How Long Is 1000 Words ? What's Up With All The Curiosity

1000 Words


How Long Is 1000 Words

So I came across this question, “How long is 1000 words” ? Do you realize that there’s almost 100 million pages of results in Google for this question alone ? If your jaw dropped on that one, I completely understand. That’s pretty wild to me too. So why is there all this curiosity about the 1000 word yardline ? Whether you’re a student, a writer, blogger or a regular Joe that is into content marketing, I’m going to be very transparent about this. Writing 1000 words is not difficult to do. It may seem daunting when you look at that number thinking, how in the world am I going to come up with enough content to meet that kind of goal, I assure you that focusing on the number shouldn’t be your top priority. The plan for “how” you’re going to get there is going to help you immensely and when that plan has been developed, meeting and even surpassing one thousand words will be entirely doable and totally within your reach.

When I started this blog, as I have mentioned in another post that is somewhat related to what we're talking about here, I was replying to an article I had seen from Kissmetrics on article length. That blog post can be found here: Kissmetrics Post.

I talked about how my first blog post wasn’t even 100 words. What makes me laugh is that when I started to read about how content needs to be more "long form" as that is content that others tend to share more frequently.. the thought of anything in upwards of 1000 words, which was a far cry from how I had started seemed a bit overwhelming. So if thinking about putting that many words on a page makes your palms sweat, I assure you that with a little patience and focus on “knocking it out” you will find that, as I’ve said in the opening of this post that it’s very doable.

Writing Tips


To me writing is like having a conversation. Granted it’s not entirely the same, but it’s not really all that different. We all have something to say and sometimes communication is recreational and then there are times when we’re obligated to put words on a page too and let's not forget all those other times as well.

Writing Structure And Process

Advice that I can offer is to put your thoughts together first. If you walk into this without any structure, it’ll be that much harder to get started and that can be very unnerving. Additionally, on the subject of structure, what I’m about to get into is a method that I have used in the past to put papers together and yes, blog posts too. Writing is writing and some people have more of an affinity for it and others struggle, but planning and process can simplify long form writing more than you know. With that said, doing the following may be something you’ll find helpful:

  • Make a folder on your computer and then decide on your topic.
  • Look for what other people are saying about the topic that you want to write about.
  • Don’t copy or plagiarize.. that's a big no no ! I’m just saying it so that we get that out of the way. The purpose in seeing what others are saying about what you’re writing about isn’t to copy their thoughts, but to avoid rehashing content that has been mulled over time and time again. If you want someone to listen to what you have to say, knowing what has been said before is important, but it’s even more important to use “your voice” to communicate on that topic in your own way with your own words. The added bonus is that it gives you ideas that you may not have had before on what to include in what you’re about to write about too.
  • I would get 5-6 articles to reference that have material on what you’re going to write about.
  • As you start writing, stick to 4 - 6 lines per paragraph and be sure to refer back to the articles that you’ve picked up that are related to the content you’ll be writing about.
  • Come up with sub headings to further break down your thoughts and material into digestible pieces for anyone that will be reading your content.
  • Also keep in mind that being able to reach 1000 words can be done in less than one and a half pages (1.5pgs) using just about any typefont that is acceptable for blog posts, papers or other document that requires some degree of formal formatting.

In the event that your content is thin, you can use results of polls, surveys or feedback from videos or other comments left on blogs or places where there has been discussion on the topic that you’re writing in reference to. This will allow you to continue to add content in cases where you’ve just run out of things to say. If you find data in graphs or tables, this is yet another strategy that can be used to keep your content flowing and provides you even more opportunities to get to and potentially surpass that 1000 word goal as well.

Writing Tips Learning To Write


Don’t get me wrong, you’re likely not going to become a person that starts to churn out one thousand word documents overnight just because of the structure and tips that I’ve provided you with. However, that’s not the point of this. The point is to get you moving in that direction because ultimately following this guideline and planning structure gives you a higher chance at success. Writing long form does indeed take more time but that’s the kind of content that provides greater insight as opposed to other literature that you come across that doesn’t have the same kind of content like substance.

Your focus on the “number” won’t be nearly as helpful as focusing on the “how” to get there. Now that you have a plan, the next critical step in this process is to start employing the plan and moving from your comfort zone that is writing just a few words, to writing a lot more. Ironically enough, this post is about how to write 1000 words and you’ve just read that many words in this post. Reading this didn’t take long and writing 1000 words didn’t take long either.

Follow the structure and this plan and you will enjoy the satisfaction that comes with developing a new skill.

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