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Bloggers get asked questions all the time. So I've come up with interesting interview questions to ask bloggers that you may be scouting for an interview for additional content to add to your next blog post. These questions cover an array of conversation topics that will help you to keep the conversation going. Feel free to use these questions at will and adjust them for your own interview purposes. I may add another section to this post or just add to this original post in the future as more questions come to mind or are posted in the comments section from visitors that suggest questions that should be added to this page.

With that said, these are the interview questions for your next blogger interview:

When did you start blogging professionally ?

Did you have any expectations (short term, long term, financially) when you started blogging ? If so, what were those expectations ?

How did you choose the niche(s) that you have chosen to blog in ?

Have you always blogged about the same content that you blog about today ?

In your opinion, is it better to blog about something that you know personally that has low search volume or blog about a topic that you would have to research that has high search volume ?  

Have you always blogged on your current domain ?

Do you have other blogs that you run and if so, what are they and what are they about ?

How important is keyword research in what you do as a blogger ?

There is a lot of talk about Long Tail Pro as the premier keyword tool online for SEO’s and bloggers. Is this something that you use personally, would you recommend it and what are your thoughts about it ?

What are some blogging myths that you don’t believe are true ?

How long did it take before you started to see 1000 visitors a month ?

When do you feel is the right time to monetize a blog ?

People used to be able to write short 300 word articles and rank well for high traffic keywords. How long should content be in today’s world of blogging ?

Do you have a blogger toolbox and if so, what is your favorite tool ?

As a blogger, have you ever been part of a joint venture or other partnership ? If so, what was the most memorable thing about that JV or partnership and what advice would you give in regards to participating in a partnership ?

What’s the biggest make that you’ve made blogging that you’re comfortable disclosing and what advice would you give to other bloggers so that they could avoid it ?

How do you feel about giving away free products or running contests on a blog to get more email subscribers ?

In your opinion, do you think people pay attention to free ebook giveaways anymore ?

How many social channels do you think a blogger should have accounts on ?

Do you think that there is such a thing as whitehat link building ?

How would you explain in your own words what blackhat SEO really is ?

How would you rate your own blog on a scale of 1 to 10 and why would you rate it that way ?

Do you outsource anything in regards to your blog ?

I’ve heard the comment many times in professional circles online, that “it’s in the list”. What does that comment mean to you ?

How long does it really take on average for a blog to become successful online ?

How long on average does it take for you to write a blog post from concept to publication ?

I’ve seen blogs that have been around for 5 years or more that barely generate 2000 visitors a month. How would you explain that ?

How important do you think Google will be in the future of blogging ?

What’s the best hosting company that you’ve worked with and why ?

Would you recommend that a new blogger buy a fresh domain or buy an expired one and why would you make that recommendation ?

As a blogger do you do much competitive research ? What are your thoughts on competitive research and if you were to recommend a competitive research company, which one would you speak highly of ?

Can you explain why people place so much importance on tracking their keyword SERPS ?

One thing about blogging is having the ability to find your voice since there are millions of other blogs out there to compete with. How did you find “your voice” or your style of blogging for your blog ?

Do you set goals each year for what you want to do with your blog ?

Links are important for any blog. How do you go about getting links for your blog ?

Have you ever used a link indexer ? What do you think about those kinds of services ?

Interview Questions For Bloggers So Ask Questions


Bounce rate is one of Google’s algorithm signals that tells them whether people are engaged on a blog. What do you do to keep your bounce rate low and manageable ?

Coming up with new content often is hard for any blogger. With that said, how do you find new source of content for your blog and where do you find inspiration for your blog posts ?

Do you think there’s any advantage to running a blog in more than one language ? If so, what are those advantages ?

One of the most commonly asked questions online for people that are considering a future in blogging is whether it’s possible to make a full time income blogging. What are your thoughts about this ?

How important is Facebook to you in your blog marketing and blog promotion efforts and do you think that it’s absolutely critical for a blogger to have a Facebook page ?

Podcasting seems to be the new trend in blogging. How do you feel about podcasting and would you recommend that this is something that new bloggers interested in blogging get into right away ?

I realize that a blog audience is very important to any blogger, but after you establish an audience how do you maintain it ? Additionally, what are some of the top ways that you connect with your audience to keep them coming back to your blog ?

Imagery is vital for blogs. Do you create your own images or do you use them from the web giving credit back to the original source ?

While using images in your content, do you recommend using alt text in images that you use in your blog posts ? If so, why ?

Do you have any ideas on how you would address the growing spam comments problem that are more widely seen on Wordpress than any other CMS platform ?

How important do you think it is for a blogger to have a Youtube channel and to produce videos on Youtube as well ?

People can buy SEO services on Fiverr and other SEO forums online. Do you think that this is a practice that should continue and how does this affect the SEO industry overall ?

If a blogger were to try to monetize their blog through direct services, what are some direct services that you would recommend to new and experience bloggers reading this interview ?

If you were to advise a new blogger that is entering a niche where they'd be amongst heavy competition, what would you recommend to that new blogger to be able to compete with their competition ?

Page Rank used to be an important metric for many SEO's. Now SEO's and bloggers pay attention to domain authority and page authority. Do you think these metrics matter in the overall scheme of things in terms of outranking the competition ?

I hope that you've found some of these questions to truly be thought provoking and helpful for your blogger interview. Hopefully, the insight that you acquire in asking these questions will be helpful for you and be productive in moving the conversation along as you talk to bloggers of interest to you as you put your next interview post together.

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