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EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation


GDPR.. a new term that’s been emerging lately that means General Data Protection Regulation and it’s a big deal. While there have been many avenues talking about this lately, we’re going delve into some much needed insight that you may not be aware of just yet to answer the question: what is GDPR in this plain talk GDPR overview ?

Here's what we know.. EU GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation has been the law of the land for a little over a month now as of the time of writing this post and you may even think it really has nothing to do with you.

Eh, the jury is still out about that one… plenty of debate but the GDPR EU likely does apply to you in some way or another.  

With that said, ask yourself one question…

Do you process personal information from any visitors that visit your blog or website ?

Chances are good that you probably have some sort of “list” where you’re collecting email addresses or other user information. And, if that’s you, then GDPR regulation likely applies to you.

Another aspect of GDPR EU is that it originated as more of a European focused concept hence the EU.

GDPR The EU And Websites Like Yours

Your next question is likely to be, well if it’s focus is on Europe and I don’t live there, then what’s it got to do with me ?

Good question and here’s a good response to that question.

If you handle any information that personally identifies a person connected to your website and there’s plenty of information out there that would qualify then you are accountable for that information regardless of whether you live in Europe or not. Data protection within the details of GDPR regulation would suggest that this is not just about Europe.

Trust me.. EU General Data Protection Regulation may have started in Europe, but the law makes sense and you may as well get ahead of it and start being responsible with the user data you’re collecting.

Like any law, if you break the law, there’s the potential for painful penalties reaching into the “hundreds of thousands of dollars and more” if you don’t play by the rules and start being responsible with the data you’re collecting.

We all should care about what happens with our personal information and the reality of this has become more and more staggering, real and frightening for people with each passing day.

There may have been a time where people didn’t care that much or even gave it much thought, but the tide is changing. That reality in connection with a law like EU GDPR (and I’m sure there will be more to come) means that data privacy and data protection is getting to a level of seriousness that it should have always likely been at long before now.

At the core of what GDPR is comes down to for lack of a better way to say it.. “doing the right thing”.

EU GDPR Transparency And Honesty

Let’s be honest for a moment.

We are all people and we are bound by laws. Our lives are set by rules and parameters and we can’t just do whatever we want. We know there is no perfect way to live, but we know there’s a right way and a wrong way too.

We know there’s compliance and non-compliance.

These are all simple concepts that we are all aware of and we know that we don’t have to reside in a specific country to live by such principles either.

Simply put.. right is right and wrong is wrong and the same applies to our responsibility to doing the right thing and that’s what GDPR is about.

When a visitor comes to a blog or a website and provides their information for any specific reason, that blogger or site owner is in charge of that information and decides what to do with it.

Even simple activities like blog commenting fall within the scrutiny of GDPR regulation.

Why ?

Because even such an extremely common activity (think Wordpress or another CMS) typically require as part of leaving a comment that you leave a name and email address or allow you the opportunity to leave a website address.

With that said, there is a level of trust and transparency that the information provider has given to the owner of that content space.

Collection of information cannot be done so under general terms beyond what is reasonable. Collecting an email for an email list isn’t unusual or out of the ordinary when you’re specifying that you need their email for the email list and indicating what that email list is. If you are interested in asking for more personally identifiable information, then you have to clarify why you need each piece of that identifying information.

Sound like a big deal ?

Sound like a pain in the “you know what” ?

Maybe.. but it’s all in the goal of doing the right thing too and being responsible with the information that people are trusting you with. You’d have the same expectation of responsibility if it were you handing your information over to someone else.

Data Privacy And Protection Issues

If you think about all the trouble that Facebook has gotten into over the years, what has been the core of their issues ?

It’s been privacy and it’s been how they’ve handled user data and how transparent, truthful and trustworthy they have been with "you". Facebook has always had a history on this matter too. From the days of when Zuckerberg gloated about how stupid people were for trusting him with their information to their Facebook messenger which had the capability to send emails to your contact list without you even knowing it to the Cambridge Analytica catastrophe.

