Is Swagbucks Safe And Legit To Use - The Buck Grows Here But Not With Swagbucks

Swagbucks vs Ebates Mr Rebates and Cashback Make Money Online Systems


Swagbucks is not worth it if you want to make any real money online equivalent to your time invested and let me tell you why.

It's legitimacy and safety will vary in opinion from user to user but that goes without saying for nearly any similar system such as Swagbucks.

On this blog, we tackle common themes associated with blogging no matter what kind of blogger you are. One of the topics that people want to hear about are methods to make money. However, in the same arena it’s helpful to talk about the methods that are worth avoiding too.

Time is precious folks and no one’s got time to waste time.

Money is a common theme online and offline and today we’re going to focus on Swagbucks.

With that said, many want to make money online.. including me, other bloggers, people in general with a website and even you.. but Swagbucks isn’t a realistic way to reach that goal. Swagbucks doesn’t even come close to representing a tangible route to making a part time supplemental income. Pocket change is probably the best way to describe what I’m getting at.

There are sites in their reviews that do say as much or may even imply that it’s not worth your time but those are in the minority. Of course, on the flipside there are others that would rather get your referral click. The sites that would rather have you discover the truths I’m laying out for you here on your own and those aren’t that hard to spot either.

This can be seen by simply doing a Google search for Swagbucks review but be warry of claims where you’ll make thousands of dollars via Swagbucks.   

That’s not to say no one’s ever done it, but that’s akin to finding a unicorn if you get my drift.

However, even with that said, in all transparency.. it’s not all bad news.

The savings are better than the money making opportunities so it truly depends on your goals, intent and purpose in your activities on the Swagbucks website.

Consider this tidbit of inside information as food for thought.. 1 Swagbuck at the time of this post is equivalent to .01 cent. When their currency and dollar equivalent looks that lopsided, how much work are you going to have to invest in completing activities to earn money to make it worthwhile ?

In the “answer surveys and earn” section of my Swagbucks dashboard, an opportunity that is listed is for me to complete a survey. Time to complete the survey is 20 minutes to earn a whopping 80 SB’s. That means I’ve given them 20 minutes of my life to earn less than a dollar ?

Where’s that scratching my head emoji when I need it ?

Swagbucks Answer Surveys


Let’s take this a bit further and assume that they have given you 5 different survey opportunities to complete 80 to 100 Swagbucks a piece. Assuming you’ve completed all of them, that’s nearly 2 hours of work for maybe $5 and some change. If we do the math here, your hourly rate for that work is a little over $2.50 per hour.

Need I say more ?

Even if we adjusted our numbers a bit here in this scenario, you’re still on the poverty level in hours worked vs compensation received.

I don’t know about you but there are far more efficient methods to earn a buck than to spend 20 minutes filling out a survey to not even make a whole dollar.

Conceptually though, this website sounds like it’s got potential and I want to give kudos to the “idea” behind this website. However, with respect to fairness for the end user (e.g. you and me), Swagbucks is getting the lions share of the money where the rest of us are just slaving away on activities like paid surveys for little to nothing.

Here’s a video that digs into the numbers and earnings potential in even greater detail.

Swagbucks Alternative

It may sound like I’m being hypocritical here considering what I said in the beginning of this post from a referral link standpoint, but I’m going to say it anyway. Ebates is a far better option and yes I’m an affiliate. I'd even go as far as saying Mr. Rebates would work out better for you too.

So why mention Ebates as an alternative ?

Where Swagbucks has you do all the hard work for their own currency (and yes I get that you can work for giftcards too) or little to no real money at all, here’s where Ebates is far better for one substantial reason.

The entire site and concept is cashback driven. It’s about sharing the commissions they get from the money you spend and giving a portion of their commission earned back to you. If they make money, they are going to share it with you.

It would make far more sense for Swagbucks to invest in more of a reasonable percentage driven revshare program that’s more equitable than their current system but that’s just my two cents.

Nevertheless, on Ebates.. we’re talking “real dollars” and not this reportedly “deceptive” Swagbuck currency. I say that because 100 Swagbucks looks like a big deal until you learn that it’s basically .01 cent. Talk about disappointment !

Needless to say, Ebates may sound too good to be true, but I can tell you that I’ve personally experienced their cashback system and it works well and it’s cash.. not Swagbucks. Ebates is also seemingly much more straightforward than Swagbucks as well.

