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Does Holiday SEO really exist ? Does SEO really change just because the holidays are here ? Part of me makes me wonder how many of you reading this post have ever heard of this kind of search engine optimization. I can assure you, it was around long before I decided to write a single word about it, but that's okay, because at the end of the day, it's just another type of SEO that as a blogger, marketer or website owner that you can focus on that isn't necessarily something you have to focus on everyday.

Why is SEO all that important during the holidays ? I mean lets take the obvious realities about the holidays. Consumers are and I'm speaking in pretty general terms here.. pretty happy. Consumers during the holidays are more family focused. For most industries, consumers get one to two days away from work and consumers are much more inclined to rationalize spending during the holidays as being okay and the right thing to do amongst all the offers that only come around in these times.

So what does this mean for you in regards to SEO ? Well lets start with this fact... Your website doesn't have to have a specific focus on products. Irregardless of what you blog about or whatever your websites central focus may be, the holidays are still the holidays and you can tie that into just about anything on your website on nearly any topic imaginable. What I do like about holiday SEO is that the dates and seasons for holidays don't change. That means you can plan your strategy months in advance for what you want to do as the holidays get closer and closer.

Holiday SEO And Holiday Products

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Products And Gifts


From an SEO standpoint, lets be honest, your focus is going to be on products and the consumer. Whether it's "your" product or products that you are associated with through affiliate programs, the holidays present a great opportunity for you to present those products to your readers and to newcomers that may not be familiar with your website. Whether you start your gameplan early or you start it late, the most basic thing that you want to do is to put together a list of the products that are going to be your central focus for the holiday season that you want others to know about. The reason for this is because you're going to want to place particular importance on optimizing for keywords and those keywords are going to be developed based on the products that you are focusing on.

Holiday SEO And Keyword Research

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Keywords And Keyword Research


As always with keywords, there's nothing wrong in looking for "low hanging fruit", those long tail keywords that tend to be a bit easier to reach top rankings. With the list that you've compiled, typing your search into Google will yield additional related keywords that you can use, however that method does not yield monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and other keyword metrics that are helpful in determining which keywords are best to consider for targeting purposes. For your consideration, the tool that I use personally is: Long Tail Keyword Pro. Additionally, using Google Trends also provides added insight into holiday search habits. It goes without saying that seeking out high search volume should be the priority. Holiday SEO that is a culmination of your efforts to connect holiday search trends, related keywords, your websites central focus and holiday ideas can lead to very good holiday content creation.

Holiday SEO, Page Titles And Page Content

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Content And Pages


Pay attention to your page titles and page content. Consumers are actively searching for gift item ideas before and after the holidays. Quite often people aren't really sure what to buy either. That's where you come in. There's no need to stuff your pages with loads of keywords, but more so to use the keyword list that you've generated and compose pages with targeted content that focus on specific keywords. Your titles should on topic and your content should provide information that helps the consumer make an informed decision with respect to your page(s) focus. Your pages should not be focused on trying to make money. Yes, I will say it again, your pages should not be focused on trying to make money. While it may be true that consumers are more inclined to spend, consumer "trust" is far more important. That trust is developed by providing information that helps them to make an informed decision.

SEO Isn't Just About SEO

Holiday SEO Tips


This is where I say that SEO isn't just about SEO. Even if you're a master of optimizing your pages so that you're getting top results for holiday searches, that means nothing if you aren't converting those consumers into buying customers. Consumers will move on to results that are further down the page that feel more trustworthy and it doesn't matter if we're talking about traditional SEO or holiday SEO. While your efforts to optimize may have gotten you to the top, what about the consumer experience. The optimization that you do should also make things easy for the consumer. That means that you also have to think like the consumer.. you have to put yourself in their shoes. Here are other considerations to think about.. Have you thought about your navigation pane ? Is it easy for the consumer to find your holiday products or your holiday page ? Have you considered the use of an announcement bar like the one that is used on my website ?

Holiday SEO, Contests And Giveaways

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Giveaways And Contests


Additionally, while some may or may not consider this SEO, I consider this holiday SEO when we enter the conversation about targeted imagery and giveaways. The holidays are an absolute perfect time to think about the use of giveaways and holiday specific imagery. Contests and giveaways during this time certainly lead to increased exposure to your website and new readership and holiday photos lead to higher engagement and interest from visitors to your page(s).

SEO never stops but during the holidays, optimizing your website by leveraging the nature of what seasonal times bring lead to greater visibility, higher click through rates and affiliate income that can be harder to obtain without a little season help.

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