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Blog Post Types For Writing And Website Content Development


Coming up with new types of blog post ideas can seem difficult for those of us that love to write and for those that don’t, but fortunately for you and I there are several different types of blog posts to explore. So there’s no need to get anxious about what your next blog post is going to look like. If there’s one helpful piece of advice I can give you it’s to just breathe and relax. It’s going to be alright and I’m going to give you some avenues to explore for developing your next blog post.

Let’s start with some questions:

  • What kind of writer are you ?
  • What is your blog about ?
  • Are you a short form or long form writer ? I’m just talking about quick and brief posts when I say short form or are you long winded like me and when I say that I’m referring to long form posts.  
  • Do you focus more on news ?
  • Do you focus more on a retail market ?
  • Are you a photographer and focus solely on photos ?
  • Are you a product blogger ?

When you think about the kind of writer that you are and what type of blog you have that can help you in considering the different types of posts that may work best for not only your blog, for you but for your audience too. Without question, it helps to write different types of blog posts so if you already have a blog up and running and tend to maintain one type of blog post and you’re not really seeing much growth from your blog, it may behoove you to explore different types of posts.

The How To Post

If you’ve spent any reasonable time online you’ve heard of posts that teach you how to do something. The “how to” posts are good posts to write. Now with that said, they take time and if you’re going to put a good one together expect to invest hours in developing that type of blog post.

Example of How To Post

Anytime you’re teaching someone to do something, you don’t want to skimp on the information and you want to give the person a reason to come back to your blog and not leave it to find information that you left out on your how to post elsewhere. If you’re going to invest hours into writing it, then be all in when you’re doing it so that the reader can see that you’ve spent time putting this together and that you’ve given them more information than what they were looking for to begin with. With that said, be sure to fill in those informational gaps for the reader. When you give them value, they will come back for more. It’s how we naturally are as people and when they get value, they will naturally share your post with someone else to help them too.

The Insider POV Post

This type of post is about what you think. There are tons of questions that get asked all the time online where people are looking for “your” personal perspective. Anytime you can speak from your own perspective do it. Readers are coming to your blog not always with the intent to hear what someone else thinks on the subject, but to directly hear what “you” have to say about it so don’t shy away from that opportunity. It is a great way to start a conversation that can open the doors for other conversations and maybe even new blog posts that you may not have thought about writing yet.

Example of Insider POV Post

Giving your own perspective whether it’s coming from another blog post that you saw online or a question that was asked gives you the chance to connect more directly with the people that come to visit your website. I think that this is one of most rewarding parts about blogging. You have a voice that you get to share with other people that want to hear from you. Depending on your niche there are many different areas where people may have questions and in turn are seeking out your advice in order to help them. As you build your audience, the interactions with your audience will naturally increase as well.


Review It And Check It Out Blog Content


The Review Post

These are commonly found on websites and blogs because they are popular to do and they are insightful especially  when these types of posts are done well. Quite frankly, we all love reviews. Besides ourselves, even in writing reviews we seek them out too. There’s always going to be a product that you want to buy or that you’re curious about and what do you as a byproduct of that curiosity… well you seek out the reviews too. We are very similar in that respect.

Example of Review Post

I personally enjoy writing reviews because it gives me another way to connect with my audience. Additionally, I don’t review products that I haven’t tried out personally in some way or another. If I am going to recommend a product to my audience, I want to be sure that they are not getting something useless. My approach is that whether it’s information or it’s a product, I want my audience to trust that they are getting something worthwhile. There are too many crap products out there that give you little to nothing at all for the money that you’ve spent and something that I take very seriously is helping my readers to avoid those kinds of experiences.

The Ultimate Post

This is the last type of post that I will talk about as it relates to different types of blog posts, but I do plan to write another post that addresses a few more types of posts as well in the future. With that said, the ultimate post is the type of blog post that isn’t for the faint of heart. This type of blog post is going to challenge you as a writer and as a blogger. The type of posts that I am talking about is going to take you several weeks to months to write to do it justice. These posts are the kind of blog posts that give you massive value and is more comprehensive than other posts that are similar to it in nature. A good example of this is a blog post that took me nearly one month to write on how to get more traffic to your blog.

Example of Ultimate Post

As you can see in this type of blog post that resembles the ultimate post that I’m talking about, there is a high degree of value, it’s very comprehensive and rivals any other blog post out there that is similar to it on the same topic.

This isn’t the type of blog post that you can churn out weekly of course, but it is a type of blog post that can earn you credibility amongst readers and other bloggers to demonstrate your seriousness as a blogger or content developer and how highly you value such quality content as well.

With that said, if you’re seeking content ideas to compliment the type of blog posts that you’ve read about in this post, please see the content I’ve written on blog post ideas to help you spark some new things to write about.

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