New Age SEO And Methods To Rank A Website

This infographic sums it up pretty well what ranking in this new age of SEO looks like.....

Content Marketing Tips: Infographic Data Source: Quicksprout, Buzzblogger & Google Images


This infographic can stir up all sorts of feelings about the "work" that anyone has to do in order to rank these days. Seriously.. that's one intense graphic ! However, at the ground roots of it all when it comes to ranking in Google, everything you're looking at are all "good ingredients" that should be incorporated in some way or another into your website anyway. Here's a blueprint if you ever needed one as to what you should be doing to rank your website for keywords that are relevant to your website or blog.

Google remains the worlds most popular search engine because when people search for information, it provides more relevant results than any other search engine in the world. All things considered, even aside from the big fancy graphic above, if you're not writing good content, you're not going to get the Google love you're after anyway.

With that said, there's no doubt that it's harder to rank these days as search engine algorithms get smarter and smarter with every update, but that doesn't mean that you can't. Blogs and websites are seeing their sites rank for keywords they're after everyday. So write content that your visitors will want to read and incorporate elements of the infographic above and you will reap the rewards of doing it the right way. Any other way simply means, short term gains and Google penalties that just aren't worth it in the long run.

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