How to Promote Your Website - The Burning Question

How to promote your website


Well the truth is nothing is truly difficult when you finally know what to do and how to do it right ? Learning how to promote your website is all about exposure, exposure, exposure. So how do we achieve "exposure" ? It's easy and you don't have to search that far to figure this out. The bigger question is: Are you willing to put in the work to get the exposure you so desperately need ?

You're going to need "social signals". I'm going to mention what any blogger doing this right would tell you. Write and write and then write some more AND add Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest to your pages. When you write content that is interesting to your readers, people will naturally start sharing what you've written with others. This is "trusted" promotion that you can't buy, but will catapult your website to promotion you couldn't likely achieve on your own, however this does take a LOT more time to accomplish. However with that said, when it comes to social media, "engagement" is critical. Having a lot of followers, fans, likes or friends doesn't replace actually talking with the people that are interested in what you write about too. All of this leads to greater promotion of your website.

Press releases as I mentioned in my previous post have power online. This option isn't hyped up around the internet when it comes to website promotion, but trust me when I say that this is something you should incorporate into your promotional strategy "anytime" you build a website. Utilizing a press release will build trust for your website within the search engine, it's as far removed from spam as you can get and the bottom line is that it "promotes" you and your website to news and media outlets.

Free Press Release Option

Additionally, I know how tight money is for so many people that want to make a website and just get going and make some money, but when it comes to website promotion, there are instances where free is great and very effective and there are times when "free" isn't always the way to go. In fact, there are many free options that often time are pretty sub-standard in both quality and what you're getting overall when compared to paid options.

A consideration of my Social Promotion digest however does provide very low cost paid routes to website promotion that may be useful for so many of us that are on a very small budget.

Be sure to test both free and paid options to see what is most effective for you. Every niche is different and with that said, every niche experiences different levels of success and failures in their experimentation. It can be frustrating finding that sweet spot, but it's definitely worth it when the traffic starts flowing in !

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