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Grammarly is a product that I had briefly mentioned in my last blog post. While I had cited it in the grammar tools section of that column, it's mention was quite limited. With such shorthanded information given the products usefulness, a Grammarly review seemed in order considering it's featureset and the benefit it provides to bloggers... particularly to those that struggle with how they write. That may as well be all of us to some degree as we all experience good days and bad days in our efforts to write. Nevertheless, what cannot be ignored is the reality that speech, whether it is spoken or written is how we connect with others and as a blogger that is paramount. If there is a tool out there that can improve how we achieve this, without question there's always going to be some level of curiosity and interest.

I would also like to preface as I have before that I do not promote products just for the sake of random promotion. I promote products that I believe will add value to my readership.. such is the case with Grammarly. In full disclosure, Grammarly did provide me with full access to their product in order to be able to explore what their product is capable of in exchange for a review. After logging into the system and accessing my dashboard and exploring the product, I decided to proceed with completing a review of Grammarly.

Aside from the salespitch that Grammarly is the best grammar checker out there on the market today, you will have to decide whether this product is the best solution for you as this is not a free service or product. I do believe that you are more prone to find higher quality in online and web based products and services that are paid as opposed to free. Surely, there are those that may disagree, but I'm simply sharing my own opinion on the subject of free vs paid products.

Upon logging in to Grammarly, as with most portals online, you will need to enter your email address and password that is unique to your account.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Login Page


My Grammarly Dashboard

After you're logged into the system you will be greeted with your "My Grammarly" screen. Additional options will follow that will give you further access into the products features. Among other options that you will find inside are your profile. In the profile section, it's a pretty simple and concise page that lists your name, email address and password. You have the option to change your password there if that's something you want to do. In navigating back to the main dashboard there's the option to logout, download the "add-in" for Microsoft Office and get Grammarly support. I did not test the add-in feature, but I do think it's pretty nifty that you can connect your Grammarly to your Microsoft Office Suite software.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Dashboard


I did try the search function and from what I think I can fairly assume is that once you've got some documents loaded into the system, the search function is used to search within the content of what you have uploaded. Typing in random search terms without anything uploaded did not yield any results.

Additionally, from the dashboard, you get previews of the documents that you load into the system. The system will also show you how many issues exist with each document that you have put through Grammarly. It kind of reminds of a document at a glance type of feature. You see the number of alerts, there's an option to download the original version or to delete the document too. You also have the ability to just click the "new" or "upload" button to add a new document to your Grammarly interface.

Grammarly Interface

To view more of the Grammarly interface, clicking on the demo document gives you access to additional options that you will not see on the opening dashboard.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Interface


To explain each feature, I've elaborated briefly about each below:

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Document Types


Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Plagiarism


Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Vocabulary Enhancement


Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Professional Proofreading


Grammarly Tutorial And Quick Tour

In the tutorial section, I found this to be informative, especially for those that aren't as curious about exploring and just want the nitty gritty breakdown of what the features are all about.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Tutorial Preview New Document


Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Tutorial Preview Specialty Documents


Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Tutorial Preview Professional Proofreading


As you can see.. in the tutorial section, in the left pane in green.. there are 9 areas that are explained. I've shown 3 of those areas: New Document, Specialty Documents and Professional Proofreading to illustrate how Grammarly elaborates on each section to help the user understand the functions for each area.

Alternatively, you can also view the Grammarly quick tour as well. What I found was that after you clicked away from the quick tour, there was no way to get back to it that I could find and more importantly, you only have access to the tour the "first time" you log into the system.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Quick Tour


If you view the quick tour, I wouldn't engage in "any" other activities until the quick tour has concluded. If the quick tour doesn't matter to you then I would move on to the Grammarly interface and start with the demo document or upload your own into Grammarly.

Grammarly Feedback And Score

The demo document shows you what a document would look like with errors, feedback and a document score as depicted below.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Demo Document


As you can see, as depicted in the photo and it may be hard to see even if you click on the photo to see the larger size of the image, that Grammarly has underlined text in green and provided feedback to the right of the document with the correction. For instance, in the first sentence, "For years" by itself is wrong and should have a comma after "years". The same correction is made at the end of the sentence "lot of mileage"  and the correction shown is "lot of mileage," with the comma at the end of mileage. With all the options on except for the professional proofreading, Grammarly has found 27 errors and says that the document is 95% unoriginal.

The document has earned a score of 66. I'm sure the big question is what does the score mean ? The score is based on a 100 point system. A score of 66 isn't great, but it's not terrible either.

Grammarly Review Learn How To Use Grammarly Tips Score Report


Grammarly provides feedback after you have clicked on the score to show you what happened and how that score was derived. You can also download a detailed report that will show up as a "report.pdf" file.

The more detailed report provides feedback in the areas of:

  • Contextual Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Style
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • And your document with complete feedback details throughout the body of your content.

The notable difference that I noticed was that you get more information regarding your document when you download the detailed report, which that's what you would hope you'd get anyway so it's to your benefit to download the detailed report after you've clicked on your score.

Grammarly Offer

Grammarly, in my opinion is helpful whether you're a novice, intermediate blogger or for the blogging professional. Editing before publication is an absolute if you're a writer even if you're not doing it professionally. Grammarly is helpful in that respect and having additional eyes on the literature, posts or columns that you're producing can only elevate what you're writing performance. I did not find myself disappointed with Grammarly and certainly feel that it is worthwhile to anyone who may elect to utilize the no commitment 7 day trial that is currently being offered by Grammarly.

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