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Developing good blog names are akin to finding a good name for your child. It's so hard to do it and no matter what you come up with you're sitting there hoping that you've found something that you can live with for years to come. The real travesty here is that there are literally millions to billions of possibilities and how can you possibly discover them all or even come remotely close, but hey lets be realistic.. that's not really the intention or the goal, but all in all you do want something with a little wow factor because you're after something that's going to resonate with you... with the content on your blog... leading to consistent traffic from those that come to visit your website as well.

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While there are so many other things that matter when it comes to your blog, something seemingly so small and often overlooked in terms of how important it is while it clearly sets the tone for where you're going is in the name. The process of finding good blog names is challenging because something too long makes the name of your blog forgettable and something too short could be considered lame or dry or worse yet.. taken by someone else. However with that said, the name.. no matter how "overlooked" it may be in the larger scheme of things is probably one of the most important parts of your blog that is your business and your brand that you should pay attention to. It's basically saying.. this is what I'm about, this is why I'm different and this is what I'm here to do. There are many messages that are communicated in the process of finding a good name because in essence what you are doing is "branding" yourself and that brand needs to be impactful for your future.

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No Magic To Finding Good Blog Names


I know you want to hear that there is some silver bullet for finding a name and hence the title of the post.. a secret sauce for it, but the reality is that there really is no secret sauce or magic formula for developing the name of your blog. There are um-teen different variables that affect the way you feel about the name that differ from person to person and just as many variables that change from day to day as far as how you feel about the name that you will eventually come up with.

I personally don't use any tools when it comes to finding good blog names because nothing works better than what I come up with on my own. My own process involves a lot of experiences "personally" that aren't necessarily about niche, numbers or important words per se. The name has to ultimately be about you in order for it to work. A name has to have some degree of an emotional connection to you as well. When you are connected to the name then you are able to connect more intently and passionately to your work and as a byproduct that helps your audience connect more intently with you and the content that you're writing about.

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Be Unique Good Blog Names


I can tell you that if you're going to spend time focusing on a name that what you should avoid doing is deciding on something generic. There are over 100 million blogs online and generic just won't cut it. That's not to say that's what you're after, but as some guideline advice, uniqueness is your goal and your friend.

With that said, there are many words and word combinations that have been used before so challenging your creative side may not sound all that fun, but you might as well put your game face on because that's what you're going to have to do. If that truly sounds daunting and uncomfortable, you may want to take the top 10 competitors in your niche and shorten their names and see what you come up with. That might be a good place to start. Another piece of advice I can give you if you're reading this thinking that you're still stuck, visit places that have lots of uniqueness and personality. The one place that sticks out in the forefront of my mind for ideas is Amazon. Viewing titles of books, usernames, domain urls and names of other products on their website may trigger ideas that lead to the start of a name that you connect with that you feel is a winner. 

If that's not enough to think about, have you ever come across good blog names that were hard to spell ? Probably not.. because those don't really resonate with people and while it's important to find something that you have decided is great for your blog, it also has to be something that doesn't frustrate your readers either. There's nothing worse than someone that loves your blog but loathes the fact that it's hard to spell which will ultimately lead them to reconsidering how often they want to come back to visit. There's something to be said about simplicity in the name so if at all possible don't mix letters and numbers.. it isn't smooth, doesn't flow well and for lack of a better way to say this.. it's just strange and it's outside of the norm these days too.

Other considerations to think about may be to look at names in other languages. However please be careful with this one. Just because the name looks good or sounds great doesn't mean it's a good idea. The caveat here is to know exactly what the name means and to be sure that it doesn't have multiple meanings if this a route that you choose to take.

Good Blog Names Auctions

Going Going Gone Expired Domains Godaddy Auctions


The last piece of advice that I am going to offer here on finding good blog names is that if all else fails then why not explore domain auctions. There are plenty of domains that are expiring, that have been around for a while that had traffic before the owner decided to let it go. This suggestion may not work for some but I wouldn't shrug my shoulder on this one as you'd be surprised at some of the gems you may find at a domain auction. Perhaps you haven't even heard of these before, but Godaddy auctions "always" have domains that are expiring that are up for sale.

With that said, good blog names are everywhere whether you're picking one up at an auction or whether something with that wow factor strikes you in your daily routine. I'll say it again, there is no secret's all about you and what you connect with and utilizing the host of products, experiences, values, principles, people or anything else at your disposal or around you will be your greatest asset in helping you come up with the best blog name for you and your brand. 

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