While I know this isn’t all about Facebook, I mention them because they may as well be one big rock in the water of what has contributed to the emergence of the general data protection regulation.

It is scary stuff when you consider just how integrated we are to all things we do online. Whether we’re talking about our activities with online retailers or in various content spaces that ask to develop relationships with us through mailing lists, contests, subscriptions, webinars and more and this blog is no exception.

Online spaces need to form relationships and so much of that is about trust, transparency and responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a site that sees 50 people a month or 5 million per month… whether you’re in the EU or the US.. these principles apply to everyone.

GDPR EU and other additions to it or iterations of it are going to come along. Don’t just hand out your data willy nilly and recklessly and trust carelessly. Your personally identifiable information is attached to you and we should all exercise the same care that we take to that information “offline” and apply the same level of care to it in our online activities and relationships with content and other online spaces too.

Thanks for reading this post !

#candidwriter #gdpr Emerging As The Free Speech Social Media Hybrid Alternative to Facebook Facebook Social Media Alternative

Source and this is deemed a new and free speech social media alternative or replacement to Facebook.

I guess depending on who you are will determine how you land on your feelings about the purpose and mission behind but CEO, Bill Ottman felt that Minds was a necessary and much needed alternative and when you look at it’s growing popularity, he may have been right.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot’s that been going on in Facebook land and I mean lots. But what I’m going to focus on is the fact that Youtube channels are getting demonetized (has it happened to you yet ?) due to the nature of their content.

That may not seem like a big deal for some, but it’s a bigger deal than you may realize.

Nevertheless, let me say something for everyone and let’s call it the elephant in the room. None of us own Facebook and they can and will do whatever they want for anyone they choose.

In the context of this post and why I’ve written it, I’ll say this: if your content is not advertiser friendly on Youtube things are about to hit the fan for you and this may also be a sign of things to come for other online assets that you nor I own.

If your content is controversial or about sensitive subjects, you might want to think twice about two things:

The first is even posting it on Youtube and the second is even considering having it monetized there too.

Needless to say, depending on what you may blog or talk about, this could be MAJOR.. a game changer if you will, because we’re talking about people’s livelihoods. And if you’re in the content industry, we’re all relying on someone else as most of us aren’t developing our own products and even if we are we still rely on larger platforms (assets we don’t own) to help us get the word out and sell it.

This is why this particular adage still remains true..

NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. Meaning if your livelihood depends on Facebook or any online asset for that matter, you might want to find alternatives to supplement what you’re investing into those platforms.

With that said, it brings me to the heart of this post which is the introduction of, a social media platform that many would say is the true free speech alternative to Facebook. Now, whether or not it will live up to that is anyone’s guess, but for now since it’s introduction in late 2016, it’s seen pretty reasonable growth and popularity among a growing fan base. is still in beta and I opened an account today and it’s been fairly easy to navigate. I’ll give you a run through of the features and what it means for you and your content.

When you get to the minds website, this is the image you’ll see: Homepage Sign Up And Login


Just click here to sign up and login to Minds.

And then view this tutorial and or read about the rest of the featureset below.


Now that you’ve got that out of the way, the next step is getting familiar with everything at your fingertips once you’ve logged in.

Let’s start with the dashboard which encompasses the following tabs:

  • Newsfeed
  • Discovery
  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • Support

As I mentioned before I opened an account today. I’ve been on and off of their website several times familiarizing myself with how everything works and more importantly to see what kind of reach I could get from sharing content on Minds, and I have to say that the results were much better than I expected.

Let’s face it, a lot of times you sign up to a social network and you expect to get a few eyeballs on your content but you don’t expect to see nearly 700 views on your content “on the day you signed up”. And yes, I saw nearly 700 views today alone. Not bad.. pretty impressive actually. (You can verify my numbers after you've signed up and search for my profile "cwblogger" if this sounds too good to be true).

As I’ve discussed on this blog before about over 100 ways to get more traffic to your blog, Minds has now entered that discussion easily today too. Newsfeed

First things first, let’s talk about the newsfeed.

