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How Does Pinterest Work To Trigger Your Traffic Geyser To Grow Grow and Grow

It’s time to grow your Pinterest account like a magical beanstalk. It may sound too good to be true, but I’ve stumbled across a new tool that can unlock your Pinterest super powers. If you’ve read any of my posts regarding other tools I’ve used and reviewed, you know that more often than not I like to share products that I think are truly going to be helpful to you and your goals in the blogging that you do.

With that said, if you’re not using Pinterest because you haven’t been able to wrap your head around it yet, I understand. It’s so massive and has so much potential and it can be hard to find a good traffic source that doesn’t take weeks or months to experience the full benefit of the platform.

Seriously, let’s think about this. How often have you tried this strategy or that one only to grow frustrated wondering what is it that you’re missing that someone else has figured out.

What would it look like if you had the same access to the cool tools that the big boys use ?

What’s the new stuff online that everyone else seems to get access to before you ?

Truly.. all good questions and honestly, even I’ve asked them before too.

At the end of the day there is some truth, in fact a lot of truth connected to the reality of pure hard work and diligence. But even with that said, there’s also something to be said for being in the right place at the right time as well. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you need a little luck and that in nearly every scenario and in most success stories, sometimes happenstance is a part of their success stories too.

Needless to say, today I think you’ve happened to find yourself in the right place at the right time with respect to this post.

I’m going to introduce to you a new Pinterest (pin it) growth and management tool. The best part about this tool is that it’s a set and forget solution for your Pinterest growth whether you want to manage just one account or several.

Now there are many reviews online about this product, but I haven’t really seen anything so far outside of the typical template styled reviews where they hype up the product, list a few pros and cons and then tease you with a load of other software that they’ll give to you free if you purchase the product so they can earn their affiliate commission.

As for me, I’d like to take a more informative approach because what’s the point of purchasing a product if it’s nice, shiny and interesting but really doesn’t do anything at all to make your life any easier.

With that said, let me introduce you to Board Commander. (click here to just skip to the Board Commander links)

Let’s face it, growing your Pinterest account takes time.. I mean a lot of time. Ugghhhh.. I don’t mind “some” automated products as long as they aren’t garbage and actually work the way they are supposed to. After having used Board Commander for just under a week, I have to say I’m legitimately pretty impressed with it. It’s not perfect, but it will save you time completing the manual tasks associated with Pinterest.

This first image is going to be your login page.

Pinterest Board Commander Growth Management Tools Login Page


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be introduced to your dashboard (some information has been redacted for privacy). 

Needless to say, what you will notice are the following core areas of your Board Commander dashboard that include:

  • Campaigns
  • Follow Tool
  • Unfollow Tool
  • Find Group Boards
  • Manage
  • Reports
  • Tutorials
  • Support


Pinterest Board Commander Growth Management Tools Dashboard


Campaigns section:

This area allows you to manage your campaigns and lets you see what campaigns you have started. If you want to start a pinning campaign this is where you want to be. You will simply select the board where you want your pins to be placed.

In the settings menu, you can choose how many pins per day you want pinned to the board(s) that you have chosen. Additionally, you will need to set the time when this campaign will start and when it will end. You will also need to choose the days when you want pins to be placed on the selected board(s). There is also an option that allows you to avoid pinning the same pin for any selected amount of days too.

Another feature that I love about the pinning aspect of Board Commander is that you can choose where to get your pins from. Being able to target your pining from where you choose is a feature that allows for a degree of focus that yes.. can certainly be achieved on your own “manually”, but this way simply expedites the activity without a ton of intervention on your part.

In the most basic of terms to simplify and clarify what I mean is that this makes your life a lot easier and allows you to accomplish the task much faster than you or I could without the help of the Board Commander software.

Nevertheless, once you’re done just activate your campaign.

(click here to just skip to the Board Commander links)

Follow tool:

You’ll want to navigate to the new follow task button. Here’s where you’ll specify how many users to follow to start building up your personal Pinterest fan club of individuals that want to follow your board and pins. This is a tough and extremely time consuming task to accomplish for most. Some niches are easier than others to get followers, but that’s just the nature of Pinterest.

