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Happy Insights Test Truth In Color Psychology

Color Psychology Testing Blogging Insights


On the subject of blogging color psychology, the different colors and shades you use in your blog's web design, the infographics, photos or images count a lot in influencing your readers' behavior. When designing a website, it is never about yourself but how well you understand the tastes and preferences of your audience.

Choice of color is one of the things used by website and/or blog owners to encourage, sway and entice people to visit their sites.

Color plays a very big part in influencing our emotions and attitudes. When your eye takes in color, it communicates with the hypothalamus part of the brain responsible for sending signals that affect changes in emotion, mood and the resulting mannerisms.

It is for this reason that most of all assessments conducted in products have something to do with color.

It is now proven that the color contained in any website is useful in determining the rate of conversions of visitors to the site.

In that case, it is important for bloggers and website owners to use the appropriate colors in order to win their audience. Along with the great content written in the site, the appealing nature of the colors in it will go a long way in determining your success rate.

Understanding color Psychology

Before we can learn together on how color psychology is used, it is important to understand what it is. In this sense, color psychology is the art and science of the way color helps to influence the behavior and mannerisms of human beings. Color psychology is deeply rooted in the study of behavioral psychology.

Sometimes, color psychology can get complicated and some people tend to be dismissive about the subject due to the complexity of the underlying theories. Despite the position held by such people, there are important color theory facts that cannot be disputed. Customers take a very short time to form their opinion concerning a given product and a good percentage of that interaction prior to the opinion is basically due to the color of the product and success on your blog is affected by your use color.

Using color

Where do you use color?

Essentially, color is ubiquitous and it is vital to understand what tips to apply when using it. Those designing websites will always ask about colors to use on the site. Particularly, this is about the color scheme that the owner wants to use, commonly known as corporate colors in large business organizations.

With making a choice for the color of your site come such things like the hero graphics tint, the backgrounds, the pop-ups, borders and the headline type. Use the right color choice in the right manner.  Working with colors can be challenging at times because their effective use is defined by how well they have been used and whether it is the correct timing in the content and flow of the page and directed towards the right audience.

The Correct Use of Color

For what purpose are you using color on your website? For example, it would be inappropriate to use black color for a children’s website. Children love bright and shining colors, something that will not be welcome by a younger generation of people (e.g. kids).

Always remember these four things when using color: use it the right way, correct timing, suitable audience and the right purpose. These are the most basic aspects that should guide you through your choice of the color to use for your site. You need to get them right to have meaningful color impact on your website.

Using Color Psychology to Enhance Conversions

  • Color Choice for Women

If your target audience is women, forget about such colors as orange, brown and grey. All you need to win the heart of women are green, purple and blue colors. The sociological disparities between colors preferences is something that you would want to study carefully.

The two genders have a color preference of their own. There are those they like and those that they don’t like. With women, you will be headed in the right direction when you go for earthy tones or choosing tinted primary colors. These are the colors you will find in almost every e-commerce site with a female audience as the target.

Colors are very inviting especially if they are the right choice for your audience. If many people are asked today, they would unanimously agree that female audience likes pink color. Actually, it is not and you will be surprised that only a small percentage of women pick pink as their most favorite color.

Pink suggests femininity in the study of color psychology. However, don’t be left to believe that pink will be fine with every woman and that it will help you make many women sign up for your website or blog. Therefore, listed here are several other colors to use other than pink alone.

  • Color Choice for Men

When targeting men as the audience for your blog, don’t choose there are colors that should not cross your mind: brown, orange or purple colors should not be in your design. Instead, green, black and blue will work for them. These are the colors that have been conventionally used to define maleness. Again people would expect that brown works well for men but that’s not true.

  • Why Most Sites Use Blue Color

Online information needs to be trusted and amazingly, blue has been used to cultivate this among visitors. Blue is considered a color of loyalty, peace and trust and also considered America’s corporate color. It is also said that blue brings serenity and calmness and is often times described as orderly, tranquil and secure.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot of agreement in the role played by color in the design of websites having its background in the area of behavioral psychology. When the color of something proves to be appealing to the eye of the targeted audience, they are most likely to develop a liking for it. For instance, it is not a coincidence that the world’s largest social website is blue in color. This is because blue is believed to have a subtle message of serenity and trustworthiness.

Color psychology is indeed useful in defining what different bloggers and website owners use on their sites. Everyone wants to attract a following and develop trust that will carry them through in the online platform. The choice of colors has therefore been useful in advancing visions and missions for different people and organizations.

About The Author

Amber Wilson is an editor and a content writer at ThesisRush fond of blogging and arts. Being a college teacher, she is also interested in psychology and arts.

