Facebook Privacy and Are You Worried About Internet Privacy Online

Scary Facebook privacy and internet privacy concerns.


Are You Worried Yet ?

I don't know about you, but one thing that has worried me and surely "countless" others is with a site like Facebook, where literally billions of people are "consolidated" more or less is what does a company do with all that information ??? Do you realize that Facebook has the largest photo database of ANY AGENCY IN THE WORLD ! Lets not forget that Facebook also dabbled with facial recognition software that was initially unknown to it's users. Now with their advancements.. introducing Deepface, this gets even scarier for Facebook users.

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While Google is also taking steps to utilize technology of this kind, Facebook has been questioned for many years on just how important is privacy to them with respect to their users. With all the benefits that come with utilizing their audience base when it comes to internet marketing, building a presence online and the like, privacy isn't nearly as transparent as it should be with this powerhouse social media company and users simply don't have much control either.

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