Google Domains and Google Websites - New GoDaddy Challenger

Google domains and Google websites are coming


Yep, you heard it.. Google Domains.. that's the "new" news at Google these days. So what do you think ? As far as "brand" goes, GoDaddy's got the turf covered. I personally think it's a steep hill to climb to be that brand that people think about when it comes to hosting but it's Google so we'll give them a shot at it right ? Hmmm... no overwhelming votes of confidence, but they are currently working with some industry big wigs like Squarespace (love them btw), Shopify, Wix and Weebly to try to get things right.. or "perfect" that is before Google Domains is made readily available to everyone. Lets not also forget their rather unfair advantage.. "Google controls and owns the largest search engine in the world". Hopefully this doesn't get forced down our throats the way Google Plus was. Domain registrars should be about choice so I'm really hoping they've learned valuable lessons from past experiences.

Nevertheless, if you're salivating at the chance to try this  out though, you're just going to have to be patient. At the moment you need an invitation code and they aren't just handing them out to anyone right now. As you can imagine however,  it is being beta tested by a very select few. Supposedly when the rollout is more complete and public, it will showcase an array of services that are on par with what we are already seeing out of the well known providers. This is to include a couple biggies.. free private domain registration and branded/custom emails. You can also expect that they will be including the new domain extension .wtf coming out this August in their services too.

Here's a peak at Google Domains in Beta

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