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Got A Question Blog Would You Rather Questions


This post is about “would you rather” questions for the blogger in you. Chances are if you’re here, you’ve come across a blog or at one point have written a blog yourself. Everyone knows someone that has read a blog post, whether it was a photo blog, micro blog (e.g. twitter), fashion blog, SEO blog etc.. If there’s a product out there, there’s likely to be a blog attached to it somewhere. So with that said, I thought I’d come up with 50 would you rather questions that would be fun to ask in the realm of blogging. So that’s not only for those who blog, but for those that are curious about it too.

While this post, deviates from what I would typically publish in a post, I hope that you find it worth the read and comment below after you’ve explored my take on these types of questions. Hopefully, it’ll get your mind going a bit on the subject of blogging as you delve into the would you rather questions that I’ve posed in this blog post.

These are my "Would You Rather Questions".

Would you rather work or blog ?

Would you rather blog to be heard or blog to make money ?

Would you rather BLOG or VLOG ?

Would you rather buy a fake following on social media or keep it real by growing your following organically ?

Would you rather post an image you found online on your blog or make your own ?

Would you rather post anything on your blog if it made you money or would you rather try to make money off of things that you knew would help the readers on your blog ?

Would you rather blog on well known blog platform Wordpress or try your hand at blogging on any other platform ?

Would you rather monetize your blog with Google Adsense or Chitika ?

Would you rather blog about something fun or something controversial ?

Would you rather read a blog or write your own ?

Would you rather pay for blog traffic or get it organically through your content ?

Would you rather start with a new domain for your blog or buy an existing one ?

Would you rather promote a blog through social media or through a press release ?

Would you rather get blog traffic through Google or try to get it through Bing ?

Would you rather promote your blog through a self hosted contest or use Viralcontentbuzz ?

Would you rather promote your content through Stumbleupon or Viralwoot ?

Would you rather post your blog images through Pinterest or Imgur ?

Would you rather start a blog community like Blog Engage or Triberr ?

Would you rather boost your blogs visibility through Facebook or Google Plus ?

Would you rather pay for SEO or do it yourself ?

Would your rather use a social network like Ello or something more professional like LinkedIN ?

Would you rather get your blogging news from the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) or  Flipboard ?

Would you rather email your blog subscribers once a week or once a month ?

Would you rather keep up with blog updates on other blogs through an RSS feed or just subscribe to their email list ?

Would you rather have an untargeted email list of 200,000 people or a targeted list of 5k ?

Would you rather start your blog on a subdomain or a top level domain ?

Would you rather blog on a microblog or blog on a traditional blog ?

I Don't Know I've Got Questions And Would You Rather Questions For Bloggers


Would you rather get traffic to your blog through your own content or through guest blogging ?

Would you rather create your own blog content or pay someone else to do it ?

Would you rather blog yourself or hire a team to do it ?

Would you rather monetize your blog through affiliate products or direct services ?

Would you rather monetize your blog through products you’ve used yourself or focus on marketing products with the highest commissions ?

As a blogger, would you rather participate in joint ventures with other bloggers or create and manage projects yourself ?

Would you rather keep a blog going if it’s not producing at least 10k visitors a month after a year or start over with a new one ?

Would you rather blog about what’s popular or blog about what interests you ?

Would you rather target high volume high competition keywords or target low volume low competition keywords for your blog ?

Would you rather use Long Tail Pro or Google Keyword Planner for your keyword research ?

Would you rather write your blog content or produce your content through podcasting ?

Would you rather listen to blog content or read it on a page ?

Would you rather be a whitehat SEO or a blackhat SEO ?

Would you rather 301 your website or 302 your blog ?

Would you rather have strong DA (domain authority) or strong PA (page authority) ?

Would you rather have desktop blog traffic or mobile blog traffic ?

Would you rather produce content through an infographic or produce text only content instead ?

Would you rather write blog content for a male audience or a female audience ?

Would you rather get referral traffic from Tumblr or Instagram ?

Would you rather increase your email subscriber list or your blog traffic ?

Would you rather spin your content to generate content more quickly or would you rather produce original content for your audience ?

Would you rather start making money immediately from your blog or wait until you’ve got at least 1000 visitors a month before you start to monetize it ?

Would you rather sell banner advertising space on your blog or text links ?

Would you rather discover why your competition is so popular or keep writing and wait for Google to decide on your blogs popularity for you ?

Would you rather manage one blog or manage several blogs at once ?

So with that said, you’ve made it through the would you rather questions that I’ve generated in this post and if you aren’t a blogger yet, then maybe it’s time that you transitioned from the curious and on the fence reader to testing the waters out with your own blog. Starting a blog can be done in minutes as seen depicted in this video: CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE COUPON IN VIDEO.

and as the cliché goes: if I can do it, so can you. Just remember… sharing your ideas, your voice and your passion is freedom that we don’t always get in our day to day activities and that is something easily achievable through your own blog.

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