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Don't Be Jealous

Well isn't that quite the leading question ? Of course you want traffic like Darren Rowse right ? Then again, there I go assuming that you know who he is too. Well, very briefly, lets assume "again" for a minute that you're not immersed in the blogging community and you have no clue about who this person is.

Darren Rowse is known as "Problogger" online and is also the owner of Problogger.net. He's quite the success story in the blogging world. Someone that came into blogging out of sheer curiosity and has grown to heights that make most bloggers searching for the same prominence salivate at the thought that such success is possible. 

A Word On Content

The common theme online, whether you're a blogger or not is that content is everything. I'm inclined to disagree when I hear such claims. That's not to say that content doesn't matter because clearly it does, but the larger point that I'm getting at is that there are other pieces of the puzzle that are just as important as the content itself. I mean the truth is that if you solely focus on the content and ignore everything else, you're doomed anyway.  And maybe, just maybe you reach such heights as that of Darren Rowse and maybe you don't.. there are no guarantees, but there's a lot you can do to help yourself along the way.

I Heard...

I've heard people say.. just do what everyone else "isn't" doing. Such rubbish.. not that it isn't true, but what in the world does someone mean when they say.. "do what everyone else isn't".. How exactly is that supposed to help ? Well the truth is it doesn't. No statement like that will do anything for you in the way of reaching your target or your goal. It's fair to ask the question.. If I knew what everyone else wasn't doing, then I'd be doing it right ?

I've heard people advertise how they amass numbers like 5000 "hits" to their website per day. Do you know that "hits" can be greatly manipulated to show huge misrepresentations of true visitors to a website which is why unique traffic to a website is not measured by the number of hits it gets.

Don't Do It


I've heard people say that all you need are high powered page rank blog posts or pages with promises to get high rankings and high traffic very quickly. There are many people online that outsource these services like Fiverr, SeoClerks and other outsourcing portals online. While there are services in these portals that are diamonds in the rough, there are just as many services offered that are damaging too which can be avoided by understanding the services that you don't need. Think short term gains and long term losses, so just don't do it.. stay away from quick traffic solutions.

You're going to hear a lot of things online about how to rank and how to get traffic fast. The reality is that it's not very wise to believe most of it. What gets most people into trouble considering the answers to getting traffic and dominating the SERPS has always been there, is that they want it now and they want it fast.

It's a painful reality that if you want traffic and dominating visibility that patience, a hard working mindset and persistence are the qualities that you're going to have to adopt.. especially if you want your success to last....

60 Seconds With Darren

I found this short video where Darren shares some insight into getting more traffic to your blog that I wanted to share with you.

We have more direct access to influencers than ever before and there's no excuse to not be able to reach targets that you set for yourself online. Darren is one of those influencers that in spite of his success wants to help other bloggers and doesn't shy away from getting in front of the camera to ask questions and provide answers that benefit those of us trying to achieve the same level of consummation.

What makes Darren Rowse so important with respect to talking about traffic and success isn't necessarily what he's been able to achieve per se, but moreso about the qualities that contribute to his success overall. Qualities that are part of the makeup of influencers in your niche aren't just meager things to dismiss.

Why do people seek out Darren ? Why are they willing to invest time into him ? What makes him so important.. after all he's just a person like you and me ? Is it his willingness to share information ? Is it the time that he takes to interact with people ? Is it the value that he provides when he's responding to someone that has a question ? Is it that he's willing to talk to both newbies and the most seasoned blog owners ? Is it that in spite of his success, he's still willing to learn ?

Nevertheless, there's a lot to like about Darren and there's a lot worth emulating if you're looking for someone to model yourself after too.

So Who Wants Traffic Like Darren ? Lets Pump It Up

There's one thing that I really respect about Darren when it comes to trying to build traffic to a blog. It's very simple too. He'll be the first to tell you that there are no secrets. No secrets to traffic and no secrets to making money from your blog either. I believe in the adage that with hard work comes success. So lets just remove the "bait" that always gets everyone's attention.. the "secret" and get to the not so secret things that can and typically do pump up your traffic if you just buckle down and do it.

