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Building Links In Google And Service Provider Guarantees


The building link or link building terminology isn't anything new if you're someone that owns or operates a website. However, assuming that you are new to website building, SEO, keywords and such, link building is another area that you'll have to familiarize yourself with.

With that said, one of the nice and more stable realities of link building is that we know it's one of the few things about SEO that isn't likely to go away anytime soon which is great because no one likes to build anything on a base that is always changing. What isn't so great is that there's so much noise out there in the land of link building that if you're not doing it yourself, you're left to wonder.. who do you choose to link build for you, what types of links do you go after, what is going to help your site, what types of link building may hurt your site and a host of other questions that you probably didn't even realize you needed to worry about in the first place. In no time at all, just a few steps into the link building can turn out to be intimidating and overwhelming.

Building links is the cornerstone of website visibility. Without links you may as well just forget trying to rank or be seen online. Most of us would rather get the free traffic from Google that is the holy grail for anyone with a website online. However if you don't care about the free traffic and would rather pay for it, there's always the paid traffic options too. So yes, there's a way around the link building conversation, but if you're like me, I'd rather not have to pay to continue to be seen online and link building is far more stable especially after you've achieved organic listings in the top 3 pages for the keyword that you're targeting.

Nevertheless, in getting back to focusing on link building, the problem is that you know you need links, but how do get them ? It's not like it's hard to find service providers. They're on Fiverr everyday. Just as I've mentioned Fiverr in other posts, in being very candid about it, there's garbage and there are gems just as in any other online marketplace that you'll come across online.

With that said there are considerations that you need to be mindful of as you delve into link building or consider link building services. The consideration that I'm going to focus on for the sake of this post is link building service guarantees (e.g. ranking guarantees). If there's one thing that I can assure you, it's that there are no guarantees in link building. The reason for this is that Google, like any other search engine is not an asset that we control. We follow their rules... they don't follow ours. You are likely to come across link builders that will state they can get you top 10 rankings for a fee. That fee can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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In the span of time that I've been into SEO, I can tell you that the "elephant in the room" question I have is if a company can guarantee top 10 Google listings then why is it that most of the time, these would be companies are struggling to rank for competitive terms themselves ? In order to discover this information for yourselves, all you'd have to do is to get a free account with SEMrush, type in the companies URL and see what terms they are ranking for in order to get some insider information about their business's online visibility. Legitimate SEO companies would never guarantee a top 10 listing in Google. At any given time, a search engine can restructure it's algorithm. This means that the rules can change "anytime" they feel like it. When the rules change in the search engine, then we have to change with it. The worst part about it is that often times you won't know what rules have changed until you've seen a change in your rankings, but typically when things change, there's always a bit more buzz in the SEO community.

Be wary of headlines that read, "I'll rank your website in 14 days or your money back". This kind of headline is about giving you a guarantee without actually saying I guarantee it. The elephant in the room question here is why offer a money back clause if you can rank a website in 14 days ?

Consider this.. any service that guarantees rankings has absolutely no idea what you have done to your website prior to them getting their hands on it and starting any link building for you. Your website may have been penalized. Your website may be riddled with low quality links already. Your website may be part of a PBN. During the course of their link building, maybe your website loses rankings because the websites you were associated with in that PBN was deindexed. Maybe someone decides to attempt to negative SEO your website. There's so much stuff that could happen during their link building services that could negatively affect your website or their work that a guarantee is about as useful as an umbrella outside in high wind weather.

Lets also consider the following. Link building... whether you're doing it or hiring out for someone else to do it, doesn't require any level of credential whatsoever. SEO companies sprout up every week. A great looking website doesn't mean it's a great SEO company. Slapping on endorsement images such as: as seen on Mashable, as seen on msnbc, as seen on fox news, as seen on "whatever" doesn't mean they were actually seen there. Let's face it.. who's actually checking ?

These are tactics used to further credentialize or improve the surface image of a company. Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't stand true 100% of the time, but there are certainly enough instances of this behavior being done online to raise concern and lead one to tread carefully as they consider outsourcing their link building needs to companies that are less reputable than others that have been on the scene for quite some time.

Building links is a natural and necessary aspect of SEO and operating a website, but I emplore you to be careful as you considering link building services as you develop your blogs with the intent to improve your visibility online. As I mentioned before SEMrush (you can use it free guys) is the investigative tool that I use before engaging in any business with other websites so that I know what I'm getting into and I would recommend that you use the tool as well. Additionally, just as a reminder and disclaimer, as you have seen in other posts, I do my best to provide you with recommendations to tools that will benefit you and that I feel you will find useful and this one, without hesitation is one that even on the free level will be an invaluable tool for you to use often.

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