Nevertheless, if you’d rather read on about this alternative, I’ve written a review post about it here. $50 in 2 Days Blog Post and if you’d rather just check it out for yourself, the links are as followed (non affiliated and affiliated for your convenience):

The non-referral link is here: Ebates

The link that gives me credit for sending you there plus joining is here: Ebates

Swagbucks or Ebates For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger or referrer that offers Swagbucks to your visitors as the place to go as a method for earning money that’s certainly your call. I just don’t agree that it’s worthwhile for anyone.

Swagbucks is simply not worth your time when you consider time and effort invested equating to what you get back in return especially if your goal is to make money.

However, as I said in the start of this post, it’s not all bad news either. In spite of what I’ve said you may still feel like, hmmm… I’d still like to give it a try and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Swagbucks is not a cashback only type of online destination. Their focus is more widespread as they do offer a myriad of ways to earn Swagbucks on their website. They even provide discounts that still earn you their site currency.

With that said, I know that as bloggers we are always trying to share new money making opportunities to our visitors and I’m no different in that respect.

That goal remains the same whether you’re a blogger that blogs about food, fashion, tech, family or other niche. We’re always trying to share something worthwhile with people that take an interest in our content.

However, when it comes to this particular topic on Swagbucks, no matter what I’ve read even considering all the money they have paid out to the fans of their system and site, there are better alternatives to it. I say this in regards to your time, earning potential and goal to make money online whether you still elect to try out Swagbucks or Ebates as an alternative or some other method you may have come across as well.

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Absolutely Genius ! $50 In 2 Days Making Money The Ebates & Referral Way

Ebates Shopular Way To Make Money Online


So let’s talk about making money online by doing what we do everyday and that’s shop online with a win-win twist using Ebates which seems to be the diamond (yep, it’s up there with Amazon people) in that conversation.

With that said, if there’s one thing that I really enjoy about blogging is the ability to take a topic that you wouldn’t think correlates to blogging (in some aspect or niche) when it really does in all actuality.

There are so many topics that intersect when it comes to the blogging community in one way or another either directly or indirectly because you can absolutely blog about anything you want and connect it to your niche.

While on this blog we definitely talk about the all important topic of making money.

Beyond that we also delve into SEO, general blogging tips, traffic, content generation and writing itself among other relevant topics. 

As the primary provider of content here I’m very focused on developing content for an eager and relevant audience and I know it’s critically important to always remember that with each post I write the goal is to hopefully put information out there that can be applicable to other niches beyond the Candid Writer blogging website too.

With that said and knowing the holidays are coming it means spending time with family.

It also means a host of different things, particularly transitioning into the shopping mindset and that’s what we’re going to connect with today.

At first glance you may think that this would align more with shopping bloggers (Shopular would be a great fit) and you might be right to some degree but for those aspiring bloggers, what I’m going to talk about will also be something that you can connect to with a little creativity and it won’t take much work at all.

Ebates The Product

Let’s think about this for a moment.

We all know that finding a product to market, that pays a decent commission and aligns to your content and audience all in one neat package is NOT an easy task.

The alternative is to develop your own product and the sad sad reality is that no matter how often you hear that it’s not that hard to do it, no one really wants to fool around with that anyway.

It’s akin to telling a small child that broccoli tastes great and no matter how convincing you try to make that statement true to a 5 year old, they aren’t going to believe you.

So as I mentioned Ebates before that’s what we’re going to get into.

Why ?

Because it’s time to get real about this overly debated mindset that it’s hard to make money online.

That it’s only the big boys that are capable of doing this.

That you have to have bucketloads of traffic to do so.

For the purposes of this post, we aren’t quantifying making money goals like making thousands of dollars.

However, there isn’t a blogger alive or any other person for that matter that doesn’t want a way to make a dollar without feeling like they had to work hard to do it.

We’re already working hard as it is so why add even more to our plates ?

We’re all pretty much the same in that regard from that perspective.

We want to make money and we want to do it the easy way as long as it’s legal and folks it doesn’t get much easier than this.

The reality for you, me and everyone we know..

You are a consumer.

I’m a consumer.

Your family is a consumer.

Bloggers are consumers.

Every niche on the planet is a consumer.

We are ALL consumers.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are. This is an unavoidable truth.

That’s not so bad though because consumption = dollars and cents for you in this conversation and Ebates is the road, the answer and the solution to making some money the easy way.

Now don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to get rich.

