How To Make Money Off Lebron James

How To Make Money Off Of Lebron James Trends


Now now.. it's not "exactly" what you think ! However, Lebron James has captured the worlds interest with his decision to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know something about the decision that has been covered by more news outlets than anything the White House has been involved with lately.

So how does this fit into the world of SEO, marketing, traffic and monetization ? 

Trends are great opportunities to capitalize off of. If you're thinking like a marketer and quite frankly if you own a website or a blog, you should really start to adopt such a mentality.. trends simply put.. are a big deal to you.. especially if you can make a connection to your own industry.

Lebron James Comes Home Cleveland Cavaliers


The trend that you may have missed, again thinking with the marketing mindset was the "moment" that Lebron made his decision.

How could you have made money off of this trend ?

In Cleveland, Ohio.. a company called Fresh Brewed Tees started "planning" for this decision to be made one week ago, not knowing what Lebron's intentions were going to be. No one knew.. The company even faced some criticism for doing this.

After the announcement of Lebron James's decision, Fresh Brewed Tee's starting selling these "For6iven" (yes that's forgiven with a 6 in the middle..their design) tshirts like hotcakes.

Their website crashed from all the traffic they received. They plan to sell "thousands" of these tshirts.

Needless to say as a website or blog owner, this is a prime example of the mindset that should be adopted. You see what's on the horizon and even if it doesn't come to fruition, being prepared can make all the difference in the world. This company will see a great ROI (return on investment) considering the shirts cost $25.99.

However, you may be thinking, well that sounds great and all but how can I reproduce something like that..

I'm not exactly a tshirt company with a printing press with access to the necessary equipment to do what Fresh Brewed Tees has done. This is where Cafepress comes into the discussion.

Cafepress is a great solution for many of us. Why ? Because we can take a trend, design a photo or just write up a slogan and add it to a tshirt and Cafepress will print the tshirts and sell them for you. You make a commission of course, but you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. This works for tshirts, cups, pens etc.

Their website is a great option when trends are rising and you're looking for a way to make money online off of it's popularity.

Start to adopt the marketing mindset and pay attention to the trends. When you start to do that.. generating revenue will get a lot easier.

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