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A Little Transparency - Here's The Truth

It’s clear that while I knew something about optimizing websites and getting traffic for projects that I’ve been associated with in my past, doing the same for a blog wasn’t quite the same. Rightfully so, I was quite the newb when I came up with this bright idea.. hey, why don’t you start blogging. Conceptually it seemed like a great idea. Besides, when anyone asked, I said the same thing.. I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I meant every word of it.

An Ugly Start

So my first post was at the end of March 2014 and the blog post didn't even amount to a total of 100 words. That's pretty sad right ? I guess it would have been okay if I was focusing on "micro" blogging, but I wasn't and to me, what I wrote in that first post was my idea of blogging. Wow, even as I sit here and write this, I think that’s just crazy. Nevertheless, I would imagine after some of the articles that I've read online that I'm not the only one that can reflect on their start to blogging and see the same kind of growth months if not years later.

However, to a larger point that I’ve made in the past is that when it comes to something new, and in this case, it would be blogging.. you can’t just sit around and keep thinking about it. It's imperative that you get off your butt and take some action and that’s exactly what I did. So even though my posts now are considerably longer, more insightful and comprehensive than my first, what it highlights is the work that I've put into developing the "blogging skillset".

Additionally, writing your own content and working to promote it with respect to a blog requires a bit more work than just throwing links at it and hoping that it will rise out of the Google abyss. When we think of reader engagement, it is critical to the life of a blog which goes beyond the act of simply adding links. This certainly isn’t always the case with other types of websites which is why I feel blogging is a different beast altogether.

The Struggle

As it was in my case too, I think this is an area where so many new bloggers struggle. Underestimating the time that it will take to put together a blog post. My first post didn’t take any time at all. I’m sure that hearing it was less than 100 words gave that away too. However, the point I’m making is that now it takes a “minimum” of two hours (and that's being conservative) to put a blog post together. Longer posts take me in upwards of 3-4 hours to compose a post. I read an article online where a more established blogger stated that it takes a full week to get a blog post ready for publication with an editorial team as part of the process. Trust me when I say that when most people think about starting a blog, they aren’t thinking about how much time it’s going to take to get a blog post ready for publication.

For the greater majority, the idea of starting a blog is about sharing what we know and sharing a passion and not about the time we're going to put into it.

With that said, don’t get me wrong though.. I mean anyone can blog, but to do it right.. that’s the separator between the premier bloggers doing it and the rest of us.

Now That’s What I’m Talking About !

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When I look at a metric such as my feed reader stats, I had no readership in April which makes sense as the blog was fresh off the presses. I continued to burn the midnight oil trying to understand blogging in the meantime and so we fast forward to July where I’m sitting at a mere 17 subscribers and as my ability to write and publish improved reader subscriber statistics into August have grown to now approximately 380+ targeted and engaged readers. Literally, over 350+ new subscribers in less than 30 days.

I have never blogged before starting this one and if you’re like me you’ve heard about it and you've read about it but you just hadn’t put your feet to the pavement and started doing it. However, I'll reiterate that I’m a person that believes you simply need to take action. For a blog that is still very young, I have had 2 blog posts show up in smartphone news reader apps and possibly more that I am not aware of. Interestingly enough this happened as a byproduct of sitting down and writing about something that I felt would be important to my readers.

There are so many benefits that you can reap from blogging if you’re willing to just dive in, take the time and start to write about what you know or what you’re passionate about. As a fellow blogger, I am a someone that strives to help other bloggers through blogging. Sharing stories may not always be the most effective thing to do on a blog, but in this case, I hope that sharing this story with you will resonate with you and get you moving in the direction of starting your own blog too.

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