I’m not going to embellish this post with such falsehoods, but I can tell you this that if I’m a blogger looking to buy a domain, I would log in through Ebates and search for Godaddy, make my purchase and enjoy what is currently (well you’ll just have to head on over there to find out) percent cash back on something that I absolutely need anyway.

Let’s take another very relevant and simple example and say that you’re a business owner in need of promotional materials like business cards to take to an upcoming event.

Most people know Vistaprint. I’ve used them as well and love the quality of their cards. Log in to Ebates, search for Vistaprint and see what kind of cashback you can get just for purchasing through the Ebates website.

Another example, let’s say that you’re a vlogger and need a camera for your setup or podcasting session.

I am NOT one to pay retail for anything so in this instance I would log in again to Ebates, search for Ebay and then purchase through that portal and enjoy not only the Ebay bucks for the purchase, but the cashback from Ebates just because I made the purchase through them.

Additionally, if you’ve incorporated your business, you are also writing that item off at the end of the year because it’s now an asset for your business.

Likely at this point, either this is getting your mind turning with respect to curiosity as to how you can connect this to purchases that you will likely have to make but maybe you’re not convinced yet because you don’t know in the examples I’ve provided whether their inventory would match your needs.

Note that Amazon is also part of this marketplace as well which opens up a legion of other products at your disposal that you either consume already or will need.

Overcoming Making Money Online

  • What has been your biggest obstacle in blogging with respect to making money online ?
  • Does it all boil down to not having enough traffic ?
  • Are you promoting the wrong products ?
  • Are you suffering from a lack of advertisers wanting to work with you ?
  • Is there a lot of inconsistency in your earnings online ?

Have you just settled on the reality that making money online is hard and just not for you ?

There aren’t many things that I would ever guarantee, but as I’ve said before you’re a consumer and that activity alone will guarantee that you’ll earn with Ebates.

Making money online doesn’t get easier than this and it’s the solution to overcoming some of the most basic problems and the “it’ll never work for me” mindset that people have in this conversation.

Start an account with Ebates.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, but I promise you that you’re losing dollars and cents without it. Consider this as well that one referral from Ebates currently (commissions vary throughout the year $15-$25) means $15 for you and $10 for the person referred on top of the bonuses that are rewarded for additional referrals and there's no cap ! I can't stress enough how good this is if you are looking to monetize your content, your list or just share this golden nugget with your visitors or friends.

As the title of this post says.. I made $50 in just ebates referrals in 2 days and you can bet that I'm going to keep sharing this with everyone I know.

This is good stuff folks !

Thanks for reading !

Please subscribe and share if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you around in the next post.

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Basement Level Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has accepted control over the world and is as of now one of the best techniques for bloggers to pick up pay and compensation.

This example has turned out to be exponentially expanded throughout the years and has found its way among various bloggers and webpage proprietors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best techniques that for all intensive purposes each blogger and person who has a webpage is using to obtain money through their online journals, blogs and websites.

Bloggers such Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and Shoutmeloud are generally using affiliate marketing as a way to deal with acquire cash from their website.

Basic Affiliate Marketing


In this article I will navigate you through the nuts and bolts of affiliate advertising and I will uncover to you why it is vital and how you can make money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To answer what is affiliate marketing, it is best explained to say that it's a type of marketing; even moreso it is the sort of showcasing that relies upon execution. In affiliate marketing, a business or any affiliation rewards affiliates for each customer and conversion through the affiliate link.

In this is kind of marketing, the individual by and large makes and keeps up a site that transfers an audit based substance of things, for example best phones, convenient workstations and such things that can be sold on the web.

The content on the site will have links called affiliate links to the thing for which the survey has been determined.

Once the pursuer peruses the substance and taps on the affiliate links and the deal is made, the blogger or the website proprietor will to get commission for that arrangement.

The salary range is straightforward in light of the quantity of clients you can draw in and coordinate towards your site and affiliate links.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to guarantee that the site is situated on the primary page of Google for the keyword phrase that is targeted.

Who can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone can start affiliate marketing, paying little mind to their age and their occupation. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Affiliate marketing focuses more on effort, strategy and experience and that is something you’ll gain over time in order to start making money.

Key data is also important in affiliate marketing and so are the strategies and approaches related with it.

Increased attention to learning beyond basic knowledge will empower you to strengthen your affiliate site and with the right frameworks you can get it on the principle page of Google for your keyword or product.

Steps that contribute on the path of your affiliate journey.

