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The Best Free Blogging Websites And Blogging Platforms


Ever wondered where to blog ? Is it really true that anyone can start a blog. I want to talk about some of the best blog sites (free of course) and blogging platforms that will help you achieve that. Not all of these are created equally, and without question there are pros and cons to each one, but they are certainly good places to start in the blogosphere as one ponders among all the choices online where the best place to start a blog really is.

Interestingly enough, the days of having to painstakingly code with HTML are long gone. Even now with CSS, which we all love but don't really care to want to know how to write all the code behind the scenes of it. CSS is something that is embedded within any website worth it's salt now through very appealing templates that are available just about anywhere online.

Beyond that, the truth is no one wants to write code as the majority of us just want to point, click, drag and call it a day. For the more advanced crowd, however.. code is still fairly appealing even if it isn't for the rest of us and that's okay. Another truth is that we all love a good freebie. With that said, in all truths.. you really can start blogging with free blog sites that offer free blogging platforms as well.

While we dive into the top blogging platforms which can easily translate into any of these being a best blogging platform to make money on too, these platforms all have some of the best blog software out there to date that contribute to making them the best blog sites to use in anyone’s pursuit of the best place to blog.

Among the most notably and well known free most popular blog sites (best blog hosting included depending on which version you choose) is Wordpress: (possibly the easiest blogging platform available, but that depends on who you ask)

Fun fact: Many famous blog sites online are made with Wordpress. It may not answer the question of what is the best blogging platform but informational tidbits like that are certainly worth taking note of. Additionally, Wordpress is one of the best blog sites for beginners too.


So what is there to love about Wordpress anyway ? It’s among the best blog hosting sites around. It’s known as a free blog site.. if it's popular that means that a lot of people are using it. That's great because it means that you're going to get the support you need if you need it. As a byproduct of it's popularity, you can be assured that this isn't a blogging platform that's just been "thrown together" for lack of a better way of saying it. You're getting access to what is considered a best blogging platform with support that will give you a space to share your passion with the world. Wordpress is also highly flexible and customizable. You can establish a blog that fits your personality and your message better on this platform than many other free top blog sites. It truly still remains in the minds of many the best site to start a blog.

The Wordpress Blogging Platform


Wordpress has been known to be very user friendly "at times" and very "unfriendly" at times too. The free version is by far more friendly than the self hosted version. However, the free version limits you on what you can do while the self hosted version removes a ton of restrictions and gives you far more flexibility but in the same vain becomes far more unfriendly too. Your technical expertise can mean all the difference in the world if you opt for the self hosted solution, but as I've already stated... the free version is far more user friendly and will be a great option for most.

Final thoughts… Wordpress still remains:

  • the best website to start a blog

  • amongst all the competition is still considered the best platform to start a blog and the best self hosted blogging platform

  • content writers seeking a best blog for pictures

  • content writers seeking a best blog platform for writers

  • still works quite well as a tech blog platform and best blog service in that space


Tumblr is definitely in the top 10 blog sites discussion of free best blog websites to start a blog offering an array of blog services amongst blog creation sites. It’s also considered a simple blogging platform. If you're like most people, the idea of spending hours to develop a blog post probably doesn't sound like something that'll make you jump for joy, however Tumblr is a micro blogging platform which means your posts can be much smaller.. visualize less than 200 characters to complete your post which adds to it’s appeal amongst best blogs and blog writing sites. With respect to free blog platforms & this one in particular, most people that use it only blog in short brief posts. Tumblr is also known as a visual blogging platform (also considered a best free blogging platform) so the use of imagery while you blog is highly encouraged. This activity will lead to more eyes on your posts and more followers that will want to keep up with your blog and it's content.

Brands, big and small all use Tumblr. It's a heavy traffic website that boasts millions of views per day which ultimately means access to a large audience. Users can also "reblog" which means greater reach amongst Tumblr users. Additionally, this platform allows you to post quotes, images, links, audio and text to any post you compose. One final area of note for those considering this free blog site is that sharing your content to your other social profiles is very easy to do. With that said, you should understand that blogging on Tumblr, like any other blogging platform requires work (even if it’s considered by some as one of many easy blog sites), attention and patience to keep your audience engaged and coming back to view your new posts.