As much as Facebook has been losing their mind with their crazy tactics of late, they are still a force to be reckoned with in the social media scene. So linking your blog on Facebook is still effective if you like FB and if it's where a large percentage of your audience spends their time too.

Auto sharing your content is the way to go.. I personally use Onlywire (onlywire.com) to do this. Everytime I submit a post, it gets shared to over 30+ social networks and it's automatic. I recommend that if you have content to share, using this service is essential.

Having an RSS feed is still a great way to get more traffic to your blog. There are RSS directories and quite frankly, there's still a pretty significant number of people that prefer to keep up with your website through a feed. Your analytics should be able to tell you how much of your traffic is connected to your RSS feed.

Adding Pinterest to your pages may seem silly, but Pinterest is in the top 5 sites online for driving the most "referral" traffic to other websites. Their traffic simply cannot be ignored and it's not hard to to get a piece of their traffic highway. Adding images to your site is one of the easiest ways to create additional doorways for people to find your content and your website too. You can't afford to leave any traffic on the table especially when getting referral traffic through Pinterest is as simple as adding your images to their website or utilizing their sharing buttons to do it as well.

As much as I don't want to go there.. adding a Google Plus button just makes sense. They've been gaining more traction with all of Facebook's mishaps lately and it's probably fair to speculate that they are going to become more and more important in the future so adding their share button, developing your profile and joining some Google Plus communities will likely lead to an increase in traffic if it's utilized. I have also personally seen a consistent increase in traffic as a result of posting to Google Plus.

Guest posting has been raked over the coals but it's still worth your time in terms of building traffic to your website. I don't think it has nearly the punch that it used to, but I wouldn't write it off either.

If you're going to guest post, my suggestion is that you don't let someone label your post as a "guest post". I think it places a huge target on your back to Google. It's like walking around wearing a sign that reads: HEY, look at me ! I'm a guest post. Hmmm... that's definitely not what you want. Guesting posting, for all the bad press it has received over the last couple of years due to people abusing the method, is still worthwhile when it's done correctly. This is why you'll find that many people that do allow guest posts won't accept articles less than 700-800 words. Sounds crazy right, but it weeds out a lot of nonsense too. 

Writing comments on other blogs is a tried and tested way to increase traffic to your blog and website. What you can do to stand out amongst other commenters is to leave a comment that looks like a mini blog post. It doesn't conform to the many other short comments that are there and increases your chances of someone clicking through to your website greatly as opposed to someone else that leaves a very thin and unimpressive reply or comment on the same page. Yes, it takes more time but that's the reason why most don't do it and that's to your advantage.

Post new content "often". I'm not saying that you have to post new material everyday, but posting often means that Google will visit your website more frequently and it sends a message to your visitors that your website isn't stale or stagnant. Fresh and current is always going to get attention and if the content is good, that will in turn lead to more shares and more traffic.

Ride the waves of trending topics. The easiest way to do this is to visit Google Trends (trends.google.com) and connect the trend to your niche. When there are hundreds of thousands of people talking about a topic or issue, get in on it while it's hot. This is one of those no-brainer avenues to more traffic that shouldn't be ignored.

Use Hashtags.. I don't know what the future holds for hashtags so let me be clear about that, but I do know that they've become more than just a fad. Now that the search engines are allowing you to search for content through hashtags, adding them to your content without appearing to be irresponsible in your strategic use of them will lead to more traffic.

Relevance and content alongside a host of other complimentary things you can do primarily through social outlets is your goldmine for traffic. It's no secret, it's a very whitehat strategy that Google won't penalize you for that works. However, the caveat is that it takes time and Google has never said anything to the effect of ranking being a quick process. Google tells us that ranking and relevance is a "process" and the message they are sending is that it doesn't take forever, but remaining consistent in providing content that is worthwhile and relevant will reap the traffic that it deserves.

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