Needless to say, Board Commander really does make it pretty easy and effortless on you. I’d love to be able to say that there’s more to it than that, but hey if it’s not complicated I’m not going to say that it is. I started out pretty conservative with my numbers in the follow campaign that I started only asking the software to follow at minimum 30 people and at maximum 101 people and I’ve tweaked the numbers to where they are now so even though my follower count is low, the caveat here is that I started with 2 followers and it’s grown to 19 in 5 days. Another caveat is that I’m not just picking up random followers which is also affecting my overall performance too, but I’m way okay with that.

To explain that a bit more, after setting my minimum and maximum followers per day, I went to the other options available to me in this section and ticked the “follow by account” box because I wanted to only follow users that were connected to my niche. I would recommend that you do this too.

NOTE: there’s no point to having a huge following if they aren’t engaging with your boards and pins. Targeting like boards will also prove to be more useful than not targeting boards that are similar to what you’re pinning. You want to go after the right audience and the right pinners.

For the account I’ve been working on, I added 16 different accounts to target (e.g.<account-name>/)

I set the days that I want it to follow and chose Monday through Sunday and that’s likely going to be the same for you as well, but you do have the option to pick and choose your days to enable this follow task.

Other options that are available to you include:

  • Follow by keyword
  • Follow by board
  • User to never follow

Once you’re done just click on the start button to make your follow task active.


Unfollow Tool:

I like that while using this particular aspect of Board Commander, you can specify how many days in between unfollows the software should operate the task. After you’ve set the time, days, minimum and maximum unfollows per day and optionally.. any protected accounts, then you’re done with this tool. Clicking save will activate the task.


Pinterest Board Commander Growth Management Tools Find Group Boards


Find Group Boards:

This is very straight forward. This section allows you a search function to help you find group boards where you can contribute pins to for extra exposure for your boards if you are accepted as a contributor.

I would like to see more in this section. Quite frankly, Pingroupie does a better job in finding group boards because they lay out much more information that is useful for those of us seeking group boards. While I understand that Board Commander is new, this area is lacking in a big way and if group boards is your focus, you’ll be disappointed in Board Commander’s offering for that function, but certainly hope that they will beef this section up in future updates of their software.



This section simply lets you manage the Pinterest accounts you have associated with the software. NOTE: you can only have one account unless you opt for the upsell “unlimited accounts upgrade”.



In this section you get access to some analytics data provided free as part of your purchase if you choose to acquire Board Commander. Currently the reporting section covers: pinning history, board performance and follower growth.


Pinterest Board Commander Growth Management Tools Training




This section currently provides you with 7 videos to help you get started with their platform. I do not know if there are plans for additional videos. I’d personally like to see this area refined a bit as well. The videos are informative and will provide enough information to get you started successfully with Board Commander in no time at all. Additionally, the videos aren’t very long and basically serve as a quick start guide if you think you’ll need information beyond your own tinkering and experimentation that you’ll likely do yourself.



Clicking on the link will take you to a separate page where they hold the knowledgebase for Board Commander. Through this portal you can submit tickets and get access to their customer support. I have not used this function so I cannot attest to the quality of it, but I do know that you have to set up an account in order to use this section of their page even after purchasing Board Commander.

With that said, Board Commander has helped me to grow one of my inactive Pinterest accounts in a matter of days and with the help of this software it will continue to grow without any intervention from me. Such a huge time saver and I am in love with it and I’m not so easily impressed with many software packages online today, but this one in spite of a few necessary tweaks that I hope the developers will make in future releases is a software package that is worth every penny they are asking for.

I am definitely a fan of this software and therefore became an affiliate as well to promote their product and share it with you.


Here are the Board Commander links if you’d like to make your own purchase.

Base Product of Board Commander (single user account)

Board Commander Unlimited (upsell) for unlimited accounts

Board Commander Graphics Suite (for pinning)

I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this overview and insight into this Pinterest growth and management tool. Time is something we can’t get back and while I fully understand the manual mindset as I promote that often myself, Pinterest actively sees millions of people per month and that’s a traffic source that cannot be ignored hence my recommendation of this tool. It will help you get recognized much faster than doing it on your own the “manual” way for your blogs and content websites.


Pinterest Limits On Pins Boards Likes And Following Counts


Additionally, make sure that you follow Pinterest limit rules as well. We are all subject to their limits whether you automate your accounts or not. These limits will help you in setting your minimums and maximums on Pinterest as you use Board Commander.

