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Let’s talk affiliate marketing today as we enter the new year. Legendary Marketer seems to be all the rage right now because of all the income proof screen shots that have been put on display over and over again on Youtube and when you do a google search for the term “legendary marketer”.  

There are tons of positive reviews about this program, but if you’re somewhat of a skeptic like me when it comes to affiliate programs, then it’s certainly not unusual for you to approach this program with some skepticism.  

Now, truth be told, I haven’t tried this program personally but there’s good reason for why I haven’t either which I will provide insight to as you read through this post.  

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing

With that said, if we start with the Youtube reviews the problem that I have after having watched many of these videos is that all the information about this program is so “general” and not entirely forthcoming. You know that, “too good to be true” feeling.  

So what do I mean by “general”…  

You get the same rehash over and over. Reviewers note that Legendary Marketer was started by a guy by the name of David Sharpe. David really knows his stuff and he knows how to make money and I’m certainly not here to question that. From a financial standpoint, the man is out of my league so congrats on his success.  

With that said, you also get a coach (this is supposed to differentiate itself from other programs out there). Quite frankly, the coach is a good selling point and they make money when you make money. Sounds great right ? However, the coaches are there (if we’re being honest, and of course we’re going to be honest) to help to move you and those you bring in to LM to upgrades which we’ll get into a bit later.  

It’s a “high ticket” affiliate system.

To clarify, all this means is that you’re selling higher ticket items which in translation means that you’re going to make more as an affiliate right ?  

We’re all in this game to make money so affiliate programs are undoubtedly important, but I would argue that we want to find and engage with programs that will place a meaningful focus on “us” as the affiliates with a direct agenda to help and not feel like we’re getting sold in the process while helping them in the sole aim of enriching their pockets even if we’re making some money at the same time like we should be grateful about it.  

I mean if you compare this to something like the Amazon Affiliate system, Amazon.. as an affiliate.. if you’re lucky you’ll make 10% commission off of the goods that you sell. Granted that’s peanuts (sort of.. again I’ll get into that soon) to LM but it the whole experience as an affiliate feels better.. even conceptually if I weren’t an affiliate for them. I personally like Amazon, even at their low commission rates but even that changes on the higher priced items that you sell.  

Another easy affiliate program with a low barrier to entry and worth a look for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with affiliate marketing is Shareasale which you can read about here: Shareasale Loves Beginners.  

Nevertheless, lets get back to what we’re talking about on the topic of Legendary Marketer in these LM Youtube videos… the next thing you see in these countless videos are the big money screen shots of income proof to reel you in to make your mouth water and create sweat in your palms to trigger you to click and become a conversion for the affiliate.  

Note: I want to clarify that I have absolutely no problem with this. I mean if you’re an affiliate for any program that’s the goal.. to get the conversion, but my issue is the lack of transparency about how to make the big commissions with this company in this program.  

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re like me and the rest of the world, you’re making money but your bread and butter isn’t coming from what you’re doing in the realm of online or internet marketing. So when you see someone getting weekly checks from $3,000.00 to $15,000.00 a week on these videos, that’s enough to get your attention and make you start wondering about all the possibilities if you could do the same.  

Have you found a real way to make money that could change the daily grind for yourself ?  

That’s the big question.  

Does it work ?  

Is it a scam ?  

You scour the internet to find reviews upon reviews and all you find are glowing reviews and then there’s the next big question ?  

Okay, is this going to work for me ?  

The question that no one can answer but you… but that comes with risk and honestly that’s the one fair point I can make about this or about any other affiliate program. You’ve gotta risk some money to make some money if we’re being honest.   

Nevertheless, you’re simply left with opening your wallet for “yet” another program only to likely face utter disappointment “again”.  

Sadly, this program isn’t the goldmine you’re looking for unless you’ve got a few thousand dollars to lay down first and that’s the point I’ve been saying we’ll get to later on. That’s what will kill off many of you in regards to Legendary Marketer.  

Yep, this is where the real truth is that no one’s really talking about in all those Youtube videos.  

For all the claims of making 4 to 5 figures each week.. beyond the statements of how the results aren’t typical and that you’re going to have to work hard (stuff we’ve all heard time and time again), very few are readily talking about how in order to get access to getting those high ticket commissions you’ve got to spend thousands “first” to get to those high commission tiers.  

I know it sounds like I’m not being too favorable about this program (and maybe I haven’t been, but we’re all free to choose and such is the case for anyone that comes across this post), but my words in the way they are laid out is more about the fact that the reviews aren’t very transparent at all.  

Here’s what I mean by that…  

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Affiliate Tiers

Their tiered structure is as follows:  

The Marketer Club starting at $30 per month. This is their only monthly subscription and the rest as listed below are all fixed one time pricing:

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Marketers Club


  • The Traffic Rolodex at a cost of $47.

  • The Invisible Influencer at a cost of $997.

  • The Legendary Builder Masterclass at a cost of $2500.

  • The Legendary Leader Masterclass at a cost of $5000.

  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind at a cost of $8000.

  • The Legendary Entrepreneur mastermind at a cost of $12,000.

