Introducing Google Knowledge Graph | Evolution of Google Search

What if I told you that link building could be on it's way out ? I know that's a stretch right but it's not entirely crazy either. There's speculation out there that the Google Knowledge Graph will eventually change the link building landscape. This could potentially change the way that we discover content online.

Google Knowledge Graph The Future of Search


Now if you think of Google as an automobile engine, what it's done is refine over the years. It's changed the oil and thrown in new parts over time, but it's always trying to make itself a better, faster and more streamlined engine.

Now do I really think that the Knowledge Graph is going to be something that totally replace backlinking as a way of getting ranked ? No, I don't see that change coming any time soon, BUT I do think that this will be yet another extension to add relevancy in how websites and content gets discovered in Google.

This is just another discovery I've made that is surely something to keep in mind in your efforts to get ranked. If there's one tip of the day that I can give you, it is to focus more on content and user engagement. That's not to say that you should forgo link building because currently that is still essentially a big part of the current Google algorithm, but it's my belief that real engagement and genuine social proof, no matter how many FB likes or Twitter followers you buy that will ultimately help you get seen in the future of ranking.

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