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Viraltag Review - Viraltag Tips - How To Use Viraltag

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips


Viraltag Review

If you haven't heard of Viraltag then hopefully this informative Viraltag review will shed some light on the benefits of using it to compliment what you do with Pinterest. Your interest may have even peaked a little understanding that this review is associated with Pinterest as well since there are still many businesses, marketers, bloggers and website owners that are constantly looking for methods and tools to get the most out of what they can do in their efforts to improve their exposure on Pinterest.

Lets touch on some Pinterest basics first. So what is Pinterest exactly ? Well, in a nutshell, it's a visual discovery platform. In laymen terms, that just means that you discover content through the use of imagery or photos through boards that are created by the user. These boards all have unique themes that could be anything.. for example.. favorite foods, top fashion trends, must have shoes etc. Now you may wonder, well how's that fit into what I do as a blogger or website owner that doesn't fit into any of those categories. My answer to you would simply be that I had the same question that you have when I learned about Pinterest too, but I've also learned that Pinterest is a great fit for "anyone".

What Is Pinterest Review And Tips


To see how I use Pinterest to align to the content that I write about, just visit my Pinterest board to get some ideas as to how you can use it for yourself. You can either follow me or follow any of my boards you like that are of interest to you while you're there: Candid Writer On Pinterest.

People spend on average more than 10 minutes per visit on Pinterest which means that people are engaged and active on this website in a meaningful way which is good for you if you have boards on their website too. However, as someone that has created several boards there, it is very time consuming to pin photos "manually" so finding a tool that can make more efficient use of time isn't a bad idea. In fact, it's highly recommended.

Viraltag Scheduling Management Tool

I personally use a couple of tools for Pinterest pin management and Viraltag is the newest addition to my toolkit. At it's core function, this platform serves as a scheduling management tool for your activities on Pinterest. With that said, the first thing that you should be aware of is their pricing schedule. Unfortunately, they aren't a completely free tool, but you can try them out for free by clicking on any of the activate viraltag buttons as the one seen above.

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Pricing Schedule


As you can see depicted in the image with respect to your social profiles, one thing that I do like about Viraltag is that you get to push your scheduled images to several social profiles upon publishing which allows for increased exposure for your pins. This is definitely a huge benefit to using the scheduler in conjunction with any of the social accounts that you choose to connect.. something that I will get into a little later on in the post.

Viraltag Featureset

Nevertheless, once you've given them your details after choosing which option you'd like to continue on with after your trial is over, you'll be able to start making full use of the platform. You will find on the navigation panel to the left side of your screen the following items:

Dashboard which has 4 subsections that are the following:

  • Scheduled Posts - this section shows you the images that you have scheduled that include details such as time to be scheduled, the link and description associated with the scheduled image, the connected account that you also want associated with that image and the date when the post will be published to the selected Pinterest board selected for the post as well. All of this is viewable in the image below including the "bulk options".  You can apply one board, one description and one link to all of your images at the same time. A very nice utility if you're not interested in varying the information from image to image.

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Photos


  • Recent Posts - shows you the most recent published posts.
  • Failed Posts - posts that the system was not able to publish to your board. Retrying / rescheduling may result in a good submission.
  • Posting Schedule - allows you specify time frames for when you want posts to be scheduled (Disclosure: not an option that I have used since I find the regular scheduler meets my needs adequately for my boards).

Post... With respect to this section, once you have clicked on it, opens another dialogue box that gives you options for how you'll introduce / upload images into the system through the following means as depicted in the images to follow as well:

  • my computer (uploading directly from your computer)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Computer


  • Facebook (uploading from Facebook)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Facebook


  • Web Images (embedded search function that allows you to search the web for any string of keywords that you input for images)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Web Images


  • Flickr (uploading from Flickr)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Flickr


  • Picasa (uploading from Picasa)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Picasa


  • Instagram (uploading from Instagram)

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Upload Instagram


Discover - this section allows you to discover images that you can pin to your boards if you need a little inspiration. What I like about this section is that you don't have to leave the website to find the images. It's incorporated right into the discovery page itself. There are several categories to choose from or you can conduct your own search right from this page for images that you want to share or pin.. which can be added to the scheduler simultaneously.

