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If you're like most of us, you probably own an iPhone or an Android phone and even more likely, one could assume you've snapped a photo or two on that smartphone too. Soooo.. what if you could make a little extra money from the photos you take everyday ? Fotolia is the worlds largest microstock agency outside of the USA. It makes sense why they would develop an app where everyday photographers could cash in on their photos and better yet.. they are the first to develop an app where people are doing this "successfully".

Fotolia Instant Make Money With Your Smartphone


Just so that the basics are out there.. ANY user that has an iPhone or an Android phone can download this app, set up a free account and upload their photos and put them up for sale to a very active community of 5 million people.

This is definitely going to change the game in the stock photo industry in this new generation of photography through your phone.

There's a new customer promo running at the moment and Fotolia is currently running a contest for $5000 cashable credits for the best selling mobile photo of this year using their new app. Contest Link

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