Final thoughts.. Tumblr still remains:

  • one of the best free blog sites for artists

  • an amazing space for popular personal blog sites

  • still considered a top tier in the most popular blogging platforms discussion

  • in the way of getting started, Tumblr remains among the easiest blog site platform to start a blog

  • still a great option in the popular free blogs market availability


Ghost is the new kid on the block, but the coolest thing about Ghost is that it's "truly" just about blogging and being a premier blogging platform. Ghost is not about CMS (content management systems) or focusing on websites in general. There aren't a ton of bells and whistles but it's simple and it's just a nice pretty package all in one which is wonderful if you're someone that just wants to focus on writing and not much else.

It's somewhat similar to Wordpress so with that said it's a good alternative to it. There are free and premium themes and the setup from start to actually blogging can be done in minutes. Ghost is fully responsive even in the editing mode as well. Ghost just works and the community is growing at a rapid pace as it's been highlighted by some notably big names... Wired, Forbes, Mashable, Problogger and Techcrunch to name a few.

Final thoughts.. Ghost still remains:

  • a great alternative to the best site to start a blog

  • considered top tier with respect to online blog sites and among a best place to build a blog on

  • a great alternative to Wordpress as you consider which blog to use or weigh which sites to blog on for your blogging purposes

  • considered in the discussion of modern blogging platforms that are utilized to compose and deliver content

The Medium Website Blogging Platform



Among the best free blog sites that you can find online is Medium. This one is still getting discovered even though it already has an incredible audience associated with it. This is more of a traditional type of blogging platform and unique in it's own right. Discovered by the owner of Twitter you can easily associate your Twitter account with your account on Medium. This is a great option for someone that doesn't want to invest a lot of time into managing a personal blog but wants to get some exposure for random topics they want to write about online. With the audience that Medium has, this is a perfect solution for anyone that falls into that mindset.

Medium is a platform that is truly dedicated to content, doesn't require large followings for massive exposure and no complicated widgets or plugins to install. It might be a bit more barebone than other free blog site options, but that in itself is what sets it apart from other blogging platforms that appeal to all who use it.

Final thoughts.. Medium still remains:

  • one of those good sites to blog on especially if you want to try something new

  • one of those good blogs to use if you want to try an up and coming platform with loads of potential

  • quickly becoming known as one of the best as a blog website builder and place to develop great blog websites

  • in the discussion as one of the more popular blog websites for anyone wanting to start a blog today

  • among the best blog sites for writers who want to develop content without all the frills

Blogger (Blogspot)

The next free blog site that is very well known is Blogger also known as Blogspot. Blogger has been around for a "long" time. Some may even say it's the largest competitor to Wordpress, but there are those who would certainly disagree with that too.

One of the standout features of this blogging platform is the seamless integration of Google Adsense into your blog. This integration comes so naturally due to the Google acquisition that took place in 2003. Nevertheless, while you will find that I don't necessarily recommend it... if you're that individual that is headstrong about monetizing from day one, you can integrate your Adsense code right away from within the setup options.

What you may not like about Blogspot is that it's not a blogging platform where you'd want to host your business website as opposed to considering self hosted options, but alternatively it truly is considered by some.. the best website to host a blog on. Like the other good blog sites I've mentioned on this page, there is no coding experience required and you can point, click and drag your way to blog perfection.

Final thoughts.. Blogger/Blogspot still remains:

  • one of the oldest and best blog making sites

  • among the best free blog hosting sites that are still around today for new and aspiring bloggers

  • where many popular blog websites are still being developed

With that said, your experiences may tell a different story as far as what you believe the best free blog sites and blogging platforms are, but these are certainly worthy of mention in any top 5 or top 10 discussion on the subject.

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