Crackdown on Misuse of Twitter Logos - DMCA Takedown Notice

DMCA Twitter Logos Takedown


An important and very necessary lesson I learned several years ago was that you can't just take an image from a place like Google Images, slap it on your webpage and call it your own.

I personally received a cease and desist notice from a pretty upset website owner and rightfully so as I didn't have authorization to use the image and as a newbie to it all.. it genuinely was a noob mistake.

However, if I had given it any thought at all, it should have made sense to ask for permission first or to at least give credit where it was due instead of assuming ownership of something that didn't belong to me.

I think that it's easy to lose consciousness of this because the practice is online and it's not as tangible as it would be offline.

Nevertheless, that consciousness on the "use" of imagery should apply to what you do in your online marketing efforts, development of your social media channels, internet marketing, blog posts, submission of articles etc.

In short, permissions and citing credit is applicable to anything that you do online.

It's way to easy to just grab an image and dismiss where it came from which can ultimately lead to all kinds of trouble.

FIFA Twitter DMCA Takedown Notice


Now lets take a step into the sports arena..

Lately, FIFA.. yes we're talking about the World Cup, has called out Twitter with this DMCA Copyright Complaint Takedown Notice:

View The Notice in regards to several of it's users using FIFA official logos and other graphic symbols that they do not own the rights to use on their Twitter accounts.

One would hope that this was not done with a blatant intent to infringe on any copyrights but without question, this is a very serious matter.

Twitter honored the requests to remove all the infringing photos from the offending accounts.

I would think that this is just the start. It wouldn't be outlandish to see other large brands following suit as this practice is commonly seen online.

As a website owner, we all know the power and impact of photos in driving traffic to any destination online, however it is always best practice to seek out creative commons licenses, royalty free images or in the case of using Google Images, make sure you credit the source as that is still widely an acceptable practice.

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