How To Get Your Blog Noticed - How To Promote Your Blog Website

How To Get Your Blog Noticed And How To Promote Your Blog


Blogging is everywhere. We are a society of individuals that truly have a thirst for knowledge. We seek out that information in news feeds, rss feeds, classified websites, directories, promotional ads, social media, Google and just about anything else you can think of. Information is everywhere thanks to the internet and the endless opportunities that it provides for greater consumption of data, facts, opinions and more.

So with that said the reality is that with the prospects that are in front of us many turn to blogging. Everyone knows something about something and that means that starting your own blog gives you the chance to be able to let your voice be heard in a way that it wouldn't be able to otherwise. Whether it's a controversial opinion, a reaction to something you saw or read about or reviewing products online, there's a reason to start a blog for any number of reasons you can come up with.

However, that's just the beginning. Understanding how to play nicely with the search engines.. or "engine" I should say since Google is the big daddy of them all is another issue altogether. Getting the content that you work so diligently to put together in front of the masses can be frustrating. Building a targeted group of listeners for your email list, subscribers to your RSS feed and ultimately traffic to your website are huge concerns for anyone interested in taking on the blogging challenge. These things take time, patience and perseverance and a willingness to understand that it's a "process" and not something that happens overnight.

With that said, here are popular solutions to increase your blogs visibility online:

TIP: As you consider establishing accounts at any of these websites, make sure that you also "contribute" and participate. While submitting your own blog posts is the plan, DO NOT SPAM. We all want the internet to be a place where we consume information of value. As a blogger, becoming a better "sharer" of information is important and applies to content that is not only yours but also becomes applicable to any relevant content that you come across online that can be useful and helpful to others.

Blog Engage

This website works for a variety of topics. This is popular among bloggers for content promotion. However be aware that Blog Engage charges more "upfront" before their "advertised" prices kick in. I've contacted them about this but no one has responded.


The focus for this website is to publish your content to major social networks. A very cool feature associated with this website is that it can automatically add relevant hastags to your posts.

Growth Hackers

This website publishes content that is closely related to marketing, business, technology and social media.


Justretweet is a website that works for nearly any blog type. The services are "moderated". You earn credits and pay others to publish your content. It's "very" easy to earn credits. Currently you can have content published to Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Kindle Publishing For Blogs

Kindle publishing for blogs works for many different blog types and allows you to add your blog to the Amazon marketplace and people pay to subscribe to your blog. Another nice option to get added exposure for your blog and generate revenue as well.


Linkytools is a nice option for nearly any blog type too. You can participate in blog rolls (great option for added blog exposure), get added to the Linkytools Directory which can drive traffic to your blog. Their advertising is "super cheap", but it takes some creativity to convert the traffic and is certainly worth the consideration.


Anyone is allowed to publish a story on Medium so this works for all blog types. You can get a lot of mileage out of this website if you participate, contribute and interact with other users.


Onlywire starts you out with 100 promotions to social networks. It works for most blog types and you can sign up for 50 social websites. However keep in mind that if you sign up for all 50, after just 2 posts, your free account will be exhausted, then you'll be prompted to upgrade to a paid option. Their automation and system works well to get your content out to several social networks without having to sign in and push content to each one every time you publish a post. You truly set it and forget it.


Their paid content delivery platform (Outbrain Amplify) is getting lots of attention. After they approve your blog, you can get clicks for as little as 4 cents from major outlets such as CNN, Forbes and many others. Great option if you're looking for high quality promotion and traffic.


This website is all about bloggers helping bloggers to share useful content and it works for nearly any kind of blog. You apply to get into a tribe and once you're in the tribe you can start to share your content. However, it's not just about sharing your content, it's about sharing content that is useful so keep that in mind as you post.. Share information that is valuable even if it's information that you found on someone else's blog. Remember it's about bloggers helping bloggers.


Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook provide the most referral traffic of any social website online. Viralwoot, formerly known as Pinwoot, helps you to build your Pinterest audience. They award you with "seeds" when you sign up. You use the seeds to get followers and increase your influence on the website. When someone follows you, they get awarded seeds. No unfollowing is allowed.. violations of this will get you banned. Great concept and valuable to anyone with a website or a blog. Considering Pinterest's high traffic stats, this helps you to build blog exposure using their system.

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