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Fiverr Alternatives And Different Choices


Fiverr Alternative

Ever since Fiverr was introduced, it wasn't long before people were looking for a Fiverr alternative and other sites like Fiverr. It's not that the concept was bad, but no matter the platform, it's not always going to please everyone and coincidentally there are always going to be ways to game the system too. This is in relation to what may be fair to the seller and it may be in relation to what’s fair to the buyer as well. However, alas, there are “always” loopholes to be found, discovered and exploited and Fiverr was no exception.

New systems, technology, social media platforms, promotion platforms and service websites is a good thing for all of us. It provides an opportunity for anyone to come in and take something pretty good and popular and make it better for the masses. What’s that thing they say.. there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The same couldn’t be any truer for websites like Fiverr that have either cloned the website or decided to come up with better versions of it.

Fiverr lauched in Febrary 2010 as an online marketplace that was pretty ground breaking as a marketplace where people could buy services for a measly $5. Literally it became this highly appealing online smorgasbord for services. Services in some categories that you would have to pay hundreds of dollars through traditional means to acquire those same services and now through Fiverr would cost you a fraction of what you would typically pay. It’s appeal and popularity went through the roof. Fiverr was truly on fire and people were eating it up like hotcakes.

Fiverr Services


Websites were starting to sprout up coining themselves as the Fiverr alternative because unfortunately, there were aspects of Fiverr that people weren’t too excited about. Since it’s early beginnings, Fiverr has truly become massive. However with popularity comes growth right ? Nevertheless, with that comes the reality that not all sellers there are created equal either. Simply put there are sellers there that are far more responsive than others. What happens when you purchase a service from one seller and you never get a response because you’ve been fortunate enough to come across a profile that has a service you love but the flipside is that the seller is inactive and hasn’t logged onto the website in months. Additionally, lets say that you decide to travel the reasonable route of leaving a negative review.. that may not bode well in it’s entirety the way it should considering if you mediate the situation to the level of getting your money back for the service, the feedback gets removed on the sellers side.

Fiverr Alternatives And Sites Like Fiverr


That’s not to say that these things are terrible but having an alternative is worthwhile especially if you fall into the category of people that don’t agree with some of the practices that Fiverr engages in. However you have to weigh what’s important to you as well as you consider any Fiverr alternative because while the alternative may seem great on one hand, you may be giving up something that you already get with Fiverr that you don’t get with other sites like it too.

With that said, lets get into learning about other web sites like Fiverr. There are several websites that are similar as you'll find in the following:

Sites Like Fiverr

Among the most talked about Fiverr alternative is SEO Clerks ( This is a niche site with a Fiverr like feel to it. As the name suggests, it’s geared towards search engine optimization type services. However, there are many that would argue that if you want comprehensive SEO services, you’re better off going through an agency that specializes in these services rather than a $5 service website. While I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “you get what you pay for”. Let’s be honest, with respect to SEO… a five dollar service is probably not going to carry as much reach as you may experience going through a time tested and measured service provider that is truly an expert in the field.

However, there are definite advantages as I had mentioned before though too. Like Fiverr, you can find deals where you are getting very good services for a fraction of what you would normally pay in exploring more traditional means of acquiring those services. Interestingly enough, they have a couple sections on their website that are unique to them. Those sections are a want to buy and want to trade section that users may find to be an appealing alternative since that’s not something that you will find on other micro job Fiverr like websites. They will also accept Bitcoins which is unique and the last thing that I will say about this website is that you can find gigs as low as $1 which is something very rare amongst these types of websites.


Different Choices In Websites Like Fiverr


The next alternative that I’ll get into is Gigbucks ( which is one that you could truly consider a Fiverr clone since it’s based on the same script. So in terms of navigating the website, if you’re familiar with Fiverr, you’ll be able to find your way around this website pretty comfortably. While I didn’t mention it for SEO Clerks, most of these sites do take a commission from the sellers earnings and while it’s 20% here, that’s pretty standard across most of these sites. Nevertheless, there’s not much to be said about Gigbucks because it’s basically a clone, but it’s mentioned here because it’s in the top 3 of the most visited types of Fiverr like websites.

Fiverr Alternative

The only other one that’s worth mentioning at the time of writing this post is Fourerr. With over 50k page views per day at least you know that if you list something here, there’s going to be some degree of exposure and activity particular for those that are interested in where they can list a service with a good chance that they’ll make some money from it. Nevertheless, Fourerr is basically what you would assume.. and by that I mean that services start at $4 however there is a cap by which a max of $25 is the highest that can be charged which may be appealing and not so appealing depending on your goal and interest in the website. They are also one of the more legitimate Fiverr like websites that are still in operation.

There are certainly other alternatives such as:

  • Ten Bux (
  • Gigs clerk (
  • Redlr (
  • Tenrr (
  • Gigsbull (
  • Hubstaff Talent (

However, the reality is that with these sites receiving under 15k page views per day, your exposure will be highly limited and your reach decreases dramatically as opposed to utilizing the top tier service websites that have been mentioned throughout the post.

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