Fiverr Review Gigs And Metrics

Fiverr Gigs Review Metrics


While Fiverr will never be an Amazon marketplace, it's definitely made a name for itself on the premise that people can provide services for five dollars.

I love the concept and given their popularity a lot of people across the globe love it too. As with any marketplace, people are bound to have experiences that range from being on cloud nine to I wouldn't serve this to my dog if it were the last scrap of food on the planet.

So with that said, there are many opinions out there regarding Fiverr.. many valid opinions and many that aren't.

Many people recognize the "opportunity" that is Fiverr. However, while that's great and all, don't expect to pay $5 for a service that SHOULD cost you hundreds and be upset if you don't get the kind of quality that you would have if you'd paid competitive pricing for that service or product. Quite simply, there are people that expect the moon out of Fiverr sellers for the "meager" cost of the service so lets call it what it is.. 99% of the time, you're NOT going to get a high quality product for five dollars. With that said, there are certainly fiverr alternatives too that are worthwhile as well and may instill more confidence in the prospective buyer.

Nevertheless, continuing on with my point, there is still that remaining 1%. That one percent is a pretty big deal. Like many others that have something to say about Fiverr and their services, I think we can all agree that a lot of the gigs are complete garbage. Garbage that can likely lead to a Google penalty if you choose poorly. Fiverr in some ways remind me of Ebay. You're less likely to trust a seller that has little experience. You're less likely to choose a seller that scores poorly, has any degree of any cancellation ratio, negative ratings or a weak portfolio of work.

Without question it takes some work to find quality on Fiverr, BUT it's the gems that make this marketplace worth the time and energy. Considering the following gig of which I am not endorsing or am affiliated with in any way and is for demonstrative purposes only with respect to this blog post.

Fiverr Review Fiverr Gig



Take notice of the following metrics:

Stars -5.0     Buyers -2768     Days on Avg -5     Orders In Queue -52     Status -Top Rated

The metrics are pretty self explanatory. However by paying attention to the number of buyers and in this case 2768 tells you that the gig is popular. When I've utilized Fiverr, the days on average and orders in the queue don't typically matter to me when I've found my own personal gems. However, the "status" of the seller ALWAYS matters. Top Rated sellers are those who have a high number of buyers and a track record of positive buyer feedback.. in "most" cases your cream of the crop. Bear in mind that just because a seller is a top rated seller doesn't mean that their gig is a "must buy" or that the gig is right for you. A service in the photo shown above may be ideal for an affiliate site you're trying to develop a link profile for while it might not be the best fit for another type of project you're working on.

There are many considerations to make as you consider using Fiverr. Paying attention to the metrics discussed above will help you find gigs that are the gems and weed out the 99% that aren't. Metrics aside, you may have even found sellers that aren't top rated and do not have as much buyer popularity, yet they provide absolutely wonderful services and just haven't been discovered yet. Nevertheless, the point of this review of Fiverr in it's entirety is about expediting the process and saving yourself buyer remorse.

As a final note, I have also taken time to highlight top rated Fiverr gigs in the following publications for your consideration:

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