Today I Don't Know What To Blog About Or What To Write About - Help Me

Wow.. and so many people are in this very situation. Blogger or not, it's common to not know what to write about or what to blog about, "especially" if you're someone that writes all the time or for those of you that don't. The same can be said for anyone that wants to just simply start writing too.

I'm Not Sure What To Write About


Nevertheless, days where you struggle for your next blog topic are going to come upon you. It could be as immediate as when you start writing, it could happen weeks into it, months or even years after you've been doing this successfully.

With that said, Quora is certainly among one of my favorite websites to spend time on. I say this not only because it allows me to share what I know with other people and provides another platform where I can be helpful, but it also helps you find a pulse on growing or repetitive topics of concern. If you're not familiar with Quora, it's a question and answer type of website. Something that I referenced on more than a couple of instances in my Top 100 blog post.

With respect to not knowing what to write about, I have seen dozens of questions such as these asked on Quora:

  • I want to write a regular blog, but I really don't know what to do.
  • I have to write a 4000 word essay and need some ideas on what to write on.
  • What are some ideas to write a short story on your own invention ?
  • I want to write a novel but I don't have an appealing story idea.
  • I want to create a blog because I like writing, but I don't know what to write about.
  • What are some suggestions for some topics to write about ?

I personally have my own ideas on how I would respond to each question I just mentioned, but the point of highlighting those questions is to say that this is a very common topic that comes up again and again. It doesn't matter whether you're online, offline or just about anywhere you're likely to find a piece of paper and a pen.. this seems to be something that no matter how connected you are to your audience or your topic.. that "don't know" moment will eventually introduce itself to you.

So what do we do about this plight of eventuality of not knowing what to blog or write about ?

Pay Attention To A Large Group Of People And Crowds


Pay attention to the crowds...

The easiest thing to do is pay attention to what people are saying. I will reference Quora again in this section. In my arsenal of resources to reference when I need something to write about, this is very helpful because as a Q&A website, people have questions that they need answers to as you've heard me say before throughout this blog. When I spot significant interest on a topic, I know immediately that I've found my next conversational piece to write about. The sense of purpose that I feel in knowing I'm writing about something that is an area of concern for people is meaningful. Currently among the answers that I've given on Quora alone, as of now has received over 100k views since I've been a contributing member there. Among those answers I have helped people discover what they'd like to talk about on their own blogs too.

Don't dismiss the keyword tools...

Another avenue that I have taken and would highly suggest is using your keyword tools to discover what to write about. Even doing light research on what popular keyword tools are available will likely lead you to the doorstep of Long Tail Pro. This is definitely in the top tier of research tools, but even more importantly as you perform searches within this tool, the discovery for keyword phrases help in determining what other keywords people are searching for. Additionally, starting out with your seed keyword or phrase and finding the long tails that are being searched become very helpful in confirming your next piece of content to write or blog about.

If you're competition is writing about it, so should you...

With millions of blogs online today, lets just say.. "everyone's got something to say". However, what I like to do is pay attention to what the more influential and popular bloggers are talking about. My feeling is that if they are talking about, I should be too. So for those moments when you're not sure what to write about, a simple activity such as checking out the top three to five blogs in your niche can turn on your lightbulb and lead to the completion of your next published work. Additionally, what I would advise is to do your competitive research. SEMrush, Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs are all very good tools that can help you spot out your favorite bloggers top posts that are getting the most attention by their readers. When you're able to focus in on their top posts, that also gives you a road to take to determining what you should be writing or blogging about too.

Please Reply And Respond



Respond ? One word ? What's that ? Well how often have you come across something that you read that you didn't agree with ? It's easy enough to send off a quick email to the blogger or person that wrote it or write a quick reply as a comment to the post, but the route I prefer to take is to blog about it. To respond in a post can be in the form of your own perspective or opinion on what you read, your positive feedback or not so pleasant criticisms of the topic, but either way, this is another strategy to use when you are struggling to find something to write about and needless to say.. there's "always" something to respond to. It doesn't matter whether it's the news in your niche, a contest, something controversial or something that's trending on Twitter.

So with that said, I get it.. there are days where your next idea to write or blog about won't come as easy as the last, but there are channels to draw from that can surely make it easier than trying to come up with it on your own.

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