As you can see, there’s your username and some other options (as depicted by the buttons). In the image there’s the upgrade to plus option, affiliate program and there were a couple other ones that were there too when I got started and those are about earning money on Minds. Newsfeed


Once you sign up, those two buttons go away.

NOTE: I highly advise signing up to earn money. Why ? Because they are monetization friendly (this is good for you) and commissions are currently at a generous 25%. As with most information you consume online, content creators are genuinely and not surprisingly trying to earn money and Minds encourages it.

Go Minds ! Love the way they think on that front.

Honestly, more social media websites are heading in the direction of that kind of thinking and it’s a more modern and contemporary perspective that has great potential in growing and connecting with an audience as a social media platform anyway.

Beyond those comments, I want emphasize that is still in beta so everything you’re reading here can change as they are still making adjustments to features and functionality of their website.

Continuing on with the newsfeed, you’ll notice that there is a trending hashtags section and a feed of posts of topics and / or individuals that you follow.

You’ll also see boosted content on the right side of your newsfeed and I’ll be sure to talk about boosted content towards the conclusion of this post (if you can’t wait just scroll down to the bottom to see what boosted content is all about.. it’s pretty good stuff for your content visibility). Discovery Tab

As for discovery, clicking this tab will take you to this screen: Discovery And Trending


You’ll see additional options at the top that include: videos, images and channels. Of course like with any other social app this allows you to find new channels, new images and videos to engage with. Even though it’s in its early stages, there’s a lot to choose from.

Since we’re talking about the discovery tab, you’ll also notice that your left pane looks a little more comprehensive because of the added tabs that include: trending, suggested, featured and my media.

So let’s talk about them for a minute.

Trending from what I can tell gives you the same results that you’ll see as when you click on the discovery tab. So we may as well say that discovery and trending are synonymous as they seem to generate the same results for each tab for videos, images and channels.

I’m not sure if that’s intended, but I don’t know.. I guess I was thinking it would be different, but it’s kinda strange that it’s the same, but that’s just me.

There’s also the suggested tab.

This is a bit different too because when you click on the tab, it gives you the ability to search for channels that are within “x” miles of your city of choosing ?

That’s a new one for me for a social media site of this kind, but I guess that also matches what is said about in how it has Facebook like features as well as features from Youtube and Twitter too.

I guess you could call it a channel discovery engine in this section. The same can be said for images and video.

When images or videos are suggested, you can pass on the image or video or engage with it by: liking (thumbs up), disliking (thumbs down) and another option (haven’t tested it) that looks just like the retweet symbol from Twitter.

As for the “featured tab”, the results are different here. I’m not sure how this is accomplished in how Minds determines who gets featured but even so, the layout mimics what you see when you click on the trending tab. Blogs Tab

When you click on the blogs tab, you get a new subset of options here too that include: compose, featured, trending and my blogs. Blogs


It’s pretty self-explanatory that the compose function is to write your own blog post and this brings me to another point about the blogs function. You can ditch where you’re currently hosting your blog and make a new blog on Minds.

I’m not saying it’s a good idea since it seems “only slightly better” than what you’d get starting a blog on Quora. However, if you want a pretty comprehensive place to write your blogs, I’d opt for something else until they’ve upgraded this a bit, but for those looking for something simple and straightforward that does the job per se, then a Minds blog might just be perfect for your needs.

The featured tab and trending tabs under the blogs section is for featured blogs and trending blogs. Once again I’m not really sure how they make the determination as to which blogs get this distinguished status.

The my blogs section is self-explanatory as well and if you have blogs on it will show them in this section. Groups Tab

In the groups tab, you’ll be greeted with another subset of tabs that include the following: create, featured, trending and my groups. Groups


The features follow the same pattern of the other subset tabs that I’ve addressed in other sections that you’ve read about to this point in this post.

I will say, however that I did find it a bit clumsy that when you go to the groups tab that you can’t just search for other groups ? That seems like something easy to incorporate but the only way to search is to use the main search function at the top of the page.