The categories include the following as also depicted in the image below, however you will also notice in the second image that I did a search for SEO to depict what results show up for search terms you input and in the following image, that upon clicking the clock symbol in the lower left hand corner brings up the scheduler as well:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Fun & Humor
  • Photography
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Home & Interiors
  • Weddings
  • Design
  • Kids
  • Other

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Discover Pictures Categories


Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Discover Search Photos SEO


Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Discover Search And Schedule Photos SEO


Accounts - This is is the section where you can connect your profiles / social accounts. The networks that they allow you to work with are as followed and as also depicted in the image below While you only have 5 networks, on the Pro plan you can connect up to 10 profiles:

  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Social Accounts Pinterest LinkedIN Facebook Twitter


Settings which has 4 subsections that are the following:

  • Team - Disclosure: I have not been able to get this section to work so I'm still not sure as to what it does yet.
  • Payment Info - Provides basic informational details on your choice of subscription plan.

  • Extensions - Gives you added functionality to the Viral Tag platform by allowing for greater flexibility in how you pin with their bookmarklet and extensions. Three are provided for your use (e.g. Chrome Extension, Safari Extension and the Viraltag bookmarklet for use in Internet Explorer and / or Firefox) as depicted in the image below.

Viraltag Review And Viraltag Tips Browser Extensions


  • Referral Program - Gives you the opportunity to be able to use the platform completely free through referrals. You are provided with a referral link that can be promoted through social media outlets and each time a customer signs up for an upgraded plan you earn a $30 credit for use in the system and the purchaser earns a $15 credit themselves.

In closing, I'd like to say this.. that if you've been following my posts for any amount of time you will find that I'm not one to "pitch" anything per se, especially on a product that I have not used or signed up to use myself personally. I value your thoughts as well as I hope you value mine. I will provide you with a post that is informative and leave the rest up to you.

With that said, I hope you've enjoyed this walkaround of the Viraltag Pinterest management tool.

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Pinterest Promoted Pins Get Rolling

Pinterest has rolled out amongst it's massive array of pins a new product called "Promoted Pins". This is great news for internet marketers and anyone with a website still scratching their heads as to how to utilize the massive traffic base of Pinterest to their advantage.

Pinterest promoted pins and pinterest ads


At the current time, Pinterest promoted pins are being beta tested with larger brands such as Banana Republic, Kraft, Old Navy and others, but assuming the tests are successful, this platform will open up to the masses in time.

Pinterest wants to continue to provide a positive experience for it's users without inundating visitors with ads which makes perfect sense. We've all grown "ad phobic" to a degree and want to be able to visit websites without constantly being lured into ways to capture money from us. However, if it's a good ad, personally I don't mind spending the money, as long as it's not constantly in my face.

You'll find these ads in their mobile and web versions of the Pinterest website in the search results and category feeds.

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Pinterest New Guided Search - Mobile SEO Opportunity

Is this truly a mobile SEO opportunity ? It's hard to tell, but since there has never been a way to actually search pins on Pinterest, unless you're familiar with using search engine operators. For the most part, the average user is not familiar with that method so you're stuck just wandering and browsing their staggering amount of pins without anything to help you pinpoint what you're seeking. It reminds me of Stumbleupon in it's early days.

Needless to say that with the introduction of any new search technology or tool creates a unique opportunity for anyone doing SEO trying to optimize their site or content. Considering that over 70% of Pinterest traffic comes from "mobile devices" this is huge !

Pinterest guided search


I think this is a great time for anyone that has posted on Pinterest to examine their pins and consider 2 basic things that come to mind right away for me: 

I. Is this a title that accurately describes my pins (think relevant keywords).

II. Anywhere you can add content to your pins, again think relevant keywords

By no means am I promoting keyword stuffing or anything of the like, but focusing on relevant keywords make it easier for any search tool to know what your content truly is about. The easier it is to find your content, the easier traffic and revenue generation becomes.

Read more on the launch of their search tool: Pinterest Guided Search for Mobile

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The Pinterest Visual Search Engine Alternative

Pinterest Place Pins - Pinterest Visual Search Engine


Pinterest Pins Are Coming

As we know, life is pretty fluid online.. constant motion and constant change. With that said, the new "big" kid on the block is Pinterest. Now of course, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know anything about Pinterest.

Google however has been around for quite some time and given it's popularity and knack for providing the world with "relevant and accurate" information when searches are performed, as a consumer, and I'm going to speak for the larger majority... we're always on the lookout for something new. There's that underlying question.. who's gonna be bigger than Google or Facebook.

Pinterest truly is the Google competitor no one saw coming. Now they've added something new to challenge the search Giant that is Google.

Link To Article

You'll find this article interesting: Pinterest Place Pins

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