Pinterest Promoted Pins Get Rolling

Pinterest has rolled out amongst it's massive array of pins a new product called "Promoted Pins". This is great news for internet marketers and anyone with a website still scratching their heads as to how to utilize the massive traffic base of Pinterest to their advantage.

Pinterest promoted pins and pinterest ads


At the current time, Pinterest promoted pins are being beta tested with larger brands such as Banana Republic, Kraft, Old Navy and others, but assuming the tests are successful, this platform will open up to the masses in time.

Pinterest wants to continue to provide a positive experience for it's users without inundating visitors with ads which makes perfect sense. We've all grown "ad phobic" to a degree and want to be able to visit websites without constantly being lured into ways to capture money from us. However, if it's a good ad, personally I don't mind spending the money, as long as it's not constantly in my face.

You'll find these ads in their mobile and web versions of the Pinterest website in the search results and category feeds.

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