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How to get your website on Google


I wish I could tell you there's a real scoop on this but there's no magic arrow to get this accomplished. My website was indexed in Google in less than 48 hours. No tricks, no linking to authority websites, no linking to high PR pages, no social signals like using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or anything like that. Plain and simple.. I just wrote content.

You might be in disbelief that it's that simple, but TRULY.. it's that simple. The approach you take to getting your website on Google isn't about "trying" to get into Google. If you write something worth reading, you're going to get indexed and be one of many other websites that were lucky enough to get into this all important search engine.

That doesn't dismiss that there aren't other ways to get indexed, because surely there are.. such as all the ways I didn't pursue as I mentioned in my opening statement in the first paragraph, however the point of this post is to state that you don't need to invest effort into that. You can get into Google by writing about what you know.

As a little tip though, and this is still very much in line with getting indexed without any risks, just write a short press release about your website, submit that to free press release sites and that can get you indexed even faster.

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