Almost Magical Open When Letters For 700,000 Pages

Okay, what's the deal ? Magical ? Really...

Well if you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’re eventually going to get frustrated. It’s a basic and simple truth and reality. This may not be all that surprising for most, but on the other hand did you know that if you search for blogging frustration in Google you get nearly 700,000 pages of results and in Bing it’s over 2 million. Crazy right ?

The message is clear. There are a lot of frustrated bloggers out there.

In the same arena of frustration, notably not that long ago, I came across something called open when letters and loved the concept behind them and wanted to make it applicable to bloggers, however we’ll get to that a little later on in this post.

Blogging Frustration Open When Letters Cards Topics And Ideas


It goes without saying that blogging has it’s high’s and low’s, but at the core of it all is that you need to persevere if you’re going to make it in your respective blogging journey.

I have talked about the blogging journey and I’ve even written on motivation for my fellow bloggers, but who knew there was so much frustration out there with respect to blogging.

With that said, this will be one of those posts that isn’t so much about strategy, traffic or monetization but moreso a conversation and yes, an exercise of sorts to address those days when we don’t feel like writing and need that inevitable pick me up to get us back on track.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or someone quite new to it, you are going to hit those walls where blogging just sucks and isn’t desirable and you just want to throw in the towel.

When those days come, that’s when your open when letters might help you put one foot in front of the other and get you out of the unfortunate and self-defeating this isn’t working rut and back in pursuit of your blogging goals and dare I say.. dreams.

I don’t consider myself much of a story teller, but I can tell you that one big appeal to blogging is that it gets to be something that you own just by talking about what you know. How many other instances in life do you get the opportunity to do that ?

It’s facts like that which make it so worthwhile if you just stay the course.

So with so many pages of results generated in Google and Bing to satisfy answers to the blogging frustration query, what is it that you do when you get frustrated blogging ?

Personally, I’m all about motivation and perspective. I need something to take me out of the blogging space that I’m immersed in that makes me feel like I’m not writing each day to a dead in. I need something that makes me smile. I need something that even as silly as it sounds gives me hope and refocus about what I’m doing.

I need something that takes me back to why I started doing this and to why I’m still doing it. I need to be reminded of the goals I had in the beginning and the possibilities..  

I want to always remember the excitement that drove me to take on this blogging challenge.

Now maybe an open when letter doesn’t solve it for everyone, but it should definitely be part of the refocusing toolbox for any blogger.

Open when letters can be written for literally anything but I thought that it was a nice twist to apply it to bloggers because the impact of open when letters are so wide reaching for any group of people, for any occasion and for business in literally any niche.

These are typically written by other people, but for our purposes this is going to be self motivation or self pick me up’s for ourselves.

Remember earlier in the post when I said that this was going to be somewhat of an exercise ?

Well here’s where we get to that. While it does require a little setup work, don’t worry ! it’s all for a good cause. Trust me that these letters will come in handy when you need them.

So now that we’ve got the bad, but actually good news out of the way, here’s some sample scenarios we can write about in our open when letters.

Open When Sample Letter Card Ideas For The Frustrated Blogger


Here are 10 sample blogging related topics to consider (and you will certainly have your own experiences to use for this activity too).

Open when:

  • You checked your Google Analytics and you don’t see any traffic for that day.

  • You checked Facebook ads and there hasn’t been one conversion.

  • You checked your blogs latest blog post and no one has left a comment.

  • Your Google Adsense account still hasn’t reached the threshold to trigger a payment.

  • You sent out 100 emails to niche influencers and only one person responded.

  • You opened your Google Webmasters account portal and see that you’ve been hit with a Google penalty.

  • After the latest Google algo update, you lost 20% of your traffic.

  • You’ve been blogging for 6 months and haven’t made any money.

  • You can’t seem to rank even for the easy low hanging fruit keywords.

  • You don’t have any more ideas about what to write about.

So now that we have our occasions for “when” we’ll open the letters now we have to move on to what we’re going to put in the letter.

Here’s one that I did:

The one that I chose was: You checked your blogs latest blog post and no one has left a comment.

My rationale for it: The reason I did this one in particular was because this happens to me a lot.  

My open when letter:

There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days, but always keep your head up. You’re a blogger and you know how talented you are. If you write and you don’t get a comment today, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a comment on the next post you write. The difference between you and other bloggers is that you don’t give up. It might take a week, it might take a month, it might take another year, but the comments are going to come and it’s only a matter of time.

NOTE: I also added a picture of two people digging for diamonds. One guy gave up and turned away and the other on his next strike of his digging tool will find the diamond. I added that photo to my letter to depict “perseverance”.

With that said, we all need a pick me up for each scenario we face no matter what we are doing or trying to accomplish in life.

With hundreds of thousands of pages of results in Google to address the blogging frustration query, an open when letter may just one solution among many to help you address yours in your blogging journey ahead.

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