Reddit Users and Reddit Traffic Manipulation - Dropping The Hammer

Reddit Ban Website Traffic And Manipulation


It's not new news that Reddit, an online social platform is great for driving traffic to your website, "especially" if you can get yourself "upvoted" to the front page.

Getting upvoted to page one on Reddit is quite simply the holy grail.

Expect nothing less than a MASSIVE boost in website traffic if you find yourself one of the lucky ones to reach such a feat.

I won't go into the specifics about how to use Reddit, but I will say that it intensely frowns upon manipulation of any kind of their voting system and they have a real disdain for online marketing and self promotion for SEO benefit(s).

Lets just say "hypothetically" that you're desperate for traffic as most people trying to develop a presence online truly are.. and want a quick route to getting the most votes you can on articles you submit to their system thinking that buying votes or trying to get votes faster is a great idea..

Understand, many before you have probably tried and many have failed and Reddit employs consequences that'll make anyone think twice about trying to game the system.

CBS's interative OnGamers website received it's "second" ban for it's attempt to manipulate the Reddit system.

The specifics are that Rod Breslau (senior editor at OnGamer) had been sending messages to Reddit users asking them to post content for him and then he would go back and upvote the content himself obviously with the goal in mind of trying to get more traffic to the CBS gaming website.

Apparently since the social platform accounts for half of the OnGamers website traffic, the tactic must have been working, but everything changed once the manipulation had been discovered.

OnGamers lost half of their traffic overnight ! Reddit has now employed at MINIMUM.. a year long ban and Mr. Breslau has been fired.

There are massive benefits to using Reddit when used properly and within their guidelines.

Like any other social platform, it's about contributions of information that is valuable to it's base and participation in the community. Attempts to game any system are short term benefits and always long term losses.

The best advice that I can give is to continue to use social media, but understand that it is still an asset that you don't control and you should spread your traffic generation strategies amongst "several" options and not just one as we have seen in this example. 

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