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Youtube RSS Feeds Going Down Down Down

Youtube RSS feeds


That's right, you heard it.. the ship is going down ! Now why would Youtube shut down it's RSS feed ? Who knows... RSS feeds are great for anyone that doesn't want to hassle with going to the website to access and manage a lot of updates and information from their favorite websites

. RSS readers allow you to subscribe to a feed and everytime there's an update, you can simply read it on your feed. As for the mindset behind this move, again that's anyone's guess, but from an outsider looking in, I don't see the benefit.

This change happened a few days ago and what the Youtube feed allowed people to do was take "anyone's" Youtube account and add it to their reader which added a LOT of convenience to follow your favorite Youtuber's. Now don't get me wrong... you can still keep up with any user you want to on Youtube, but you'll have to do it manually from now on.. bummer right, until they come up with another solution for this change that has recently taken place.

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Yahoo Mobile Search Engine Idea

Interestingly enough Apple and Google aren't BFF's, so all things considered, Apple might be open to taking a semi serious look at Yahoo. While Yahoo really doesn't do much in the way of search since the Yahoo Bing alliance took place and isn't allowed quite frankly due to the nature of their deal, they are however able to look into search within apps as there is no effective way to do it at the moment. Interesting concept ?? You bet it is and I'm intrigued about what could be coming in the future with respect to a possible mobile or app search engine so to speak.

Yahoo mobile search engine


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