  • The Legendary Lifestyle Experience at a cost of $30,000. 

All of this looks great, IF you can make the sales right ?  

The bottom line is that you’re not likely to get access to the higher tier commissions until you’ve personally bought these one time priced products yourself.  

To add greater clarification, it’s extremely difficult (basically a game of chance) to earn commissions of $1000.00 until you’ve purchased their Legendary Builder Masterclass at $2500.00 and what new or beginning level affiliates have that kind of cash laying around or are willing to take that upfront financial risk to sell a program that they don’t know and are unsure of being able to recoup their initial investment ? The “only” money back guarantee offered is on the base tier of $30/month in the Marketer Club which makes me raise my brows even moreso.  

You know of any affiliate willing to lay that cash out with absolutely no ability to get it back ? I sure don’t… and when I was starting out as an affiliate, there’s no one way on earth I would have dished out that kind of cash when there were tons of other opportunities out there where my money could go farther with less risk and a much lower cost of entry for higher tier commissions.  

However, beyond my skepticism.. look I get it that there are programs out there that dictate, HIGH RISK & HIGH REWARD right and Legendary Marketer is one of those affiliate platforms in that arena.  

Affiliate Marketing Traffic

I guess another perspective on this is that you could take on the same perspective when it comes down to free traffic vs paid traffic. Read more about traffic methods here: Over 100 Ways To Build Your Own Traffic to any affiliate program

There are huge differences, outcomes and gains to be experienced.  

Many would argue that on free traffic, you’ll never have the same success as you would using paid traffic methods. Personally, I’d say from experience that it depends on a wide variety of factors and differs from person to person and their own individual goals.  

Nevertheless, as much as I can’t stand paying for traffic, there are definitely “instances” depending on what I’m trying to achieve where I absolutely prefer it over free traffic methods.  

So when we look at, for lack of a better term… “pay to play or pay to get access” there’s a reason to promote a product like Legendary Marketer but again I can’t say that without highlighting the fact that it’s sooooo expensive to make any real money that you can live off of from this program and that’s “assuming” you make any conversions that equate to high ticket commissions in your pocket and even with that said for all that expense you’re still only getting 40 to 60 percent of the commission and as for  your coach, that individual gets 20%.  

Beyond that, as you’ve heard before if you’re in the affiliate or blogging arena, much of the information you’ll learn from Legendary Marketer is online for free anyway.  

If we take a closer look at what their programs are about you’ll see what I mean.  

Legendary Marketer - The Marketer Club ($30 per month)

This helps you learn about paid traffic like Facebook ads (I’m not a fan of FB, but that’s my own bias (not to mention the horrible 2018 year they’ve had with privacy and a host of other issues). You can read more here: Trusting Facebook As An Affiliate ? 

Additionally, you’ll learn about Instagram, Youtube etc and other lead generation strategies. Again all things that you can learn online on your own.  

Legendary Marketer - The Traffic Rolodex ($47).

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Traffic Rolodex


This to me is an utter waste of time. More information on traffic methods.. not free methods of course. They may as well have bundled this with the monthly Marketers Club. I feel like this is a ripoff honestly to anyone who purchases this unless there’s some earth shattering information in this package but I haven’t seen anything online at all to suggest that.  

Legendary Marketer - The Invisible Influencer ($997).

Legendary Marketer Review Affiliate Marketing High Ticket Products Masterclass 2500


Yet another waste of time and this time they want to charge a crap ton of money for information that you can find on your own. One focus in this area is on FB fan pages which is becoming an outdated method to get traffic. Fan pages have been around for “years” at this point. If you’re going to charge this kind of money, give the buyer something that will be cutting edge and not something that has been around for as long as FB fan pages have.  

Another huge issue I have is that their primary focus is on Facebook. You are literally going to be one fish in an ocean of other marketers using Facebook and the competition is INSANE. At this point, you’ve already spent a bucket load of money before getting to the masterclass and I’m not even going to go into the rest.  

You have essentially become a reseller for information that is already out there online that if anyone invested some time to learn they’d be on the same level you are at as an Invisible Influencer (remember another $1000.00 out of your pocket) and they have reached that level for $0.. a little time and some patience.

Legendary Marketer Upside & Downside  

I struggle big time with the pro’s and con’s of this program because it honestly feels much more focused on “them and the dollars” than you as their affiliate and learning how to actually become a Legendary Marketer and this unflattering perspective comes from the fact that you aren’t learning anything that levels you above the competition in the entry level products which are meant to help you build confidence in trusting that there’s a LOT more to offer in those high ticket offerings down the line.  

Legendary Marketer to me has potential, but considering this basically comes down to spending your money on the various tiers to resell the product and get others to buy and do the same (all in the aim of upgrading them) with the help of your coach is a hamster wheel that I think will appeal to some (definitely not most affiliates, particularly not newbies) but doesn’t seem all that far off from an MLM model. As for MLM, I’m definitely not saying that it is, but I can’t say it’s that far off either.

I’d personally love to see more transparency and a money back guarantee not just on the Marketers Club, but particularly for those high ticket tiers if it doesn’t work out for those that take the risk to spend the big bucks for them.

Thanks for reading !

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