Basement Level Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has accepted control over the world and is as of now one of the best techniques for bloggers to pick up pay and compensation.

This example has turned out to be exponentially expanded throughout the years and has found its way among various bloggers and webpage proprietors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best techniques that for all intensive purposes each blogger and person who has a webpage is using to obtain money through their online journals, blogs and websites.

Bloggers such Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and Shoutmeloud are generally using affiliate marketing as a way to deal with acquire cash from their website.

Basic Affiliate Marketing


In this article I will navigate you through the nuts and bolts of affiliate advertising and I will uncover to you why it is vital and how you can make money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To answer what is affiliate marketing, it is best explained to say that it's a type of marketing; even moreso it is the sort of showcasing that relies upon execution. In affiliate marketing, a business or any affiliation rewards affiliates for each customer and conversion through the affiliate link.

In this is kind of marketing, the individual by and large makes and keeps up a site that transfers an audit based substance of things, for example best phones, convenient workstations and such things that can be sold on the web.

The content on the site will have links called affiliate links to the thing for which the survey has been determined.

Once the pursuer peruses the substance and taps on the affiliate links and the deal is made, the blogger or the website proprietor will to get commission for that arrangement.

The salary range is straightforward in light of the quantity of clients you can draw in and coordinate towards your site and affiliate links.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to guarantee that the site is situated on the primary page of Google for the keyword phrase that is targeted.

Who can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone can start affiliate marketing, paying little mind to their age and their occupation. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Affiliate marketing focuses more on effort, strategy and experience and that is something you’ll gain over time in order to start making money.

Key data is also important in affiliate marketing and so are the strategies and approaches related with it.

Increased attention to learning beyond basic knowledge will empower you to strengthen your affiliate site and with the right frameworks you can get it on the principle page of Google for your keyword or product.

Steps that contribute on the path of your affiliate journey.

1. Discover a Niche

Finding a specialty or a scope of intrigue is especially basic for setting up and building an affiliate site. A specialty for your site will empower your site to emerge from the opposition.

You will moreover have the ability to give your whole focus on your site when you have a zone of your advantage.

2. Find an Affiliate Program

The next step is about finding an affiliate program for your website or affiliate site that suits you and your visitors. This will help lead you towards greater success in generating money as time goes on.

For example, if your strength is device audits, by then you should look for online business locales, for instance, Amazon and Flipkart.

Each time someone purchases any gadget from your site's affiliate connection; you will be paid a commission for that product.

3. Set up your Website

Once you’ve chosen your affiliate program and products you’ll need to start this step.

Since this is the most critical piece of procuring pay from affiliate marketing, this should be done slowly paying attention to details so that you don’t run into unnecessary issues.

There are numerous associations online that offer space when you consider where to start. Consider GoDaddy, Hostgator as good options and buy the one that suits you the best.

Once you’ve made a decision you should install Wordpress and start building from there which will bring you all that much closer to development of your affiliate site.

4. Compose Relevant Content

Composing content is another essential piece of an affiliate site.

When you have picked your specialty and made your site, you ought to compose content for your site with the relevant keywords to help your website rank in Google.

Composing content is particularly fundamental and you have to pay attention to the quality of the content that you’re putting on it.

Success Stories of Affiliate marketing

Although all major blogs make the majority of their income from affiliate marketing, some make even more by selling courses to their audience.

Selling your own product is hailed by some as the best way to go to make money from your website, but affiliate marketing is very readily available and makes sense for most to get into because it has been a proven way of making money from a website or affiliate blog.

Another example to point out is who make hundreds and thousands of dollars in affiliate income by recommending the best hosting to buy. The best part is that if you are able to sell more than 21+ hosting in a month, you will be eligible to get $125/sale as commission.

Similarly, people who promote Amazon like Tung Tran of or are also making a killing by easily earning in the range of $10,000-30000/month from affiliate marketing. Who knows how long it took for them to get to that level, but the point of mentioning them is to say that this is achievable. For some it might take them their first year to get there and for others it might be longer, but affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get into affiliate marketing only.

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at

Profound And Powerful Guest Blogging

Guest Posting And What Is A Guest Post


Is guest posting truly the best way to grow your audience ?

Well I think it’s fair to say that the results vary from blog to blog, but here’s what is true regardless of who you are or how you feel about guest posting. Guest posting allows you to connect with readers and audiences that aren’t already aware of your blog and your content.

It goes without saying that everyone knows something about something right ? However, sharing that knowledge with others can be a bit daunting especially if you’re not sure that anyone really cares about what you have to say.

