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Basement Level Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has accepted control over the world and is as of now one of the best techniques for bloggers to pick up pay and compensation.

This example has turned out to be exponentially expanded throughout the years and has found its way among various bloggers and webpage proprietors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best techniques that for all intensive purposes each blogger and person who has a webpage is using to obtain money through their online journals, blogs and websites.

Bloggers such Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and Shoutmeloud are generally using affiliate marketing as a way to deal with acquire cash from their website.

Basic Affiliate Marketing


In this article I will navigate you through the nuts and bolts of affiliate advertising and I will uncover to you why it is vital and how you can make money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To answer what is affiliate marketing, it is best explained to say that it's a type of marketing; even moreso it is the sort of showcasing that relies upon execution. In affiliate marketing, a business or any affiliation rewards affiliates for each customer and conversion through the affiliate link.

In this is kind of marketing, the individual by and large makes and keeps up a site that transfers an audit based substance of things, for example best phones, convenient workstations and such things that can be sold on the web.

The content on the site will have links called affiliate links to the thing for which the survey has been determined.

Once the pursuer peruses the substance and taps on the affiliate links and the deal is made, the blogger or the website proprietor will to get commission for that arrangement.

The salary range is straightforward in light of the quantity of clients you can draw in and coordinate towards your site and affiliate links.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to guarantee that the site is situated on the primary page of Google for the keyword phrase that is targeted.

Who can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone can start affiliate marketing, paying little mind to their age and their occupation. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Affiliate marketing focuses more on effort, strategy and experience and that is something you’ll gain over time in order to start making money.

Key data is also important in affiliate marketing and so are the strategies and approaches related with it.

Increased attention to learning beyond basic knowledge will empower you to strengthen your affiliate site and with the right frameworks you can get it on the principle page of Google for your keyword or product.

Steps that contribute on the path of your affiliate journey.

1. Discover a Niche

Finding a specialty or a scope of intrigue is especially basic for setting up and building an affiliate site. A specialty for your site will empower your site to emerge from the opposition.

You will moreover have the ability to give your whole focus on your site when you have a zone of your advantage.

2. Find an Affiliate Program

The next step is about finding an affiliate program for your website or affiliate site that suits you and your visitors. This will help lead you towards greater success in generating money as time goes on.

For example, if your strength is device audits, by then you should look for online business locales, for instance, Amazon and Flipkart.

Each time someone purchases any gadget from your site's affiliate connection; you will be paid a commission for that product.

3. Set up your Website

Once you’ve chosen your affiliate program and products you’ll need to start this step.

Since this is the most critical piece of procuring pay from affiliate marketing, this should be done slowly paying attention to details so that you don’t run into unnecessary issues.

There are numerous associations online that offer space when you consider where to start. Consider GoDaddy, Hostgator as good options and buy the one that suits you the best.

Once you’ve made a decision you should install Wordpress and start building from there which will bring you all that much closer to development of your affiliate site.

4. Compose Relevant Content

Composing content is another essential piece of an affiliate site.

When you have picked your specialty and made your site, you ought to compose content for your site with the relevant keywords to help your website rank in Google.

Composing content is particularly fundamental and you have to pay attention to the quality of the content that you’re putting on it.

Success Stories of Affiliate marketing

Although all major blogs make the majority of their income from affiliate marketing, some make even more by selling courses to their audience.

Selling your own product is hailed by some as the best way to go to make money from your website, but affiliate marketing is very readily available and makes sense for most to get into because it has been a proven way of making money from a website or affiliate blog.

Another example to point out is who make hundreds and thousands of dollars in affiliate income by recommending the best hosting to buy. The best part is that if you are able to sell more than 21+ hosting in a month, you will be eligible to get $125/sale as commission.

Similarly, people who promote Amazon like Tung Tran of or are also making a killing by easily earning in the range of $10,000-30000/month from affiliate marketing. Who knows how long it took for them to get to that level, but the point of mentioning them is to say that this is achievable. For some it might take them their first year to get there and for others it might be longer, but affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get into affiliate marketing only.

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at

Adsense Alternatives A Seriously Popping Kind Of Network 2017 2018

If you own a blog there’s one thing that unites blogs in just about every corner of the online arena. Every blog wants to make money. But how do you do it ? How does a blog make money online ?

Make Money Online With Google Adsense Alternatives Clickadu


I’ve written various pieces of content on this blog on how to make money online but so have many others on their respective blogs too. However, one thing that I haven’t really talked about is one well known method which is Google Adsense.

Even with that said, I’m not going to delve heavily into adsense today. I’m actually going to address a less known but good opportunity for those that are seeking out adsense alternatives.

While Google Adsense is a big player, there are many people that have done well and still own their accounts, have been banned by the Google Adsense network or simply may not have content that is eligible for the adsense program.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a number of other scenarios that exist too that I won’t even begin to get into, but this post is going to address the huge number of websites online that are always on the look out for an alternative to adsense that could help them to monetize their blogs and content.

