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Briefly On Whitehat SEO

Have you ever heard the phrase White Hat SEO doesn't work ? I'm sure you've also heard a few things about Black Hat SEO too. The interesting thing that I have come to realize even though I have also spoken out on this subject (e.g. whitehat and blackhat seo) on my blog, is that you're a better whitehat SEO if you're familiar with how blackhat SEO works. Now before you get a little restless about that statement let me tell you why in a few short phrases on getting penalized that I'd like you to consider as food for thought...

  • When you build enough bad links and get penalized you start to understand what NOT to do
  • When you duplicate content and get penalized you learn that original content carries the most benefit
  • When you automate your link building and get penalized you learn that manual link building allows for greater control over where your links come from

SEO Okay Now I Get It


Simply put you can't understand the good until you've understood the bad. I have said that blackhat SEO is short term gains and long term losses and I'm not changing my stance on that because I still feel strongly that it's an accurate statement. However, for those that think that whitehat SEO is a longer road with fewer benefits, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Nevertheless, this isn't about delving into the inner workings of blackhat SEO. I want to chat about the reality that whitehat SEO is a far better option than any other hat and provide some tips on how to get your whitehat process started with the right ingredients too.

Whitehat SEO

Whitehat SEO truly is about content "to a degree" but yet not solely focused on content either. If you're going to do whitehat SEO right, you're going to have to do more than just post informative content. Link building is still a big part of the strategy whether you're talking whitehat or blackhat. Posting content as I'm sure you may have heard is only part of the process.

In my case, the first thing that I do after posting a new post is go out and get links and shares. As SEO has changed so has the importance and devaluation of different types of links. With that said, all I'm saying is that some links have more value over others. You might respond with, yeah.. so what else is new, but the reality is that half the time we already have the information, we just haven't done anything to act on it. So yes, maybe you already know that, but what are you doing with that knowledge ?

I wrote a blog post on how to get your blog or website promoted. How To Get Your Blog Noticed. Utilizing the websites in that post will help you to generate links immediately. One of my destinations of choice is Onlywire because of it's plug and play automation. It does a lot of heavy lifting so I don't have to. Once you're set up, publish your post and Onlywire does the rest for you from reputable social sharing websites. With that said, with respect to whitehat SEO, no matter how good your content is and I know I'm going to sound like a broken record when I say this... you can't do this without links.. quality links.

Whitehat Quality Links

SEO High Quality Link Building


Acquiring quality links may seem like a daunting task, but it's not really as hard as you may think. If you've ever written a press release or had one written for you, they are a very quick way and SEO friendly way of getting quality and authority at the same time. As long as it's news worthy, websites that report news including some big editorial names can pick up your release and with each website it's placed on, a new link gets credited to your website. Directory submissions is another way to achieve this, but many directories today in all honesty are just garbage so it does take a bit more time to find the ones that are worth your time. Among the ones that I would recommend at the time of writing this post are the following:

Zeef, is different in many ways in it's featureset from their stance on the use of affiliate links to their process of setting up your pages. It's unique and it's a win-win. A different kind of directory but one worthy of mention here. You can also find my Zeef review in a blog post located here: Zeef Review. My recommendations also come from personal experience with each website. However, with that said, for each submission that is approved, you also get credit for another quality link that can lead to additional traffic and links when your website is mentioned on someone else's page.

The next suggestion that I will make isn't new, but it's getting mentioned because while you've heard of it, not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet because building them takes some elbow grease and work. Infographics are great for building quality links because they are extremely shareable. People are always looking for one that's well put together that aligns well with their content. I'm guilty of engaging in this practice too. Nevertheless, if you're the creator this has the potential to bring in many quality links to your website.

Additionally, I read a post today about the fear people have around using private blog networks. At this point, I think it goes beyond fear. Lets just call it what it is.. it's common sense to "stay away" from them. When the big G is on the loose looking for them, that's usually a pretty good sign that's not something you want to touch with a 10 foot pole. Quick traffic, quick links that are unrelated to your niche, PBN's, spinning articles, overuse of keywords, paid links (particularly those where it's obvious that several other people paid to be on the same page as well) are all behaviors that should avoided if you're trying to acquire quality links.

Needless to say... whitehat SEO does take longer and yes, it requires more patience and discipline to stay away from the "quick" ranking solutions that are typically riddled with painful experiences and hard lessons, wish I hadn't done that type of thinking that creeps into your mind. However, the mindset must be that you're building a business. That "process" is not something that takes place overnight. The building process is tiring, it's frustrating, it's slow but very insightful because you're learning, which is extremely important as you build your product, your business and your brand.

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