Zero Footprint Private Blog Networks Are Not So Private

Some Notable Words On Private Blog Networks

Zero Footprint Private Blog Network-(PBN)


If you own a website or a blog, link building shouldn't be anything new to you as links among many other factors are vital to your existence online. However, where you get those links from can definitely make or break where you rank online.

Private blog networks have been known to work well in ranking websites. Many of these PBN's claim that they carry not footprint.. ways that Google can sniff out the links they're building to achieve the ranks they're getting.

With that said, I've mentioned Google's Webspam watchdog Matt Cutts before. He's been behind the takedown of several private blog networks in recent years. As of today, he's taken down yet another one. So let this be a word to the wise.. if you're thinking of using a PBN in your linking strategy, you might want to rethink that strategy.. short term gain, long term loss.

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