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Meet Edgar Updated Post 2017.

Social is great right ? That's where Meet Edgar (meetedgar.com) comes in.. There's something pretty cool about knowing that other people have a valid opinion that will help you make a more informed decision. Surely though, there's far more to it than that. Social gets the word out and what's not to love about that ? Now as far as that "word" is concerned, lets say that you're someone with a website that could benefit from lots and lots of people getting a look at something you have to say.

Great news right ? I know, I know.. it sounds like a sales pitch, but there's also this perspective.. if it's something you love, if it's something that you feel strongly about, it's hard for it not to sound like a sales pitch too. Nevertheless, Meet Edgar is bringing something new to the game so lets get into a little more of what it's all about.

Meet Edgar Review - The Introduction

Meet Edgar Review Invitation


I came across Meet Edgar randomly through a news article recently. At the time of this post, the website is invite only. The unique thing about this website is that while it's pretty common knowledge that yes, your updates are likely to only be seen by a fraction of your audience, now you have a chance to make your life a lot easier by sharing your content much more sensibly while making much more efficient use of your time in the process.

For instance, of the social sites that I participate in at the moment, Twitter is where I see the most activity. However, the content that typically gets posted with respect to my website is always the most current material. So what happens to everything else I've written.. ? Is it really a one and done reality that I have to settle for ? What about all the people that "didn't" get to see the older posts that I've written and don't want to sift through my website to find that content ?

Well... quite honestly, they probably won't see it unless they do some exploration of their own or unless that particular post ranks well somewhere down the road. While the likelihood of that happening varies from page to page, as a blogger with a growing website, what I have learned is that in all truths.. not all your pages are going to get seen or read by your audience and fans.

In nearly any social platform that exists today, all have the ability to "schedule" posts. However, the task of scheduling is quite frankly a pain in the neck and very tedious. Nevertheless, many of us do it anyway in spite of that fact because it means another opportunity for others to view the content that we've written or to view our website.

Go to your favorite social website and...

  • Schedule a few posts..

  • The posts go live...

  • Then go schedule some more...

  • They go live..

  • Rinse and Repeat..

  • Yuck !

Needless to say, one would think that there has to be a better way to do this.

Meet Edgar Review Invitation

With Meet Edgar, your first step is to enter your email and proceed.

Since this post has been updated, they've gone from separate pricing plans to just one as seen below.

Meet Edgar Review Social Media Pricing Plans


I think most may find the Individual Plan the most ideal and while I'm just speculating here, Meet Edgar may come up with something more middle of the road for those that need something between the Individual & Business plans when you consider the huge difference in pricing plans between the two. The Business plan is pretty costly and may prove to be cost prohibitive for many, however, I'm guessing that the Individual Plan would be plenty for most.

Nevertheless once you've gotten your invitation and mine took 7 days from the confirmation of my email to actually receiving it along with a free month to Meet Edgar you'll be free to explore all the features that I will be discussing here.

Meet Edgar Review - Connect Social Accounts

Meet Edgar Review Connect Social Accounts


Once you're in you'll notice that they will want you to connect your social accounts. You'll notice on the Individual Plan and I don't know if it's different on any of the other plans, but you'll see Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook Page. Those were the only 4 options that were available to me even though the plan says that you can connect up to 10. My best guess is that you can have multiple accounts set up between the 4 options that I mentioned.

Meet Edgar Review Library

Meet Edgar Review Library


The next thing that will happen is that you'll be taken to your library. In your library pane you will see categories and different colors associated with them too. I saw an introduction video after signing up where the narrator of the video called these categories, "buckets" which I thought was pretty catchy. Some of you might adopt that too so by all means, do whatever works best for you.

Your out of the box categories:

  • Inspirational Funny

  • My Blog Posts

  • Promotional

  • Questions

  • Tips

  • Use Once

These categories can be changed at any time. You can also feel free to add other categories that may be better suited to your website, business or brand.

Meet Edgar Review Queue And Schedule

If we're to follow what's in the top pane, lets move on to the Queue. The purpose of the queue is to show you what's been scheduled and ready to be published. As you set up your schedule, items will get added to your queue. I quickly set up a schedule for demonstration purposes as seen below (updated):

Meet Edgar Review Schedule Demo


To add a new item to the scheduler, just click on "add timeslot" and then choose what category you want to draw an item from. Keep in mind that in order for this to work, you must have already filled your categories with items that you want in that particular category. It doesn't matter whether you're promoting your own content or whether you're promoting someone else. I would recommend filling "each category" that you want to draw from with at least 20 items. This will take a little time, but once you've set it up, it's on autopilot from there. You will see the items show in the queue as well as depicted in the following image:

Meet Edgar Review Blog Posts Queue


Your queue is just another representation of what you've already seen on your calendar. From what I have seen in testing out the system, it works quite well and I haven't experienced any hiccups yet. I've been very please with my experience with Meet Edgar so far. As I mentioned before, once it's set up, you can feel free to tweak and make minor changes and it's a much more efficient use of your time. Time that is valuable to each and every one of us and something you can never get back once it's gone.

Meet Edgar Review Categories

Meet Edgar Review Categories


While you already have out of the box categories, these categories can be edited, deleted and of course you can add your own. As you may have noticed to the right of the image, there is a category called "use once". This is pretty nifty... Any content that you place in this category will only be used once and never repeated unless you take it out of there and place it into another category.

Meet Edgar Add New Content

Meet Edgar Review Add New Content


Here is where you are going to add new content to the system. What I discovered after adding a bunch of content was that I hadn't selected my "account". So of course, I had to go back and select the account so that it knew that the content I was uploading was connected to my twitter account. If you don't select your account "first" then it will automatically be added to your library under the "none" account label. You don't want that, otherwise when you schedule your posts, you won't see anything in the queue because your content won't have the right account associated with it.

However adding content is very easy. Meet Edgar even has a bookmarklet that you can get that makes adding pages a breeze. However when you use the bookmarklet, it wants to add your content to the queue instead of adding it to the library. Using the bookmarklet does it make it easier, but personally I prefer to add items to the library instead of going straight to the queue, but of course the preference is yours. Get the bookmarklet here:

Meet Edgar Bookmarklet (meetedgar.com/extensions)

Update: Meet Edgar has added a preview button to this section which allows you to see exactly what the content is going to look like before it gets shared to the accounts you've specified.

Meet Edgar Review - Just A Few More Things

Update: Meet Edgar will also allow you to connect to your rss feeds which I highly recommend. It makes importing all of your content for the selected (feed(s)) very easy. That content can be imported directly into your library or as pending content. I typically just import it straight into the library.

The next thing I'd like to mention is that if you have a bit.ly account, I would suggest connecting it. You can do that through your settings page and click to connect it. It will auto shorten your links in anything you post. Very useful feature actually.

On support you can view their archive of help articles just by clicking on the support link in the top pane.

With that said, there's not much else to Meet Edgar. While it does come at a cost, it's very useful and for me, the price is well worth the time that it will save me to allow for greater productivity online. I would encourage you to give it a try.

It's one of the few products out there that I think would be hugely beneficial to anyone that blogs or to those that want to connect more often with their audiences on social media and just don't have the time to do it. This is a very unique solution that does every bit of what it claims it can.

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