Consider this.. what if you’re a blog that wants to monetize and Google Adsense says no to you ? What if you made a mistake and they closed the doors on you ? What do you do now ?

Well here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Skimlinks
  • Viglinks
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks

Amazon Associates is mentioned without question because of it’s sheer size, diversity and brand recognition. As with Google, when you monetize your blog with this name, people recognize it and are quite willing to make purchases. The only problem that I think many bloggers run into is that some are turned off by the low commission rates, but that discussion in particular is for another day.

Nevertheless, Amazon is still a very popular alternative to the Google Adsense program.

Skimlinks and viglinks are very similar but I wanted to list them here anyway because they are still very good methods to make money online with your blog and content. Both programs turn your external / outbound links into affiliate links. Pretty different from other adsense alternatives, but definitely changes the game to some degree. Make a sale, make a commission. That pretty much sums up these two programs in a nutshell.

Chitika is pretty similar to the adsense network in that it’s contextual based, but you do have traffic / pageview thresholds to meet to get into their program to get their better ads. Beyond that, the content and traffic you’re getting has to be higher quality too. They’ve been around for a while and are a bit picky about who they let in, but if you can get into their network, they are a great alternative to Google Adsense.

As for infolinks, these guys have been around for a while as well and they are very well known. However, I think the one thing that sets them apart from many other ad publishing companies is that they don’t care if you’re a new blog or a well established blog, they will allow you to use their platform. There’s no minimum on traffic but they do want quality, but I’m sure that’s to be expected no matter who you decide to run with in monetizing your blog or in how you make money online with your content.

With all of that said, the one that I really want to talk about today is Clickadu.

Clickadu Title Page Google Adsense Alternative Pop Under Ad Network


Here’s what I can tell you about them. They are a pop under advertising network. The nitty gritty about this network is that they aren’t a contextual based network in the way they serve ads and it’s a cost per mile network as well.

If you’ve ever seen CPM that’s what I’m referring to and that cost per mile pertains to what you’re paying for every 1000 impressions received whether or not your ad converts or not where it’s being shown.

Considering that there are millions of blogs that exist online, the type of content is far and wide as to what and who wants to monetize what they are publishing. Clickadu does serve up traditional and non-traditional ads so in full disclosure, understand that you may get ads that are mature and adult at times. I’d venture to say that this network is best suited for those websites that are struggling to get accepted into other ad networks. Clickadu will work with nearly any kind of traffic. So while I’ve mentioned that this will work best for blogs that have either been banned from adsense (depending on your content) or are struggling to get into other networks, NOTE that if you are indeed a blog that wants yet another method of monetizing your blog (in the event you already have an adsense account) and choose to run with Clickadu, this will potentially put your adsense account at risk as they are not compatible programs.

To be more straightforward in what I just said, don’t run this alongside Google Adsense.

With that said, once you’ve been approved to the Clickadu network, you’ll see a straightforward dashboard that will include access to statistics, your sites, average CPM and more. It’s all fairly standard. Be sure that you add your website to the sites and zones once you’ve logged in.

After you’ve added your website, you get some HTML code that you’ll have to add to your blog. Now of course this changes with the platform that you use, so if you’re not sure just Google how to add html code to your source code. This code will go after the html head tag of your website. This will authenticate and connect your blog to the Clickadu network.

Once this has been done successfully, you will receive an email from the Clickadu website simply stating that the verification of your website or blog has been done without any problems. Additionally, understand that you can leave the code in once your blog has been verified or you can remove it, but of course the caveat is that you must leave it in the blog code until the site authentication has been completed.

Clickadu Google Adsense Alternative Pop Under Ad Network Campaigns


Site authentication does not mean that you’ve been approved though. You will have to wait for a manual review of your blog and once that step has been completed by the Clickadu network then they will let you know by way of email if you’ve been approved or not. Upon receiving that email, you’ll get the final code that will start the ad serving process through their network to help you start to make money online with your website. 

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A Bona Fide Simply True Salehoo Review In E-commerce Online

So one thing that we haven’t really talked about is ecommerce. Today I want to provide you with a Salehoo review to give you some insight for those bloggers that are considering the option to sell physical products associated with their blog(s). Essentially exploring the possibility of transitioning or delving into developing an ecommerce website to generate revenue but are also struggling with the problem of finding products and suppliers which is basically the bread and butter of Salehoo.

With that said, let’s be brutally honest. If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you know I’m all about adding value to what you do and won’t share something with you if it’s going to be a waste of your time. Who wants to spend money when they don’t need to ?

Before I get into this review, understand that purchasing Salehoo depends on your level of experience with ecommerce, ecommerce platforms and an ecommerce website. Plain and simple, if you’re “new” to ecommerce, Salehoo makes a ton of sense. On the other hand, if you’re experienced and know your way around ecommerce, you don’t need Salehoo.

