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Extra Extra The Truly Quick Podcast Ideas Post

If you've got a podcast, keeping a constant flow of podcast ideas is something that will eventually be something you'll have to confront. Starting out strong is the easy part. Having a stead stream of podcast ideas is not so easy, but I've compiled a list of quick ideas that are sure to help.

Podcast Ideas And Blog Topic Ideas For Content


  1. Talk about the cheap and inexpensive advertising options within your industry
  2. Talk about the incredible [fill in the blank]
  3. Talk about insider information to [fill in the blank]
  4. Engage with your listeners about how to expose [fill in the blank]
  5. Have a what's off limits discussion about your industry with your audience
  6. Talk about surprising or hard to be believe data and statistics about [fill in the blank]
  7. Be honest about [fill in the blank]
  8. Have an on air interview with [fill in the blank]
  9. Have a Q&A session about [fill in the blank]
  10. To about the essential [fill in the blank] to success with [fill in the blank]
  11. Talk about the things you hate about [fill in the blank]
  12. Talk about the latest revelations in [fill in the blank]
  13. Talk about the easiest ways to kickstart [fill in the blank]
  14. Talk about the most difficult things you’ve overcome in [fill in the blank]
  15. Discuss all the possible ways to promote [fill in the blank]
  16. Talk about the easiest unknown solution to [fill in the blank]
  17. Talk about a new trend in [fill in the blank]
  18. Talk about how to avoid sabotaging your own personal success with [fill in the blank]
  19. Talk about the worst possible strategy to use in [fill in the blank]
  20. Here are the top [fill in the blank] ways to [fill in the blank]
  21. Talk about how to recreate [fill in the blank]
  22. Talk about the best rules to follow on [fill in the blank]
  23. Talk about the psychological warfare in [fill in the blank]
  24. Talk about how to get consumers to [fill in the blank]
  25. Talk about how to reach people that are [fill in the blank]
  26. Talk about the tricks to [fill in the blank]
  27. Talk about going from no traffic to [fill in the blank]
  28. Talk about Google [fill in the blank]
  29. Have a session that compares Google [fill in the blank] to [fill in the blank]
  30. Lay out a detailed plan or steps to build [fill in the blank]
  31. Talk about how hard it is to struggle to do [fill in the blank]
  32. Take any of these topics and make a 3 to 5 day podcast series out of it
  33. Do a feedback podcast on [fill in the blank]
  34. Podcast about someone else’s podcast
  35. Buy something crazy at the store and talk about it [remember the chewbacca mom]
  36. Go to Quora, take a few questions and talk about them on your podcast
  37. Make the comparison between the wild wild west way of doing things in [fill in the blank] and the more modern way to do [fill in the blank]
  38. Talk about all things you don’t get about [fill in the blank]
  39. Talk about all the empty promises in [fill in the blank]
  40. Make a comparison between the myths and truths in [fill in the blank]
  41. Do a session on tips and tricks about [fill in the blank]
  42. Host a beginners guide session on [fill in the blank]
  43. Host a session on the best places to find free [fill in the blank]
  44. Talk about why people don’t [fill in the blank]
  45. Have an in depth conversation about the pros and cons of advertising fees for [fill in the blank]
  46. Talk about the worst habits beginners have in [fill in the blank]
  47. Talk about how many times a day you should [fill in the blank]
  48. Discuss how to make [fill in the blank] per month
  49. Talk about the future of [fill in the blank]
  50. Give your insight about Wordpress plugins that [fill in the blank]
  51. Talk about how ads hurt [fill in the blank]
  52. Talk about why buying followers [fill in the blank]
  53. Discuss how to quickly [fill in the blank]
  54. Talk about why people buy [fill in the blank]
  55. Have a conversation about how to embed [fill in the blank]
  56. Talk about how to use Facebook to [fill in the blank]
  57. Discuss the best strategies for [fill in the blank]
  58. Tell everyone the best items that [fill in the blank]
  59. Talk about the safest way to [fill in the blank]
  60. Talk about the different roles that people play in [fill in the blank]
  61. Talk about how much time you spend [fill in the blank]
  62. Talk about how important it is to [fill in the blank]
  63. Have a conversation about your favorite [fill in the blank]
  64. Talk about the best books you’ve read about [fill in the blank]
  65. Talk about how email increases [fill in the blank]
  66. Talk about 60 minutes to [fill in the blank]
  67. Talk about the worst recommendations for [fill in the blank]
  68. Discuss the best printables for [fill in the blank]
  69. Talk about controversy dealing with [fill in the blank]
  70. Visit other blogs and talk about what you agree or disagree about
  71. Discuss the do’s and don’ts of [fill in the blank]
  72. Talk about the best way to upgrade your [fill in the blank]
  73. Discuss the best way to coach other bloggers in [fill in the blank]
  74. Engage your listeners on how to detect problems with [fill in the blank]
  75. Compare the differences between [fill in the blank]
  76. Talk about how to develop products and negotiate [fill in the blank]
  77. Discuss how to organize [fill in the blank]
  78. Talk about tested methods that [fill in the blank]
  79. Host a show about how to answer [fill in the blank]
  80. On imagery, discuss the best places to find [fill in the blank]
  81. Talk about all the ways you can supply your [fill in the blank]
  82. Talk about how you discovered how to revitalize [fill in the blank]
  83. Discuss how you modified your [fill in the blank] to improve [fill in the blank]
  84. Talk about how to solve [fill in the blank]
  85. Discuss the best ways to collect [fill in the blank]
  86. Talk about the easiest way to setup [fill in the blank]
  87. Talk about how to resolve basic [fill in the blank]
  88. Talk about the 10 ways you helped another blogger to [fill in the blank]
  89. Talk about the best way to being guest blogging for [fill in the blank]
  90. Talk about the best places online to do competitive research for [fill in the blank]
  91. Talk about how you’ve transformed [fill in the blank]
  92. Discuss the best and worst blog comments that have [fill in the blank]
  93. Discuss reviewing [fill in the blank]
  94. Talk about the best influences for bloggers that blog about [fill in the blank]
  95. Talk about your sources to find people to develop products for [fill in the blank]
  96. Talk about the best strategies for hiring [fill in the blank] for your blog
  97. Discuss how you were the first to champion [fill in the blank]
  98. Talk about how to celebrate [fill in the blank] on your blog
  99. Talk about how to exceed content goals by [fill in the blank]
  100. Talk about what to do, what to say and what to ask when connecting with influencers in your niche.

With that said, I hope that you've found this list helpful and if you've got some other prompts that you think should be added to list, make sure to add a comment and you might just see your idea added to this post.

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