Even in spite of that millions of people have taken the plunge and have learned how to started a blog from scratch.

The reality is that some succeed and many fail, but with anything that carries great potential, there are those that will persist and keep going where many just won’t.

Jon Morrow, a well known and very successful blogger shared a story about what led him to blogging and his discovery about guest blogging that truly amplified his efforts and his presence in the blogging community.

The best part about this story is that it inspires and it tells you in straight forward language that there’s no secret to this. Granted, even though his guest post on Problogger was directed more towards becoming a professional blogger, Jon will also tell you that there is massive power in guest posting.

Jon has even has even offered a guest post certification class strictly focused on giving you his personal insider knowledge about how to be successful with guest posting to help you avoid many of the mistakes he made, thereby leveraging your success in a huge way.

Beyond what I’ve already stated, the reality is that there might be several different paths to get the money, to get the cars and to have the life and freedom you want as a blogger, but guest posting is like any other strategy.. it takes work and it will notably require your time.

However, if you invest yourself into this process, ultimately it will work to leverage your blog, your content and who you are and want to be in the blogging community.

If you’re going to guest post, establish what your goals are. They could include:

  • Establishing new partners or friends in the blogging community.

  • Establishing yourself as an authority blogger.

  • Growing your own blog and brand.

  • Generating more traffic to your content.

  • Building backlinks to your blog.

If there’s one thing that can be said for guest posting, do not and I repeat do not do it to build backlinks or guest blog with the sole intention to promote yourself. These are likely to immediately get your request to guest post on nearly any blog rejected.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in guest posting to make new connections with other bloggers, guest posting is a powerful method to accomplish that. The sheer nature of writing a guest post allows you to share your expertise with audiences on other blogs.

Consider that there is no investment into this but your time. In pursuing the chance to write a guest post, seek out blogs that are connected to the niche you’re in and look for quality blogs.

Guest Blogging And Guest Post Tips


With that said, one of the very first things that you’ll want to do is figure out where you can get guest posting opportunities. Acquiring a good list of guest posting targets gives you a place to start in this process.

You can start out with Google or Bing, but I prefer Google because the way I search seems to provide more accurate results in that search engine, but the choice is ultimately up to you. Each search engine has it’s own list of search operators to fine tune your ability to search and find what you’re seeking.

The way that I would do this personally in Google to find my guest posting targets is to type into the search bar the following (each line of text below represents a different search query):

  1. Intext:”submit a guest post”

  2. “submit a guest post”

  3. Inurl:write for us

  4. Intitle:submit a guest post

  5. Intitle:write for us

  6. Inurl:add article

  7. Intext:we accept article submissions

  8. Intext:we accept guest posts

  9. “submit an article”

  10. Inurl:guest post

  11. “become a contributor”

These search queries will help you find places where you can guest post. Additionally, you can use any of those methods to search for guest posting targets and then add this to your search at the end (+ niche). Do that without quotes, add the plus sign and add your niche to laser target your search.

Ultimately, it will look something like this:

Inurl:guest post + dogs

As you can see I’ve used my search operator, added the + sign and used dogs as my niche.

This will help me to find guest blogging targets by looking for guest post in the website address or website url and then tells the search engine that I only want to focus in on those urls that target the dog niche.

After you’ve found your targets, understand that each website or blog where you’ll want to guest post will certainly have it’s own set of guest posting rules and criteria. You’ll need to read through the rules for guest posting for each respective site because they all differ in their requirements.

Here are examples of guest post criteria to view including what the requirements are to write on this blog as well to give you some insight into what different blogs may ask for:

Guest Post Rules #1 – Candid Writer Blog

Guest Post Rules #2 – Forbes

Guest Post Rules #3 – Daily SEO Blog

Guest Post Rules #4 – Kissmetrics

Guest Post Rules #5 – Matthew Woodward Blog

When you write a guest post, keep in mind that you are representing yourself on someone else’s blog. This should go without saying, but you should be sure to write at a high level. This means that you should be doing your research and need to sound well versed on the topic that you’re writing about.

Write with the intention and purpose to help others through your post.

When you do this, please understand that people are likely to comment on your guest post and you need to be able to respond to their questions as well. Interacting with your audience through their comments by sharing your expertise and fully answering their questions increases your knowledge credibility on the topic.

Guest post engagement should not be underestimated.

With that said, while opinions even today still vary on the effectiveness of guest posting, I think it goes without saying that the potential is huge for massive engagement and increased exposure, assuming you’ve chosen the right targets on where to guest post.

Do your research and maintain high quality standards and you will reap the benefits of your hard work with increased awareness of who you are, what you write about and your desire to ultimately help people that view your posts.

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