I didn’t care for that because you’re searching “everything” and there’s no way to limit the search to just groups or individuals. This is something I’d like to see get resolved before Minds comes out of beta.

With that said, the group that I created is called: “bloggerminds” if anyone reading this would like to join once they’ve signed up. Contributing to the overall mission of growing the blogging community through sharing, collaboration and networking is what the group is all about.

Now that we’ve discussed a great deal of what makes the social media Facebook alternative that it is, let’s talk about how I ended up getting nearly 700 views on my content shared in my first day on Minds.

Minds has a feature called boosts.

As the name implies, it boosts your content. When you write or share content on, that content is really only seen by your subscribers and unless you have a large following which you won’t when you start so you can’t expect much engagement.

So how can you grow your audience and visibility on the network ?

Boost your content.

I love the boost feature. One boost is only going to cost 10 cents and that’s only going to happen when you run out of points.

You’re going to get 1000 points just for signing up !

Seriously, where else can you get that kind of engagement ANYWHERE on the first day ?

When you’re talking about views.. not hits, not bots, real people looking at your content. You aren’t going to find this anywhere else, at least no where else that I’m aware of.

If you’ve got a real challenger to Minds at the moment in terms of views and engagement, leave a comment below, but my guess is that you probably don’t.

I can’t stress this enough.. I’ve gotten nearly 700 views and it’s only day one and I didn’t pay a dime for the visibility to my content. I paid $0.. absolutely nothing and that’s why if you write content or blog, you need to be on Minds.. if nothing else because it’s growing, it’s still in beta and your content has the potential to get more views on than any other social media platform online and they encourage monetization too and you can’t go wrong there.

It’s a win win all around so stop reading and dilly dallying and get your Minds account.

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Twitter Followers Increase Of 825% In Less Than 48 Hours With Rewst

Let’s start today with this Rewst review or overview. Well I know that name might not be all that familiar so let’s add another name to the conversation. Twitter. Now we’re talking. Whether you’re new to the traffic and social network game or not, Twitter is something you know something about. Now let’s keep going, so just hang in there with me okay. If you own a blog or a website you know that Twitter equates to good things when it comes to exposure and visibility online because half the planet uses Twitter which means a ton of people in the same place. With that said, it might not be Facebook, but tweeting and Twitter has become a household name. Rewst and Twitter have developed a nice relationship that means great stuff in store for you.

Rewst is a Twitter growth tool. It’s a new kid on the block that you can use to grow your Twitter account. The best part about it is that it has been reviewed by Twitter and completely complies with Twitter rules which is great for those of us who love Whitehat strategies in our online presence blueprint. With that said, if you’re looking for something “automated”, that’s a Twitter no no and we don’t roll like that around here and neither does Luke King, the founder of this handy tool.

With that said, I had received an email in regards to this tool which was more or less an invitation from Luke asking me to check it out. The email said:


Earlier this month, I launched a new tool with a friend at PeerFly that can help you grow large Twitter accounts that you can then use to promote PeerFly offers.

The tool, called Rewst, allows you to use a simple and compliant Twitter strategy for growing your Twitter accounts by following accounts that will like the content that you are posting on your own account. We've made it really easy to use and it's very effective.

Current Rewst ( members are adding 50-100 new targeted followers a day to their accounts with very little time and effort.

We'd love for you to join and give it a try!

Luke also gave me a discount code in the email for a lifetime 30% off the product. If you want that discount code, just leave a reply in the post or email me and I can send the discount code your way.

Nevertheless, I have tried the tool and guess what. It works !!! I used it on an account that had been pretty dormant for a while and it only had 8 followers before I tried Luke’s tool. After less than 48 hours that account has grown to 74 organic followers. These are NOT paid followers for any of you that may be wondering and there was nothing automated about this process. Literally, I invested roughly 7 minutes yesterday evening and another 7 minutes this morning and I’m already at 74 followers. That is an 825% increase in followers which is AMAZING !


