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How Do They Do It ?

All of my competitors are ranking. They're reaping in tons of traffic. What's their strategy ? Their blog is pretty new and they're making it look easy. I want the same kind of success. I read online that I should just reverse engineer how they're getting it done. Hmmm... now there's a thought right ? So I decide to go for it and in no time at all, I'm seeing my rankings go up and my traffic has doubled now that I've got the same links my competition has too. Woo hoo.. success !


Is this a strategy that has crossed your mind ? Have you seen websites rank very quickly and wonder how they did it ? Are you so desperate for traffic that you would even consider blackhat methods ? Is building your presence online coming along just too freakin' slow for you ? If you're feeling this way or have felt this way, don't worry you're not alone I assure you.


Desperation for traffic leads to poor decisions. Desperation to be seen and have the same status as your competitors that are doing much better leads to considering options that are best left alone. However, be that as it may, unfortunately these decisions are made anyway by more than just a few. We all want traffic and we want that Google love and we do what it takes to get it with the mindset that I'll deal with the consequences later. It's that "want it now" and "want it fast" kind of attitude that destroys the empires we're trying to build.

As a fellow blogger, I can tell you first hand that blogging is a patient sport. The success isn't measured by who does it the fastest. You'll find success in realizing that this is not a sprint.. it's a marathon and this is going to take time. As part of the blogging process.. getting yourself seen online.. building links.. all of this takes time too. Desperation, my friend, is indeed the enemy.


The temptation to build fast is always there. You may have seen several link advertisements proudly stating that you can buy thousands of links for very small sums of money. My ohh my.. what a deal, what a deal !

It's no secret that no matter how much Google tries to throw us off in terms of what really matters to it's algorithm as far as what we have to do in order to rank our websites.. links as you've read and as you've been told is the name of the game. Those with more usually win. Of course in the past, you could buy links in droves regardless of their quality and still rank for any number of keywords. To many.. those were the golden days. However, those were also the days where relevance wasn't nearly as important as it is today.

Granted that as the owner of any website or blog, it's yours and you're free to do whatever you want. However buying links that from all accounts has been deemed unwise when you come to realize that better than 95% of the time will likely be links that aren't targeted and will eventually become destinations from domains that ultimately damage your link profile. Without question, more strategic thinking and processes are paramount to sustain what belongs to you.

The Bitter End

The misery that is sure to follow in pursuing the dark alleys and undergrounds where links come cheap and fast is not one to pursue regardless of what promises or assurances of avoiding penalties have been conveyed to you in a fancy colorful sales thread. Even if it's not a direct page link, it still has to at minimum appear more natural or simply just be natural with respect to your link profile. 

Consider a website like Postjoint.. a popular website many bloggers have used that assured it's members that the links they were building through their PBN (private blog network) were completely safe ultimately received a Google penalty and so did members that had utilized the network. Misery for the sake of getting exposure and links. It's just not worth it.

Here's another website that deserves some discussion as well. is an upvoting and downvoting website that is being used by a lot of bloggers too. It supposedly serves many purposes for bloggers and internet marketers. However, the major benefit of their system is the ability to earn rewards and cash. Rewards for everything that you do. All activity on Kingged earns points towards discounts on marketing products. Interestingly enough, you can even get paid via Paypal for your commenting activity. Category rewards include some of the following:

Most Valuable Commenter, Top Commenter, Random Winner and Wild Card Winner..

Superficially, this seems like a great idea, but if we're sticking to the letter of the law in Google land.. getting paid in connection to "commenting activity" that helps to promote websites and content.. hmmm.. doesn't seem natural to me at all and appears to be highly motivated not by sincere interest to add value, but to simply make fast cash.

Now I'm not a fortune teller, but I see the writing on the wall with this one. People engaging in this practice are primed for a potential Google slap down the road. Now let me disclose.. I have no affiliation with Google and I don't know for sure that this will happen at all. However, in looking at many different schemes that have come across the Google landscape over the years, this is yet another one that is going to get the big G's attention soon enough assuming it hasn't already.

I have nothing against or Postjoint, but for the sake of fellow bloggers, the purpose behind this post is to encourage you to be patient and follow a steady and natural method to building up your presence online. The buzzwords these days are "content marketing" and "content". Add valuable content and good things will come to pass. We embrace the reality that everyone wants it faster and they want it now, but that mindset cannot be applied to "everything" that we do. Sometimes in order to go fast, you truly do have to do it slow. Such is the case with blogging. So avoid the temptation to link to places that may eventually become bad neighborhoods, focus more on your content and in the end maybe, just maybe.. you'll earn that best friend forever (BFF) title in the eyes of Google.

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