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So here’s a question.. considering that we rely so heavily on the use of connectivity to work online and reach the masses through social media, what happens when you have Facebook login problems or worse yet, can’t even use the network. What happens when your social media outlets just take a dive and they are out of commission ? Does it strike fear in your heart ? That sense of panic just sets in and you have no real idea about what’s going on other than you just want it to work. There’s nothing worse than that sense of helplessness when the outlets that you are counting on to always be up and running suddenly aren’t working anymore.

So with that said, this post is a little off the beaten path for me, but I started thinking about all the marketers, bloggers and website owners and everyday people that use Facebook and social media and thought about our reliance on these networks and how it impacts revenue, our businesses and audiences too and that’s not something that can be ignored.

While I’m not an avid user of Facebook for my own personal reasons, it doesn’t negate the fact that there are billions of people that use the social network and count on it persistently. Conservatively speaking hundreds of thousands of people experience Facebook login and connectivity issues every year and what does that do for you as a person that is running a business that relies on Facebook to work. Connectivity issues have been synonymous with Facebook for nearly a decade which is an uncomfortable reality for small business owners that utilize the Facebook network for the benefit of it’s massive exposure that it has been known to provide.

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This issue is valid one from a blogging standpoint due the fact that consistency is necessary. There have been instances where Facebook has been down for five hours or more. From a business standpoint, that down time potentially results in huge losses of revenue and there is no real accountability for the company since it’s user base is opt in. These connectivity issues are not just limited to people that are logging in through desktop portals but through mobile applications as well. The response from such down times have notably resulted in people taking to other social networks in masses to express growing concerns about the reliability of the social network.

Now granted in fall fairness that not all connectivity issues can solely be pointed at Facebook, but the flipside is that Facebook has the largest user base of nearly any social network used for business purposes today. This is just one criticism among many that Facebook has received since it’s initial debut in 2004. When these problems do occur, Facebook takes to providing “general” responses with respect to feedback as to what has occurred which doesn’t provide much consolation to anyone anxiously awaiting for the network to return to form so that normal usage may resume. Nevertheless, in spite of it’s response when the network does go down, it’s hard to know what is the truth as well. However thankfully a newcomer to the scene has provided transparency that can be trusted when users experience Faceboook login problems or wonder the looming the question.. is Facebook down without any real answers.

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If you haven’t heard of Down Detector, this is a website that started to make a name for itself in 2013. Basically they are touted as the weathermen of the digital world as quoted in an article by Computer World in May of 2013. In the article, it goes on to state that this website can detect outages or network problems almost as soon as they happen by studying data from social networks to identify the service issues almost as soon as they take place. The goal behind the company is to provide users with better information about network problems as they occur. Clearly this is a sigh of relief for many because it means that you don’t have to rely on shrouded information from the affected networks themselves anymore. Obviously, those networks will still respond but there’s something to be said about having a third party far removed without any associated attachments that can provide information that is accurate and forthcoming because lets face it.. networks like Facebook don’t typically want you to know the truth.

This video gives you an overview of what Downdetector does as well and the type of networks they are targeting with respect to their mission and services.

Another useful aspect of this service is that it not only shows you graphs and reports of current issues with networks, but it also will report on past issues that it has detected, provide avenues for you to voice your thoughts about the network problems and view others feedback about the problems too. Clearly providing a sense of urgency for these networks to resolve the problems has been a long time in the works and there are many people that are happy that there is a company that has been constructed that is airing on the side of the user and not for the sole benefit of the companies they are reporting on.

Downdetector currently tracks several big name social networks that include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat and more.

LinkedIN is even part of the social media lineup which makes Downdetector a pretty serious company in the social media scene and that’s great news for the rest of us when it comes to the reliability of social networks.

The work that we do is critically important, our customers are important and the necessity for networks to keep up their end of the bargain goes without saying. As a blogger, I also utilize social media and as small business owners these networks are synonymous with our livelihoods as they directly impact revenue, traffic and our audiences.

Downdetector has made it a priority to assist in those efforts to make large networks like Facebook and others more transparent when things go wrong that directly affect their users which means it’s a new day for social media networks and for those of us that use them too.

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