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Ideas For Blog Posts


Blog Post Ideas ?

How often are bloggers really fishing around for blog post ideas, new blog topics and more blog ideas every day, every week or heck.. even every month for that matter ? It’s not a trick question… really. As a blogger, let me tell you.. constantly coming up with new information can certainly present it’s challenges. I’m guessing there’s a possibility that if you’re developing content.. researching content.. constantly on the look out for new content then you’re more than likely in the same place as many bloggers that eventually come to find themselves in that all too familiar place that usually sounds a lot like.. hmmm, what am I going to write about today ?

Some may say that they never experience writers block and that there’s always a continuous flow of information that leads to seamless ideas for new blog topics and some would tell you that it’s extremely frustrating and challenging to find new information to engage their readership and audience. I think the latter is probably more accurate in situations where the blogs are fairly new. However, don’t let age fool you into thinking that it really matters that much in terms of building up a bank of blog topics to discuss. Interestingly enough, the sheer fact that you’re here, has already presented you with a wealth of topics to discuss even though you may not have realized that yet.

Blog Posts And Ideas


With that said, if you’re like most.. you’d probably rather me just post a list of ideas up so you can be on your merry way with something to write about and while that’s great and all, I’d like to approach this a bit differently. Within this blog post I will share a mini list of topics, but in the meantime, I’m going to take a different route so that you are better able to generate ideas on your own.

Many, if not all of us that enter into blogging aren’t looking to do this “short term”. I think it’s pretty common knowledge that while there are tons of bloggers out there, many don’t make it out of the first year with the same enthusiasm or desire to keep going and eventually just close the doors on their respective blogs… Then of course there’s the rest of us hoping to eventually make it to the top of the Google mountain reaping the benefits of tens of thousands of visitors each month highly engaged and responsive to what we write about. While congratulations would certainly be in order for having accomplished such a feat, as the blogger, you’re still tasked with coming up with blog ideas that keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

Discovering New Blog Ideas

So first and foremost, consider what you’re writing about. In my case, as you may have guessed it.. is primarily blogging tips and topics closely related to search engine optimization. I branch off a bit but it’s still all related information that pertains to the everyday blogger.

New Ideas Blog Post Ideas


The next thing that you want to do is look to answer questions and provide value. I’ve talked about this in blog posts prior to this one, but I mention it here because it’s undervalued in my opinion by many people that want to develop and own their own blogs. It cannot be about you. Just because you think some blog ideas are great ideas doesn’t mean that anyone visiting your blog is going to feel the same way. The best way to determine if it’s valuable information is to do your keyword research or get active and participate in forums. Often times, you don’t have to read that much to figure out the common problems that people are “always” looking for an answer to. In the case of blogs, common questions are how to make more money with blogs, how to increase engagement on blogs, how to get more traffic to a blog. These 3 questions alone can generate “weekly” blog posts by just answering different aspects or a different perspective on the questions or simply answering the questions directly. So what are the common questions in your niche ?

Any Questions For Blog Post Ideas


Other common questions in the case of blogs in general are how to do better SEO, how to decrease page load times, how to get local citations if you’re a local business running a blog, how to make your blog “responsive”. I literally just rattled off these 4 questions that can obviously be turned into blog topics for my readers but more importantly to return to my point on blog topics.. these are common questions that are being asked “all the time”. That means that there’s an audience for it. It also means that there’s likely going to be some degree of search volume and it means it’s a mini bank of blog ideas that you can add to your list of blog topics to discuss on your blog with your readers.

You can Google the following phrase: "common questions that are asked on blogs" regardless of the niche that you’re in. You can visit Q&A websites such as Quora (quora.com) to generate blog post ideas. Now that Quora has added analytics to their system, you can see how popular questions are by exploring how many views they are getting. High view counts mean high interest which again is good for you in terms of developing blog post ideas.

Blog Topics - Mini List

As for a list of topics to consider.. remember when I said earlier that you’ve already been presented with a wealth of topics without even realizing it yet ? I made that statement because there are hundreds of blog topics already written about and discussed right here on this very website.

You can use the following topics and create your own take on them for discussion on your blog:

The ideas are there and they are endless, however no one wants to read a rehash of what someone else has written about. Your blog truly gives you your own unique voice, perspective and take on any topic that you want to tackle and talk about.

Questions, in my experience are the fastest route to getting comfortable when it comes to coming up with a new blog post. So the best advice that I can give you is visit the forums related to your niche and the (Q&A) question and answer websites, namely Quora for direction on that new blog post that you’re preparing to write.

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