Accidental Introduction of Facebook Slingshot | The Snapchat Competitor

So while Facebook ummmm "accidentally" introduced Slingshot today, this is the first major competitor to Snapchat. During it's "brief" debut in the app store, details suggest that unfortunately Slingshot is only available in a few territories right now and not currently available in the US. However, as you can imagine, Facebook undoubtedly upon the full release which is expected to be soon has plans to open this to the US audience.

Facebook slingshot - the Snapchat competitor.


Now whether you have a blog or website or are simply an entrepreneur focused on marketing, the "seemingly" easy ways to take advantage of this kind of platform are in methods described below in the following:

1. Use coupons ! Make the user take a photo of something related to your product(s) to earn your coupon. Step 2 of this would be to send the coupon to the user via Sling or Snapchat. An onsite application of this example would probably work best, but maybe you can think of another creative way to make this work.. I'd love to hear your ideas on this.

2. Announce that you're going to be on Facebook Sling or Snapchat. State that your users have to download the app in order to view your exclusive Facebook Sling or Snapchat promotion.

3. Come up with challenges where users have to write down captchas, numbers or sequences of letters in order for entries into contests, exclusive deals or competitions.

4. Take different shots of areas of your website and send your users on a treasure hunt for a special prize for the winners.

This kind of thing can create fun on your blog and increase user engagement between you and your audience.

Now of course, we'll have to see what Slingshot looks like in it's "FINAL" form when the official release comes out but again these are just ideas to consider in the meantime :)

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