Twitter Growth Using Rewst


I’d challenge anyone to show this kind of growth using any other tool. For an out of the box tool such as this, I’m beyond impressed with how quickly this tool works and given the results. This is now in the blogger toolbox of resources that I use to grow my brand, blog traffic and presence online.

You may be wondering, well how does this work. Well lets get into that. I will give you an overview of what this tool is about.


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Signup Page


First things first, after you get to the website, sign up. It’s pretty painless and quick. Just three fields (email, password and password confirmation) and that’s it. Click register and you’re good to go.


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Registration


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have 4 major tabs in your navigation panel as seen here:


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Navigation Panel


Follow tab: you’ll see additional actionable items (e.g. fans, new followers, copy followers, keywords and suggestions).

  • Fans, as best I can guess at this point are people that love your content.
  • New followers: these are the people that have followed you most recently so they are the newbies to your Twitter follow base. I think this is cool and it gives you a new list of people to start a conversation with, introduce yourself, promote a popular piece of content or a product.
  • Copy followers: this is hands down the most practical and useful feature of this tool and I think you’ll like it too. You can target anyone with a Twitter account by their handle and copy their followers. You may be wondering, well why is this so good ? Well if your content is about lawnmowers, you want people interested in lawnmowers right ? So find someone with a targeted audience with lawnmowers. Copy their followers and start following them. One of two primary things will happen. (1) They will follow you back. (2) They won’t follow you back. It’s that simple. In fact, if your content is similar to mine, you could use my Twitter handle “@candidwriter” and copy my followers and see who follows you back. With that said, you may also wonder… well how do I know who’s followers to copy. Well that’s where the next feature comes in to play.
  • Keywords: by typing in a keyword and in my case you could type in something along the lines of blog sites, blog tips, blogging tips etc. you’ll find Twitter accounts that focus around those type of keywords. The tool will bring up several accounts that you can target to find other Twitter users that may be interested in your content that lines up with the very keyword you searched for in the first place. I’ve provided a visual for you below as seen in the image using the keyword: blog tips


Rewst Review And Tips How To Use Rewst Keyword Search


  • Suggestions: in this section, Rewst gives you Twitter account suggestions in five different categories: sports, entertainment, music, digital creators and news. I’m not sure if they plan to add more to this section in the future, but for now this is what is there and you’ll find several accounts that align well to each category.

The next major tab is the Unfollow tab. In this section you’ll find additional actionable items (unfollowers, non followers, inactive followers).

  • Unfollowers: are those that used to follow you but don’t any longer. This isn’t much different than what you’d find any other Twitter tool.
  • Non followers: are people you’re following but they aren’t following you back. As for this section, if they haven’t followed you back after 72 hours to a week, I’d just let them go, but it’s your choice, but it helps to keep people on your list that want to follow you as much as you want to follow them, but everyone has their own perspective on this, but for the sake of this post, I’m just sharing my perspective with you.
  • Inactive followers: people you’re following that haven’t been tweeting. With that said, if they aren’t active, remove them from your list.

The next major tab is the Tools tab. Here you’ll find actionable items such as (manage blacklist, manage whitelist, follow history).

  • Manage Blacklist: this is a section where you can block the people that you don’t want to follow in the future and they won’t show up while you’re performing any action. Basically out of sight and out of mind. So if you’ve got someone on your list that’s rubbed you the wrong way and you no longer want to be associated with them, this is the section for you.
  • Manage Whitelist: alternatively speaking these are the individuals that you want to follow and want to be associated with regardless of whether they are following you back or not. You don’t want the people in this section showing up in your non followers or inactive followers sections.
  • Follow History: very straightforward, shows you your own following history. Who have you followed on your own without using the tool and who have you followed using Rewst.

The final major tab is the More tab. The actionable items here are (FAQ and contact us).

  • Within the FAQ, you’ll find limited information but it’s still worth a look from a curious standpoint. I’m assuming that this section will grow over time. However, you can also check out their knowledgebase as well for additional information.
  • On the contact us page, there’s a dialogue box where you can provide information pertaining to questions or other suggestions that you have.

