Wild Wild West SEO

Well okay, so this isn't the wild wild west and no one's going to see how quick you can pull the trigger here, but this post is about shedding some light on link building tactics that just don't work anymore.

Old seo is rolling out and introduce new age seo


SEO, plain and simple can be pretty volatile. If you're looking for things to stay the same in this game, you're in the wronggggg business. It's changing, morphing, running, jumping and doing anything it can to evolve. Purposefully or is it intended to just drive you bonkers.. the jury is still out on that, but here are some SEO strategies that just won't cut it anymore in the new age of SEO.

Keyword stuffing - Forget about it. You can't just throw a bunch of keywords into your meta tags and expect to rank anymore. Use to work in the OLD days, but not anymore.

Un-optimized Images - You could post photos before without an alt tag and get some Google love. Throw that one out of the window too. Alt tags are important now so naming your photo files with relevant keywords works in addition to adding relevant keywords to your alt tags will give you a real chance at getting the Google recognition you're looking for.

Invisible Text - Old, Old, Old, technique but people still try it today. Matching the text as the same color of your background so the reader can't see it, but the keywords in the text remain visible to the search engine. Algorithms are way too smart for that nowadays, so it's not a strategy to employ in 2014 or beyond.

SPAM - Hmmmm, need I say more. SPAM links, forum links, forum profile links.. they're all a waste of time and won't help you so just leave those strategies alone.

Social Bookmarking - You used to get a bunch of these and rank well, but that gravy train is over. Social Bookmarking links still work to some degree, but they don't have the punch they used to anymore. Use them to diversify your link profile, but don't count on them to get you ranked.

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