1. Discover a Niche

Finding a specialty or a scope of intrigue is especially basic for setting up and building an affiliate site. A specialty for your site will empower your site to emerge from the opposition.

You will moreover have the ability to give your whole focus on your site when you have a zone of your advantage.

2. Find an Affiliate Program

The next step is about finding an affiliate program for your website or affiliate site that suits you and your visitors. This will help lead you towards greater success in generating money as time goes on.

For example, if your strength is device audits, by then you should look for online business locales, for instance, Amazon and Flipkart.

Each time someone purchases any gadget from your site's affiliate connection; you will be paid a commission for that product.

3. Set up your Website

Once you’ve chosen your affiliate program and products you’ll need to start this step.

Since this is the most critical piece of procuring pay from affiliate marketing, this should be done slowly paying attention to details so that you don’t run into unnecessary issues.

There are numerous associations online that offer space when you consider where to start. Consider GoDaddy, Hostgator as good options and buy the one that suits you the best.

Once you’ve made a decision you should install Wordpress and start building from there which will bring you all that much closer to development of your affiliate site.

4. Compose Relevant Content

Composing content is another essential piece of an affiliate site.

When you have picked your specialty and made your site, you ought to compose content for your site with the relevant keywords to help your website rank in Google.

Composing content is particularly fundamental and you have to pay attention to the quality of the content that you’re putting on it.

Success Stories of Affiliate marketing

Although all major blogs make the majority of their income from affiliate marketing, some make even more by selling courses to their audience.

Selling your own product is hailed by some as the best way to go to make money from your website, but affiliate marketing is very readily available and makes sense for most to get into because it has been a proven way of making money from a website or affiliate blog.

Another example to point out is who make hundreds and thousands of dollars in affiliate income by recommending the best hosting to buy. The best part is that if you are able to sell more than 21+ hosting in a month, you will be eligible to get $125/sale as commission.

Similarly, people who promote Amazon like Tung Tran of or are also making a killing by easily earning in the range of $10,000-30000/month from affiliate marketing. Who knows how long it took for them to get to that level, but the point of mentioning them is to say that this is achievable. For some it might take them their first year to get there and for others it might be longer, but affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get into affiliate marketing only.

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at

Adsense Alternatives A Seriously Popping Kind Of Network

If you own a blog there’s one thing that unites blogs in just about every corner of the online arena. Every blog wants to make money. But how do you do it ? How does a blog make money online ?

Make Money Online With Google Adsense Alternatives Clickadu


I’ve written various pieces of content on this blog on how to make money online but so have many others on their respective blogs too. However, one thing that I haven’t really talked about is one well known method which is Google Adsense.

Even with that said, I’m not going to delve heavily into adsense today. I’m actually going to address a less known but good opportunity for those that are seeking out adsense alternatives.

While Google Adsense is a big player, there are many people that have done well and still own their accounts, have been banned by the Google Adsense network or simply may not have content that is eligible for the adsense program.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a number of other scenarios that exist too that I won’t even begin to get into, but this post is going to address the huge number of websites online that are always on the look out for an alternative to adsense that could help them to monetize their blogs and content.

Consider this.. what if you’re a blog that wants to monetize and Google Adsense says no to you ? What if you made a mistake and they closed the doors on you ? What do you do now ?

Well here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Amazon Associates

  • Skimlinks

  • Viglinks

  • Chitika

  • Infolinks

Amazon Associates is mentioned without question because of it’s sheer size, diversity and brand recognition. As with Google, when you monetize your blog with this name, people recognize it and are quite willing to make purchases. The only problem that I think many bloggers run into is that some are turned off by the low commission rates, but that discussion in particular is for another day.

Nevertheless, Amazon is still a very popular alternative to the Google Adsense program.

Skimlinks and viglinks are very similar but I wanted to list them here anyway because they are still very good methods to make money online with your blog and content. Both programs turn your external / outbound links into affiliate links. Pretty different from other adsense alternatives, but definitely changes the game to some degree. Make a sale, make a commission. That pretty much sums up these two programs in a nutshell.

Chitika is pretty similar to the adsense network in that it’s contextual based, but you do have traffic / pageview thresholds to meet to get into their program to get their better ads. Beyond that, the content and traffic you’re getting has to be higher quality too. They’ve been around for a while and are a bit picky about who they let in, but if you can get into their network, they are a great alternative to Google Adsense.