Beyond that, there’s nothing else to share about this tool other than the reality that it’ll grow your Twitter audience remarkably fast. So with that said, stop reading this, download the tool and get growing !

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Cloudways - 5 Minutes To High End Premier Website Hosting

Cloudways Review Cloud Managed Hosting For Websites And Blogs


The conversation on managed cloud hosting is an ongoing place of interest, hence our focus today on this cloudways review. Cloudways is like the little guy in the sea of giants definitely making a splash in it’s cloud hosting services and while there are several cloud hosting providers, Cloudways has made a name for themselves since their start back in 2009.

With that said, cloud hosting if you’re not aware is still a fairly new concept. Most of us when we think about hosting, we think about a VPS.. basically a virtual server, dedicated hosts and shared hosts. It can, however be difficult to wrap your head around this notion of hosting your website in the cloud. If I’ve still lost you, then I’ll explain what I just went over in a moment, but with that said, the fascinating realities about using cloud management services include the following:

  • Very strong security.. to reiterate the point, understand that cloud based systems are highly secure
  • Very good redundancy (we’re talking data and backup here) which means more server reliability for your data to ensure that your website never goes down.. very important feature within Cloudways… The servers are available around the clock so forget about downtime
  • Won’t break your wallet.. it's more affordable than you realize
  • Cloud hosting is faster than any other type of hosting available

Now let’s briefly talk about the different types of hosting before getting into Cloudways.

Shared Hosting: The most economical of all choices and where new most new websites start. Every website has to have a place where to store their files and that is the server, but in a shared hosting environment you are sharing a server with several other websites in order to share the resources.

Dedicated Hosting: This is very different from shared hosting in that, when you opt for this type of hosting, you are the only website on the server and the resources are not shared with anyone else. If you are a larger website with a lot of traffic, you typically don’t want to share resources with another website and it’s not common for websites that have a large amount of traffic using this option.

VPS Hosting: This option is certainly not for the inexperienced. VPS is reserved for the more advanced website owner. This option allows you to install software that may not come with your shared hosting. You are still on a server with other websites though but typically you’re not sharing the resources with quite as many websites that you’d find on a traditional shared hosting option.

There's also additional information on hosting that can be found in this post here: Blogging at 500% Success Rate - Lets Talk About Hosting.

With that said, lets move on to talking about Cloudways. From the curious point of view, it makes sense to start with their free trial as you’ll find on their homepage as seen here in this image: Just click the image to get started if you'd rather not read the rest of this post.

Upon entering your email address or using your social account to start with Cloudways, you’ll also be given directions to activate your account. Once that’s been completed you’ll be welcomed with the setup screen.

Among the first things that you’ll have to do is create a new server and you have the following to choose from:

Digital Ocean: currently offering a 14 day free trial. The information bubble will tell you that it’s the fastest growing provider and one of the cheapest clouds that also offers high performance SSD based storage with 7 datacenters in 3 countries. This is your best option if you need an inexpensive host with nearly unlimited bandwidth and smaller servers.

Vultr: currently offering a 3 day free trial. The information bubble will tell you that it’s the most economical cloud with the most locations and that it offers SSD storage and almost unlimited bandwidth across 14 locations.

Amazon Web Services: currently offering a 3 day free trial. The information bubble will tell you that’s it offers the reliability of Amazon with flexible and configurable disk size and bandwidth with 8 datacenters in 6 countries.

Google Compute Engine: currently offering a 3 day free trial. The information bubble will tell you that it is extremely powerful and reliable with efficient performance backed by the Google brand name. There are 3 locations in 3 continents and is made for hosting large business and resource intensive websites at an affordable rate with 99.9% uptime.

Regardless of which cloud you choose, there are 10 applications that you must also choose from as well. You will select only one of them. The applications that you have to choose from are among the following:

Cloudways Review Choose Server And Application 1


  • Wordpress
  • PHP Stack
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • SugarCRM
  • Media Wiki
  • Koken

Cloudways Review Choose Sever And Application 2


Wordpress is likely to be the most popular application, but for other users that are knowledgeable and do prefer other applications those are available as depicted in the images to the left too.

