Pinterest New Guided Search - Mobile SEO Opportunity

Is this truly a mobile SEO opportunity ? It's hard to tell, but since there has never been a way to actually search pins on Pinterest, unless you're familiar with using search engine operators. For the most part, the average user is not familiar with that method so you're stuck just wandering and browsing their staggering amount of pins without anything to help you pinpoint what you're seeking. It reminds me of Stumbleupon in it's early days.

Needless to say that with the introduction of any new search technology or tool creates a unique opportunity for anyone doing SEO trying to optimize their site or content. Considering that over 70% of Pinterest traffic comes from "mobile devices" this is huge !

Pinterest guided search


I think this is a great time for anyone that has posted on Pinterest to examine their pins and consider 2 basic things that come to mind right away for me: 

I. Is this a title that accurately describes my pins (think relevant keywords).

II. Anywhere you can add content to your pins, again think relevant keywords

By no means am I promoting keyword stuffing or anything of the like, but focusing on relevant keywords make it easier for any search tool to know what your content truly is about. The easier it is to find your content, the easier traffic and revenue generation becomes.

Read more on the launch of their search tool: Pinterest Guided Search for Mobile

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