As for infolinks, these guys have been around for a while as well and they are very well known. However, I think the one thing that sets them apart from many other ad publishing companies is that they don’t care if you’re a new blog or a well established blog, they will allow you to use their platform. There’s no minimum on traffic but they do want quality, but I’m sure that’s to be expected no matter who you decide to run with in monetizing your blog or in how you make money online with your content.

With all of that said, the one that I really want to talk about today is Clickadu.

Clickadu Title Page Google Adsense Alternative Pop Under Ad Network


Here’s what I can tell you about them. They are a pop under advertising network. The nitty gritty about this network is that they aren’t a contextual based network in the way they serve ads and it’s a cost per mile network as well.

If you’ve ever seen CPM that’s what I’m referring to and that cost per mile pertains to what you’re paying for every 1000 impressions received whether or not your ad converts or not where it’s being shown.

Considering that there are millions of blogs that exist online, the type of content is far and wide as to what and who wants to monetize what they are publishing. Clickadu does serve up traditional and non-traditional ads so in full disclosure, understand that you may get ads that are mature and adult at times. I’d venture to say that this network is best suited for those websites that are struggling to get accepted into other ad networks. Clickadu will work with nearly any kind of traffic. So while I’ve mentioned that this will work best for blogs that have either been banned from adsense (depending on your content) or are struggling to get into other networks, NOTE that if you are indeed a blog that wants yet another method of monetizing your blog (in the event you already have an adsense account) and choose to run with Clickadu, this will potentially put your adsense account at risk as they are not compatible programs.

To be more straightforward in what I just said, don’t run this alongside Google Adsense.

With that said, once you’ve been approved to the Clickadu network, you’ll see a straightforward dashboard that will include access to statistics, your sites, average CPM and more. It’s all fairly standard. Be sure that you add your website to the sites and zones once you’ve logged in.

After you’ve added your website, you get some HTML code that you’ll have to add to your blog. Now of course this changes with the platform that you use, so if you’re not sure just Google how to add html code to your source code. This code will go after the html head tag of your website. This will authenticate and connect your blog to the Clickadu network.

Once this has been done successfully, you will receive an email from the Clickadu website simply stating that the verification of your website or blog has been done without any problems. Additionally, understand that you can leave the code in once your blog has been verified or you can remove it, but of course the caveat is that you must leave it in the blog code until the site authentication has been completed.

Clickadu Google Adsense Alternative Pop Under Ad Network Campaigns


Site authentication does not mean that you’ve been approved though. You will have to wait for a manual review of your blog and once that step has been completed by the Clickadu network then they will let you know by way of email if you’ve been approved or not. Upon receiving that email, you’ll get the final code that will start the ad serving process through their network to help you start to make money online with your website. 

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How To Make Money Online Without A Website

How To Make Money Online With Selz


There are quite a few people online that consider not having a website a huge hindrance to their goals to making money or selling products online.

That's quite understandable as it can seem like an overwhelming mountain to climb at times.

However the truth is that having a website is more or less a technicality in the larger scheme of things.

My belief in my experiences is that "anyone" can make money online.

Coming across the right information and applying a little effort can go a long way in that endeavor. Quite frankly, you don't even need to be that imaginative or creative to experience monetary success online.

Opportunities to make money are sprouting up constantly. Speaking of opportunities, I want to talk to you about a website called Selz.

Selz is a website where you can legitimately have products added to their system and online ready for sale in less than 10 minutes.

Now I know for many, the notion of having a product seems like yet another hurdle to climb. Again, that's just a "technicality".

You can join affiliate programs in order to find products to sell and there are many large online marketplaces that would be happy to get your help in selling their products like Commission Junction, Amazon and Shareasale to name a few. However, I'll save getting into that for another post.

Without going into too much detail, once you've established an account with Selz, you can start adding your products right away by adding a photo for the item, a description and a price.

Selz will generate a link, an embed code and options for sharing through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. so that you can acquire greater exposure for your product.

Selz gives you the option to sell physical products, digital products and recently added the ability to sell services which allows for greater flexibility for it's users to make money.

Now I titled this post emphasizing that you can do this without a website. Yes you can indeed promote your products through outlets like writing articles, doing podcasts, using Fiverr, promoting through Youtube etc.

You can also use the embed code(s) from each product that you've added to the system and embed it into your own website.

If you'd prefer to setup a blog through Blogger or Wordpress that's a great option too. This is a simple option to develop a store and to start generating revenue immediately. 

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