editing your link, you’ll need to choose from one of several categories where it’s best suited towards (I’m guessing this is for better targeting to help you get the most exposure for your content that you want promoted which makes sense).

You’ll now have to pay for it (e.g. the content you want approved) and once approved, voila.. you’ll get an email that your link is live and approved and that’s basically the skinny on Quuu for those of you that aren’t aware or familiar with the platform.

The reason why the “who” of this email is a big deal is because it’s one of my best content distribution channels that I use when I promote a post. It’s a really great bang for the buck content distribution platform when you consider the money and what you get in terms of exposure.

Let me just share some of my posts with you so you can see what I am talking about.  

Note: Shares of the content (in blue) and clicks to the actual page of the content (in green).

Consider the impressions that convert to actual clicks [caveat: there’s no guarantee that you’ll see as many clicks].. all of that depends on your content that you’re submitting to promote.

So all in all, Quuu is a big deal if you’re looking for content promotion and it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this that you’re looking for a very effective content marketing channel and this is it.

So to find out that they are partnering with the Lifetime Deals website in addition to offering other goodies, that certainly peaked my interest, not to mention that there are 10 prizes up for grabs.

Remember earlier when I said that there were two thoughts that crossed my mind ?

Well I already shared the first and the second thought that hit me was that upon reading this message:




I learned that Lifetimedeals was in their launching phase. From the deals that are currently posted on their website, it seems like the audience that they are targeting are for those in the content marketing arena, blog and website owners etc. which is great news for people like us.

And as we’ve seen with other websites over time, the time is “now” to get in and stay aware of a site like this that can help in our content marketing efforts and other pertinent or relevant things associated with blogs and websites beyond the content too.

Other deals currently seen on the website as of the completion of this post includes:

The competitors app allowing you to monitor your competitors marketing strategy from one app.

Funnelbake which is automated cold email outreach.

Captain Growth which is AI for your ad marketing efforts.

Chatmod for growing your blockchain community.

Rewardful for setting up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.

From my perspective, so many of us know the well known names and methods for how to get our content out there, to grow our blogs and to get more exposure.

While the big names are out there in the blogosphere, we’re all after new channels and untapped sources to find more opportunities for growth and expand our reach to interact with new visitors and customers hence why I’m sharing this with you.

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Is Swagbucks Safe And Legit To Use - The Buck Grows Here But Not With Swagbucks

Swagbucks vs Ebates Mr Rebates and Cashback Make Money Online Systems


Swagbucks is not worth it if you want to make any real money online equivalent to your time invested and let me tell you why.

It's legitimacy and safety will vary in opinion from user to user but that goes without saying for nearly any similar system such as Swagbucks.

On this blog, we tackle common themes associated with blogging no matter what kind of blogger you are. One of the topics that people want to hear about are methods to make money. However, in the same arena it’s helpful to talk about the methods that are worth avoiding too.

Time is precious folks and no one’s got time to waste time.

Money is a common theme online and offline and today we’re going to focus on Swagbucks.

With that said, many want to make money online.. including me, other bloggers, people in general with a website and even you.. but Swagbucks isn’t a realistic way to reach that goal. Swagbucks doesn’t even come close to representing a tangible route to making a part time supplemental income. Pocket change is probably the best way to describe what I’m getting at.

There are sites in their reviews that do say as much or may even imply that it’s not worth your time but those are in the minority. Of course, on the flipside there are others that would rather get your referral click. The sites that would rather have you discover the truths I’m laying out for you here on your own and those aren’t that hard to spot either.

This can be seen by simply doing a Google search for Swagbucks review but be warry of claims where you’ll make thousands of dollars via Swagbucks.   

That’s not to say no one’s ever done it, but that’s akin to finding a unicorn if you get my drift.

However, even with that said, in all transparency.. it’s not all bad news.

The savings are better than the money making opportunities so it truly depends on your goals, intent and purpose in your activities on the Swagbucks website.

Consider this tidbit of inside information as food for thought.. 1 Swagbuck at the time of this post is equivalent to .01 cent. When their currency and dollar equivalent looks that lopsided, how much work are you going to have to invest in completing activities to earn money to make it worthwhile ?