So to clarify even further and to help you avoid investing in a product you may not need, I will say this again.. if you’re a newbie to ecommerce, Salehoo is extremely helpful and the way to go to get your feet wet. Salehoo makes sense to me only for those individuals and bloggers that are new to ecommerce. Nevertheless.. without further delay, let me explain more about what it is. Oh and one more note, I won’t be covering this as in depth as I have with other products I’ve reviewed, but hopefully I would have provided enough information to help you make an informed decision by the conclusion of this post.

Salehoo is a wholesale supplier and product directory. They are an access point for information that (1) yes you can find online without their help, but (2) Salehoo consolidates all of the information for you so that you don’t have to waste endless hours online looking for products to sell or for suppliers that “most importantly” have already been vetted so you know you’re avoiding the pitfalls of doing business with the fake and scam suppliers that are out there. If there’s one commodity that we can never get back, that commodity is time and Salehoo will save you a lot of time searching elsewhere for the same information they have provided you with in the Salehoo website.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Homepage


When you join Salehoo for less than nineteen cents a day which will be $67 a year with their 60 day money back promise they offer you’ll be greeted with quick tour information to find suppliers and products.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Find Products


Once you see this screen, I personally think the easiest way to get going if you don’t already have a product in mind is to just browse the impressive Salehoo category inventory. Categories include physical products as seen in the following:

  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Baby Gear
  • Books & Magazines
  • Business & Industrial
  • Cameras & Photo
  • Cell Phones & PDA’s
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Computers & Software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • DVD’s & Movies
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Shoes & Fashion
  • Sporting Goods & Entertainment
  • Toys & Games
  • Travel & Outdoors
  • Video Gaming

Additionally, within each of these categories is a greater breakdown so things get even more specific. You should start thinking about what categories align well with what you blog about on your website that you think you might consider selling through your e-commerce website store either hosted on your own website or through other retail gateways like Ebay and Amazon ?

A Salehoo membership also gives you access to their Market Research Lab. In the following image (seen below), I’ll point out several important aspects of this to pay attention to.

  • You can filter by category.. that’s over 30 of them to drill down as you search for your product.
  • You can filter by success rate (how successful is this product at getting sold).
  • You can filter by average price.
  • You can filter by level of competition which is very important for finding the products that are basically your gems amongst the sea of products to choose from.
  • You can search for specific items in their search box
  • The email ideas is basically just an export tool connected to the filters you’ve set.

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Market Research Lab


As you can see, I’ve set my success rate at 80 percent.

I’ve set the average price of items I’m looking for between $110 to $210 and I’ve also set the competition level to low. There are several items that the Market Research Lab brought back from the filters I set but you get the picture for item ideas that Salehoo can generate for you with real data that you can use to gauge your decision as to whether you want to contact suppliers so that you can resell these items for profit within your own ecommerce stores.

Let’s take a break for a minute and get to one real issue that is the heart of the matter for many. Regardless of the ecommerce platforms you may consider, starting an ecommerce website or store sounds great but you’re thinking that you don’t know the first thing about starting one right ? Well first thing is first. I have said this before to the point of harping on this fact. At some point you’ve got to stop reading and just simply take action and not be afraid of making mistakes. Understand that you won’t be perfect out of the gate and once you are okay with that reality then I think you’ll be well on your way to being successful even though this is something that is completely new to you.

Within your blog you’re already talking about products, however being able to buy them at wholesale and ship them to people on your mailing list or people that visit your website provides an entirely new revenue stream which is plain awesome whether you’re selling through an Ebay gateway, Amazon or directly through your own website.

Salehoo even provides additional complimentary information on the following topics to further enhance and support your success in ecommerce in the following topics:

  • Ebay selling
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Importing / Shipping
  • Product Sourcing
  • Business Setup
  • Your website & How to get buyers to it
  • How to Resell online the right way

All of this information is provided in addition to complementing their wealth of resources with their own forum and blog that is also very insightful and helpful too.

Another added benefit in this review of Salehoo and what it means to have a membership with them is the reality that when you know what you want to sell, you don’t have to go out on your own looking for suppliers. Salehoo has already done all the heavy lifting here by ensuring through their own quality standards process (their own proprietary verification process) that you are dealing with authentic suppliers that have already been vetted by Salehoo itself. More in depth information can be found within their forum about the suppliers associated with them too. Salehoo even adds to their transparency but showing you how active they are in listing their most recently added suppliers on their homepage (as seen below) before you purchase a membership. The Salehoo membership is the least expensive that you will find amongst it’s competitors that provide similar information for 3x’s what Salehoo charges (pretty incredible but it’s true) !

Salehoo Review For Emerging Ecommerce Website Bloggers Recent Suppliers


The last point that I will make is that maybe you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to get all the information on Salehoo and then be turned off because you’ll have to start your ecommerce somewhere else. While it was not covered in this Salehoo review, please understand that Salehoo also provides access and features to be able to create an ecommerce store within their website as well. While it is a separate fee schedule, everything that you need from products, to research, to supplier information to creating the store is all consolidated into one nice package all within the Salehoo website and your membership.

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