Once your application has been chosen, you’ll move on to the next step which will require that you choose your server size. This is dependent upon the number of pageviews that you are seeing per month. If you are a new website then your pageviews are most likely to be in the 0-30k range, but if you’re a more established website with traffic coming to your website, accessing your Google Analytics should help you gauge what your monthly pageview numbers look like.

There are two tabs:

  1. Recommend Me
  2. I know my server size

Once you’ve chosen your pageviews, click on recommend me and the system will recommend the size of the server for you. Alternatively, you can simply go to the other tab and select your server size without the recommendation.

The next step is to select your servers location. NOTE: this is not selecting your physical location. This is where your server is located. There are currently 7 server locations:

  • London
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Toronto

After you’ve chosen your server location, you will select whether you’d prefer to pay hourly or monthly. The current default settings are 2 cents per hour or $15 per month which would go into effect after your free trial has ended.

That would conclude my post and brief insights into Cloudways managed cloud hosting. Now with that said, typically when I review a product, it is based on personal usage, but in this case, it is the exception and a change that is coming this year from me to you as there are many other products that you can benefit from that I have not personally used. Nevertheless, I follow a number of other bloggers and Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud is one of them. He had positive things to say about this cloud hosting management company and recommended it to his readership. As you know I will never place a product on this blog that I feel doesn’t benefit my readers, but I highly respect Shoutmeloud and what Harsh says to his 400k readers which is why I’m recommending Cloudways here on my blog to you as well.

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Bloggers BLACK FRIDAY University

Bloggers Black Friday University Ads Deals Sales With Udemy


It's not your typical Black Friday Walmart type deal here and this isn't your typical Candid Writer post. The bloggers Black Friday University is about learning anything you want and everything you want when it comes to blogging through this Black Friday portal that never closes. So with that said and I will reiterate this at the close of this post, that if you want to learn about blogging, SEO, link building or anything remotely related to blogging, any activation link you click in this post will connect you to the information you're looking for at Black Friday prices and sometimes even free. So while this might sound like a meager sales pitch, this is a gold mine that in some cases there's a soft cost, in many cases nearly free and in other instances is truly free.. hence why this is called Black Friday University.. unmatched access at Black Friday prices.

What I love about Black Friday are all the deals. Whether you're shopping at Walmart, Target, Kohls, Home Depot, Gamestop, Best Buy or KMart.. yes even the Big K is still around, we're talking about great ads, deals and sales that you aren't going to find at any other point in the shopping and selling season. However, as I thought about doing this post, I thought.. well why does it always have to be about the mainstream retail stores. Why can't it be about other things that are just as practical.. like learning.. After all we are heading into a new year, "every" time there's a Black Friday, you're that much closer to closing one door.. that being the current year and opening a new door.. that being the NEW YEAR and we're not that far away. So why not right ?

So with that said, Black Friday University on this blog is about connecting you with information to learn how to blog, to learn how to do search engine optimization, to learn how to do link building, to learn how to do blogger outreach, guest posting, acquire more traffic to your blog or learn to do social media more successfully.. Truly it's about connecting you with information on any topic that's related to blogging as cheaply as one can get anything on Black Friday and that's what makes Black Friday University so darn cool.

The marketplace for Black Friday University is Udemy and I have referenced this marketplace in another post as well. With that said, here's a preview.. a look inside what it looks like once you've logged in.

Black Friday University Udemy Preview


As you can see from the preview there are different types of courses that you can browse but of course we're going to focus on blogging. As you may have noticed.. you didn't see anything on blogging and that's because you'll have to perform a keyword search for it along with any other classes related to blogging too. So even though you see an abbreviated list of categories of courses that are available as seen in the image above in the left hand pane, I will list for you the complete list in the following:

Deep Discounts On Online Classes And Courses For Bloggers


  • Development
  • Business
  • IT&Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
  • Teacher Training
  • Music
  • Academics
  • Test Prep

With that said, here are some ideas for classes that are strictly related to blogging and aspects of blogging or owning a blog. Once you log in you will see the "browse courses" search for courses prompt as seen below in the image. Once you've reached this area, it's as simple as typing in your search. A list of related search terms will be provided for you.

