Recent Google Updates - Traffic Loss - Tanked Rankings - Panda 4.0 And Spam 2.0

Considering the latest algorithm updates from Google.. Panda 4.0 and the Google Spam 2.0 update, putting all your "eggs in one basket" is a really bad idea. Google controls roughly 68% of the national search market share which is huge in both good ways and bad if you're trying to benefit from good placement in this search engine.

Google updates and panda update


While Google is the major player, don't ignore Bing and Yahoo. Yes, you want to emphasize Google, but the worst case scenario is losing your rankings thus you lose traffic and ultimately you lose money. If you've spent all your time and effort on Google, then it's safe to say if that were to happen to you and it's happened to many, that's a reality that you don't want to face without some contingency in place.

Each search engine has a rulebook they use to play with in the SEO game. You nor I will ever know the "secret sauce" to what makes each one tick, but I can tell you that a nice little trick to use in getting ranked is to use more images and use relevant keywords to describe them. Trying to game the system will get you nowhere (e.g. short gain, long term losses), but using this appropriately can yield very positive results. Getting images ranked can help you get noticed faster than you would organically,

Nevertheless, returning to my point of this post. You might be surprised to learn that recently, major websites, and, reported to have lost a "third" of website traffic due to the most recent Google updates. Of course, as tough as that is, they are still receiving traffic from Yahoo and Bing, but no one, and I mean no one can afford to incur a loss of 1/3 of their traffic. So with that said, when I advise that you consider Bing and Yahoo in your overall ranking strategy and plan, it's simply planning for what is out of your control... your ranking in Google.

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