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Content Marketing Future


Content Marketing Is The Future

Many would argue that content marketing is the future of just about anything that pertains to customers, information and products. I would argue that content marketing has been the future long before anyone coined it's term. Content has always been a driving force for the marketer, website owner or entrepreneur that has attempted to succeed online. Why ? Because people are after something useful. It doesn't matter whether they are visiting a local business, going to the store to pick up a newspaper or browsing SERP results in their favorite search engine. Search online is driven by content and content that is useful speaks volumes to the consumer. Getting useful content in front of the masses is why millions if not more are spent daily to achieve this critical goal.

Competition to been seen online is fierce with billions of webpages fighting for the top spot. Incorporating link building, social media, marketing elements and more into content marketing can also be a frustrating path to walk. The constant creation of content can become a very daunting and overwhelming task without any guidance leaving the big question on the table.. what do I do ?

Exploring content marketing strategies and the mistakes that are often made can improve the effectiveness of how content is marketed by aligning yourself with what works and staying far removed  from decisions that can drown the work you're trying to do.

So lets ask a silly question.. have you ever heard of Pinterest ? Well of course you have. The next question may not be so familiar.. Have you ever heard of re-purposed content ? Even if you have, is this something that you've done yourself ? Do you have any experience re-purposing content ? In it's simplest form this means to reuse your content in a different way or to take existing information and provide it in a different format for targeted audiences.

Content Marketing Examples

Pinterest Content Marketing


If we consider Pinterest for example...

Creating boards that represent existing information. So if your blog is about how to fix cars. Creating a board about fixing cars that have photos of steps that you would take to fix cars would be an example of re-purposing that content. The information is no longer presented in a textual format. The information is now presented in a visual format. Turning informational text that may be on your blog about fixing cars into an infographic is a very practical example of this. Visual content is very popular and very shareable and is a sensible avenue to explore with respect to re-purposing existing content.

Another consideration are the tools that you already use for your blog for example...

I have talked about products that I felt would be beneficial to my readership. Hold Your Hand Step By Step Website Creation Product Review. Having had personal experience with this product, I chose to review it. Taking existing experiences and turning them into useful content is yet another method of what is to re-purpose information. What is it that you use in creating content that may be a useful product that your readers may also benefit from ?

You may also want to consider "lists" for example...

Content Marketing Lists


How often have you seen lists on a blog, re-purposed into infographics, into videos, or laid out in e-books ? Everyone loves a good list. In fact there are websites that have been constructed for the sole purpose of list sharing. While I am also guilty of list consumption, what is it about a list that attracts so much attention ? Lists are a consolidation of information. Lists aren't nearly as wordy or long winded as the more expanded version(s) of the information. Lists are easy to digest, they are concise and tend to give the reader what they are looking for much faster. All these things and more surely add to their overall appeal. As old as lists are, lists continue to be a very effective way to deliver information and re-purposing lists heighten their effectiveness, appeal and overall shareability.

Content Marketing Mistakes

On the other hand.. to consider the silly mistakes that are made in content marketing, what should you really steer clear of in this arena ?

If I didn't find it so annoying I'd use bold capital letters to get this one across. Trust me, I won't do that to you, but in all honesty, this one is easy.. use media folks. Pictures, videos, podcasts, audio, animation... Items to grab the readers attention. People don't respond to words alone, but when you spice them up you get a completely different response, interestingly enough. With that said, while I haven't used it on my own blog yet, Wordswag.. a fairly new iPhone app allows you to jazz up your words taking them from boring to fun in just a few steps. I've used this myself and it's very easy. It's a great tool to use for quick image creation. Now surely, you don't want to overwhelm the reader with media overload, but strategically incorporated into your content, this move alone can set you apart from other destinations online where that individual is getting content from and possibly make you their first resource instead of someone much farther down on their list of go-to-places on the web. 

Content Marketing Mistakes


Another mistake that deserves mention and one that you'll hear me talk about over and over again is the lack of keyword research that content creators fail to do. The idea behind content marketing and content creation is to get what you write about in front of interested parties. Those interested parties are your "targeted" market. These are the people that want to read what you write about. The challenge is tapping into your particular group of eager, interested readers. Nevertheless, I can assure you with 110% certainty that you're not going to accomplish this "accidentally". Keyword research and content marketing go hand in hand and in order to leverage your content marketing efforts, keyword research has to be an embedded part of the process.

Needless to say, there are many more tips to share and specific items to discuss on the matter of things you shouldn't do in content marketing that will come to light as my blogging continues in the future. However, for now, the most important message to internalize from this is that content marketing isn't going anywhere and this is what we have to look forward to in our future. More usefulness in the content that is created and shared and a greater emphasis placed on information that carries a meaningful benefit to others as opposed to content that has no real value.

Content marketing is our future and it's success depends on people like you and me.

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