Black Friday University Udemy Search And Browse For Courses


Here are those search terms and additionally, you can click on any of the following to enter the portal in order to complete your search as well:

Now if it wasn't already all that obvious as to why you'd be typing in these keyword phrases, lets talk about this a bit more and explore a small sample of these. Let's start with the first one:


The reason why you would type this is in is because Udemy is going to list related classes that pertain to blogging. It's going to bring back classes such as Blogging To Freedom, Blogging Masterclass and Beginner to Pro In Blogging. The cost of the classes are going to range anywhere from $0 to in excess of hundreds of dollars, but those are their "retail prices". Crazy right ?

There's no sense in paying those retail prices for such great information and that's where Black Friday University comes into play. By clicking on any deal activation link, you will get your courses for anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars and other huge discounts no matter how expensive the class you're looking at is. That's Black Friday University for you all year round.

Now while I digressed a bit in the last section to talk about pricing in Black Friday University, lets get back to our search queries. The next section we're going to talk about is Link Building.

Link Building

This is a good one because a lot of people struggle with link building. A sample of the classes that will populate are: How to build back links to dominate Google, Do follow backlinks: SEO link building hacks for Beginners and Street Basics Power Guide To SEO. If there's one thing that separates the winners and losers in link building.. it would have to be information. Information is the great equalizer and those who have it are armed with the strategies to move forward and those that don't, struggle to move ahead and meaningfully compete with the competition.


Deep Discounts Black Friday Deals Ads Sales On Online Classes And Courses


This is the most widely use CMS used across the internet by beginners, intermediate and advanced players in the website game. However, with that said, there's a lot to know about Wordpress too. That's where Black Friday University can make your life a lot easier. As I mentioned in the last section that information is the great equalizer and there's a lot to be said about Wordpress. There's a ton of information out there that can define your success using this platform. A small sample of the titles that you will have access to include: Ultimate Wordpress Plugin Course, How To Make A Website / Start A Blog w/Wordpress in 2 hours, Build Your Own Pro Quality Wordpress Website and From Novice To Ninja: The Complete Wordpress Training Course. Courses like this reduce the learning curve and move you to success faster just by simply getting access to information that you don't already have access to and for the price of a couple of trips to McDonald's, learning from the insight of others can change everything about your efforts to blog online.

Website Traffic

A great topic to explore through the Black Friday University portal to Udemy. Like link building, this is yet another area where many people struggle... getting more website traffic to your blog or website. Not only do you want to learn how to blog, but having a blog isn't enough. If you build a blog and no one comes to visit, then let's be honest, what's the point ? We all want people to interact with us on a blog and weigh in on what we're writing about and when you build your own the goal will likely be the same. Performing a search for website traffic will yield samples of courses such as: Tumblr Traffic: Quality & Targeted Traffic To Your Website, Online Traffic Domination - The 9 Steps Success Blueprint and Lazy Man's Secrets To Free Website Generation.

With that said, that's the purpose of Black Friday University.. "equalizing the balance of access to information" all in aims to help you realize success through blogging or through any other topic that is of interest to you.

A course such as the Blogging Crash Course currently at $9 with 13 lectures gives you access to information that you would have to scour the net and investigate on your own costing you time.. the one commodity that you can't get back when quality information is located here through the Black Friday University portal.

Blogging Crash Course Class Udemy Learning


As mentioned before.. the goal is to equalize the balance of information at Black Friday prices and classes like this do just that. While this post is focused on bloggers, it doesn't matter what your focus of interest is, the goal remains the same at the Black Friday University. Learn anything you want with Black Friday prices through this portal.

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