Tricky Tricky Redirects

Website and internet redirects also known as 301 redirects


What's a tricky redirect ??? In short it's basically clicking on one link and being "redirected" to another page that has nothing to do with the content that you thought you were going to be seeing. Tricky right ? Well there have been lots and lots of webpages that have engaged in this activity and Google is waving it's mighty finger and saying those days are gone. Obviously this isn't a one off across the board, but according to Google.. if you're trying to game visitors into buying something, visiting a page to boost it's traffic or simply sending visitors to content that is completely unrelated, you might want to re-evaluate your strategy. Another way to spot this is sending desktop users to one site and mobile users to another. That's definitely a red flag and an easy way to spot whether you've been victim to a sneaky redirect.

Google has updated it's webmaster guidelines and consequences could be as harsh as having your website completely removed and deindexed from it's search engine.

Read more on the updated guidelines here: Guidelines Update

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