In the “answer surveys and earn” section of my Swagbucks dashboard, an opportunity that is listed is for me to complete a survey. Time to complete the survey is 20 minutes to earn a whopping 80 SB’s. That means I’ve given them 20 minutes of my life to earn less than a dollar ?

Where’s that scratching my head emoji when I need it ?

Swagbucks Answer Surveys


Let’s take this a bit further and assume that they have given you 5 different survey opportunities to complete 80 to 100 Swagbucks a piece. Assuming you’ve completed all of them, that’s nearly 2 hours of work for maybe $5 and some change. If we do the math here, your hourly rate for that work is a little over $2.50 per hour.

Need I say more ?

Even if we adjusted our numbers a bit here in this scenario, you’re still on the poverty level in hours worked vs compensation received.

I don’t know about you but there are far more efficient methods to earn a buck than to spend 20 minutes filling out a survey to not even make a whole dollar.

Conceptually though, this website sounds like it’s got potential and I want to give kudos to the “idea” behind this website. However, with respect to fairness for the end user (e.g. you and me), Swagbucks is getting the lions share of the money where the rest of us are just slaving away on activities like paid surveys for little to nothing.

Here’s a video that digs into the numbers and earnings potential in even greater detail.

Swagbucks Alternative

It may sound like I’m being hypocritical here considering what I said in the beginning of this post from a referral link standpoint, but I’m going to say it anyway. Ebates is a far better option and yes I’m an affiliate. I'd even go as far as saying Mr. Rebates would work out better for you too.

So why mention Ebates as an alternative ?

Where Swagbucks has you do all the hard work for their own currency (and yes I get that you can work for giftcards too) or little to no real money at all, here’s where Ebates is far better for one substantial reason.

The entire site and concept is cashback driven. It’s about sharing the commissions they get from the money you spend and giving a portion of their commission earned back to you. If they make money, they are going to share it with you.

It would make far more sense for Swagbucks to invest in more of a reasonable percentage driven revshare program that’s more equitable than their current system but that’s just my two cents.

Nevertheless, on Ebates.. we’re talking “real dollars” and not this reportedly “deceptive” Swagbuck currency. I say that because 100 Swagbucks looks like a big deal until you learn that it’s basically .01 cent. Talk about disappointment !

Needless to say, Ebates may sound too good to be true, but I can tell you that I’ve personally experienced their cashback system and it works well and it’s cash.. not Swagbucks. Ebates is also seemingly much more straightforward than Swagbucks as well.

Nevertheless, if you’d rather read on about this alternative, I’ve written a review post about it here. $50 in 2 Days Blog Post and if you’d rather just check it out for yourself, the links are as followed (non affiliated and affiliated for your convenience):

The non-referral link is here: Ebates

The link that gives me credit for sending you there plus joining is here: Ebates

Swagbucks or Ebates For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger or referrer that offers Swagbucks to your visitors as the place to go as a method for earning money that’s certainly your call. I just don’t agree that it’s worthwhile for anyone.

Swagbucks is simply not worth your time when you consider time and effort invested equating to what you get back in return especially if your goal is to make money.

However, as I said in the start of this post, it’s not all bad news either. In spite of what I’ve said you may still feel like, hmmm… I’d still like to give it a try and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Swagbucks is not a cashback only type of online destination. Their focus is more widespread as they do offer a myriad of ways to earn Swagbucks on their website. They even provide discounts that still earn you their site currency.

With that said, I know that as bloggers we are always trying to share new money making opportunities to our visitors and I’m no different in that respect.

That goal remains the same whether you’re a blogger that blogs about food, fashion, tech, family or other niche. We’re always trying to share something worthwhile with people that take an interest in our content.

However, when it comes to this particular topic on Swagbucks, no matter what I’ve read even considering all the money they have paid out to the fans of their system and site, there are better alternatives to it. I say this in regards to your time, earning potential and goal to make money online whether you still elect to try out Swagbucks or Ebates as an alternative or some other method you may have come across as well.

Thanks for reading this post !

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